What are THEY doing?!

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Source: Circonflexes

World of Tanks! What are both teams doing this paris map? https://discord.gg/vnVP5FK


  1. This tank’s gun fits your play style so well, Circ. Textbook corner brawling.

  2. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    “Churchill Mark *BURP*” 😀

  3. The moment that counter hit 0 almost every person in that match decided to completely abandon and forget ALL of their cognitive skills. Its like they all got flashed by the neuralyzer from the Men in Black.

  4. Weed ForPres2020

    How can I find links to your mods?

  5. OH-Ho: derps Circon
    Circon: oh fuck that Oh-ho, here hold this, oh your coming back for more, hold this and this. Ya that’s right, hope your thirsty bitch!
    Meanwhile team: wow that is a beautiful bridge… oh my the detail is stunning!

  6. Steve was checking out the museums and having some wine and cheese at the bistro.

  7. I swear WoT has the most brain dead community. Finding good players who don’t play like they’re 75 years old is uncommon.

  8. As Jingles once quoted a while back saying,”They will keep sucking all the way till tier 10. One day, they will be in tier 10 and they will be on your team.”

  9. Kristoffer Johansson

    One reflection when Circonflex opened results from old games: it takes around 15 seconds for my previous results to appear, and for him 0 second. What could make that difference? I have 250 Mbit and 15ms to server.

  10. Gotta be honest Circon, normally when I see someone take that kind of forward position on this map in the NA server I pretty well assume they’re going to suicide into the opposing teams heavies and don’t follow them. That being said, if they don’t suicide around that corner in the first 15 seconds then I’m headed straight down there to back them up.

  11. Do you use a modapack to get the pen/armor display?

  12. Krystian Olszański

    hans is the pacifist thats why he didnt shoot m4rev.

  13. Hans is busy getting ze Flammenwerfer.

  14. Better out than in 😂

  15. To be fair, Antonio1864 did really what he could, very impressive. I mean, lets see if Circon does better when HE is 156 years old!

  16. Hanzs went to get his flammenwerfer, thats why he didnt help you

  17. Well Circon, very gracious of you to protect Hans and Steve and I guess Fritz and more guys !!!

  18. Steve wrote the code for RNG

  19. Bad teammates? This is standard tier 8 teams man

  20. I Think it was both steve and stig doe

  21. He is keeping the 2m social distancing, he didn’t want to get too close and give you moron’s disease.

  22. VK – 46% WR, 576 WN8, 341 average damage in that tank,
    O-Ho, 46% WR, 408 WN8, 600 average damage in that tank,

    Clash of the titans right there if Circon hadn’t intervened lol

  23. When you said you were, “straight up slappling people” I thought of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3Z5GLi06BY

  24. Salty Circ is best Circ. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Salt was well and reasonably applied]

  25. @circonflexes i have never commented on any YouTube videos, but after a hard day at work this literally had me laughing out loud at your reaction to your team I felt the need to. Hilarious. I watch all your YouTube and a some of your twitch, keep up the good content dude. Stay safe 🙂

  26. What moe mod does he use?

  27. The Paragon Effect

    Missed title opportunity “WoT’s thirstiest HO”

  28. i dont know, but lately i just cant take it any more, too many useless clueless players… it just ruins the game for me… if player didnt learn the basics, he shouldnt be taking a place in any team – cause it is equal as you crippled one team for one tank… and lately just too many of them skipping learning curve and rushing to tier x… and they think they acomplished something with getting to tier x, like they reached the last level… wg should seriously think about introducing a fun ai learning mode for bad players, and make them play it when they seriously underperform for a longer period… 50 battles of not doing own hp?

  29. For some players, pushing the W key is sooooo hard….

  30. Wow, it’s like your team were zombies

  31. so meny Steve’s in this game.. circS

  32. Using the British tanks in frontline is cheating. Hull down beasts. I bounced over 8k in the cent1!

  33. Caravan has really gotten better since i played it to get FV before super conq was introduced

  34. Game is a nightmare right now. Player numbers are up, and it’s like every day is Sunday. So many bad/occasional/new players, with nothing else to do. WG must be loving Coronavirus.

  35. Bots added by WG

  36. I’m so happy to see regular circon replays again. That dry spell had me worried.

  37. lol that O-Ho i am crying hajahahahahahaah

  38. you’d think some of these players are bots.
    *remembers that some WoT servers have low tier bots*
    ah right.

  39. Haha you could make a story of those muppets, like Hansel&Gretel, Hans & Steve 😂

  40. ‘fortune favours the bald’ I think you said, well I’m half way there!

  41. addison phillips


  42. LOL They will go foward, team play is he playing WoT

  43. Paris map loaded
    *proceeds to stress eat*

  44. Fucking farming simulator right here bois.

  45. 0:09 to hear the Unicum Battle Roar

  46. angry_tankdriver

    NA has been unusually sleepy this past week

  47. this is basically every team I get… 14 of those VK P’s…

  48. Wo ist Hans?

  49. That was nice of your teammates to not steal any damage off you, and to let you take all those kills.

  50. I am more shocked about the 391 roll tbf.

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