What are you doing Wargaming? – Live Review off British Light Tanks – World of Tanks

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Unfortunatly the tier 7 review had to be cut, cus it got muted on twitch. But it still gets the point across! Easy to buff and make work tho.


  1. Live reaction to the new UK Lights.
    Its actually an easy fix, but its crazy they even tried to pull this tbh.
    Also mom update: She’s going into surgery the 19th.
    Been supporting her obviously, which is taking up a lot of my yt time as you probably noticed. Sorry about that.
    Have a great weekend! : )

    • Hope your mom has a speedy recover

    • German Rodriguez SAP Tips

      God be with you my friend hope your mom gets better

    • I tried to see how is the dpm with bigger alpha on these tanks and they need 190 on tier 7, 290 on tier 8, 320 on tier 9 and 440 on tier 10… If they do this the low amo is less of a problem and they have a bit of dpm at least… And with a bit of view range buff on them they would be ok i guess… Tell me what you think about it if you are interested man

    • Wish her to feel better soon.
      Back to 1st world problems, 1.6 is pissing off so many that seems to be made to make noise and give visibility to the game during the summer dead calm.
      TB and friendly fire removed, irrelevant changes to arty missions, and last but not least garbage brexit scouts.

  2. The real question is who is going to play these things ?

  3. I agree with everything you say Circonflexes, but remember, WG are likeley to change the stats for these tanks before releasing them into the wild.

  4. Magister R'yleth

    World of UK Tanks Can’t Be Good Unless They’re Related to The Conqueror.

  5. who cares at least its not broken af like the stupid cars

    Useless new tanks are better than op as hell new tanks.

  6. maybe they just made a mistake with the damage per shot? for “normal” dpm at each tier you need:
    tier 7: 135 > 180

    tier 8: 230 > 340
    tier 9: 230 > 390
    tier x: 390 > 490

  7. you want historical tanks in a game play warthunder leave it out of wot. who wants to bet most people will use free exp to bypass this tier 8 hunk of junk,


  9. Wargaming is completely off their rocker…. that’s what is going on. Mistake after mistake.

    P.S. Kellerman says hi!

  10. Incredibly entertaining rant sir…watched after seeing quicky’s vid bout the same tree…priceless!

  11. In a reaction to the question at time stamp 27.34.
    We at War Gaming are contractually obligated do our best, alas our IQ requirement for this job is a mandatory below 80 due to schizophrenic behavior of Management. We are truly offended by your comments in this review, we cannot see any problem with any of the the UK branch tanks nor any other country for that matter. We therefore would like to ask you to refrain from any comments about any content this company makes in the future.


    yada.. yada… yada

    @ Circ. vingers gekruist kerel, hoop dat de operatie goed verloopt en je moeder weer beter word.

  12. Aleksandria_Samusenko_1stGTArmy

    This vidya was hilarious ? but for real, WG is on crack y’all.

  13. The British light tank line stats should have been for the Wheelchairs/Wheelies.

    Those EBR’s are disgusting at the moment, the accuracy, aim time, accuracy on the move in combination with mobility is just stupid. There is pretty much no drawback except the reload (which isn’t a real drawback). And don’t start on view range, because the Wheelchair 105 does have, with a good crew, same view range as any other light, but is better in literally every other stat.

    Once again, it’s clear that the devs have licked way too many windows.

  14. “Fuck off.”

    —- Circonflexes 2019.

  15. I think I’ll buy one for my wn8 stat pedding, do 500dmg with one and get purple lol

  16. I’m gonna rate these tanks 2 clapping Kim Jong Uns out of 5

  17. They sould be great if they let stay the same
    BUT let them have the full cammo after firing or something like that

  18. british tanks whit low dpm this is somthing new

  19. What do we take out of the sheets? Play the Chinese memers to have a better experience nice meeeeme.
    Also the Manticore wouldn’t just be a bad tier 9, he’d be a bad tiet 9 LIGHT and as we all know lights are not the greatest tanks in terms of combat capacity.

  20. If the LHMTV E-I-E-I-O or whatever the hell it’s called had 1800 base dpm, it would just be a better Prius lol
    But seriously, these British LT’s are literal doodoo water. I bet you WG gave them trash placeholder stats to hide the real ones they’re getting the day the patch goes live. There’s no other explanation

  21. This is a skill test vehicle.
    If you play it, you have no skill.

  22. Lower dpm than the car hhh ohh Wg u so silly

  23. The real 76mm & 90mm guns on the Scorpion CVR(T) light tank have HESH options – in fact the 76mm was HESH or HE only. Giving those tanks HESH would be an instant 50% DPM buff…

  24. Manticore “The Stats Ruiner”

  25. knowing wg the solution now is probably – Nerf all the other light tanks .

  26. Killer for me even if they make those changes you suggested Circonflexes is the 2 crew on the T10. My best crew is my T-100 because it really needs it and I can’t imagine putting a 7 skill crew that I’d have to train in something else in the manticore. I’m just imagining the frustration of losing both crew at once as its such a small tank. I love my T-100 but even as a Brit I’ll level up these lights and never use them again.

  27. German wheeled lights would be more good line to grind then this crap UK tanks

  28. I didn’t knew Russia hates England. The more you live the more you know

  29. Its gonna be the meme of the medium’s are the scouts gg wargaming well played ?

  30. Time for the worst tanks Line in game too arrive.

  31. Luís Augusto Panadés

    You are totally wrong. This tanks is not russian period.

  32. I am sorry but it confuses me all the time that you call the HWK like “Hawk” …. HWK stands for Henschel Werke Kassel – a german manufacturer for machines, vehicles and armament.
    Beside that, the british lights look all the way up the tiers pretty….useless. Pretty sad to see these results after all the promising pre-anouncements.

  33. WG also nerfed the top tier wheeled light it doesnt go as fast backwards as forwards

  34. do you really , honestly think , that moneybag wargaming would overthink those reviews? even quickybaby is on your opinion with the awful stats of those vehicles . they dont really care , if those vehicles are accurate or not . feels like to me as if they made a M3Lee meme with all those british light tanks all over the tiers from 7 to 10 . applause for the worst tankline in whole wot , even the m3 Lee is better compared to those atrocious vehicles . good thing i stopped playing wot a while ago , i would be really mad , like you over such awfully bad tanks

  35. This is why I left the game. Bullshit war gaming.
    Too much RNG, Too much shitty MM system and finally too much RUSSIAN BIAS. That mixed with the pure grind of the game. GOD DAMN

  36. This at least tells the cars T8+ should get a bloody nerf. *to start* British need a ammo buff, and lower the ammo of the cars.

    34:14 perfect timing!

  37. 16 shells… LOL

  38. i am speechless..

  39. It is a fucking joke…. blame it on Brexit 😉

  40. I laughed my ass off this!

  41. It’s a late April fools from WG

  42. so many memes xD

  43. oh boy…he is pissed

  44. I presume the downvotes are the WG devs.

  45. look at the pen you will always have full dpm in that thing

  46. The point is the developers dont know their own game this already going on for years nice video circon huge thumbs up circon for telling them off

  47. Developer: so how good is the new British light tank line gunna be?

    Wargaming: *NO*

  48. The first thing I think of when I get raped by a 257 is “WHY DOES HE HAVE SO MUCH FUCKING AMMO??!??!”

  49. at least an UP tank dont hurt others gameplay.

  50. Ok…everyone has hit this up, eventhough it is still in the works, so calm down they will address it..the real problem is the wheeled vehicles,..here is my 2 things,…I unloaded a 6 round mag from my T71 hit every shot,..another scenario I shot one with 300 alpha,..this little things have as much HP as a tier 8 heavy..wtf…these things should be a 1 to 2 shot at most…fuck your brit lights,..nerf the wheeled.!!!!@

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