What Broken mobility on a heavy feels like in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

Crazy Speed Mobility Gameplay with Field Modification. World of Tanks The Fastest Tank Object 260, Bond Turbo Gameplay.

Today I am going to show you absolutely ridiculous speed build with Object 260. Those equipment units + field modifications make this tank go 70kph.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. i’d say you reached ur object-ive 😀

  2. Julius Mackenroth

    Awesome video as always Dez 😁
    But I can’t find the bond turbo anywhere in the shop 😅

  3. Obj. 260 just got upgraded to Obj. 360 because it’s an all round great tank! xD

  4. AusCan Plant Support

    Try it with an IS-7 too please! Great vid!

  5. How about turbo grousers and rotation

  6. Hey Dez! 😉

  7. you missing out some things. Even my is7 is at 68…..

  8. I play my is7 more aggressive and fast than this.
    Changes the normal stale match dynamic.

  9. :-))))))))))))))))))))))

  10. I REPORTED a Player (WITH REPLAY!!!!) who killed me (turned me over) and got a 3 DAY BAN from Wargaming. THIS is the DIFFERENCE between People like Skill, Dez and “NORMAL PLAYERS” like us….. Likely this ASSHOLE was a Streamer even…. He followed me, killed me.. and I GET BANNED FOR 3 DAYS because I REPORTED HIM! JUST FUCK YOU WARGAMING…. And yes I can proof what I claim!

    Openly SAYING: This was the FINAL NAIL into the Coffin…. FUCK investing Money into WG….

  11. Ah yes lol
    The WalletGaming unbalancing for armor meta and Russian bias lol

  12. Youshould try speed governor remover in exchange of medkit and switch gun rammer and stabilizer to improved hardening and heavy spall liner. This tank is massively accurate on the move without any of that, and you could do more ramming… Gun rammer and stabilizer is overrated. Heavy spall liner will defend your crew and you can go faster with the speed governor remover.

  13. That was hot, that’s a hot way to live, Dez.

  14. Thank’s Dez .


  15. heavy and tds definitely benefitted the most from field mods

  16. cammo is awesome, you should put a redbull logo on that, it flys

  17. Shhh, don’t give away the secrets, you’ll ruin my medium 260 in clan wars

  18. I love seeing 297e’s get way over confident and then get absolutely annihilated. A lot of players just think that the 279e is indestructible. They work to get the 279e for so long and then when they finally het it, they go into battle and boldly drive into every situation and expect to dominate them all. I think they quickly learn that you still need some skill to success in the Obj279e, especially when facing off against same tier heavies and TD’s with good gold penetration and especially when the 279e is on level ground at the same level or below their opponents.

  19. World of tanks. No random no balance and no skill based matchmaker.

  20. Obj. 260 just replaced all of the LT’s

  21. I use speed governor for extra salt🧂🧂🧂

  22. Well thats my build for for almost every tier X heavy and to be honest its goot to every single one of them

  23. The meta is so fast. If heavy tanks are this fast then mediums and light need some kind of buff to keep up.

    • The 260 is just a special tank, most heavies cannot do this, well with the exception of the is7 since that has a dumb 60kph top speed

  24. Dirty dirty Dez, pure filth love it😘

  25. Hrm. Maybe a feature where as the map loads you can choose your spawn position? We can change set ups, why not spawning position?

  26. This game has become so stupid and obserd.

  27. normal is first 2/3 shots to miss and that leopoard kill you

  28. Can you do this in Obj 277?

  29. how do you put the marking tabel on the battle?

  30. YouTube automatic captions, pond rammer 😂

  31. And you can have the fuel and removed speed governor on it. Add that extra engine power and you would be leaving things even farther back.

  32. Obj 360 modena ! 🤣🤣🤣 powerd by ferrari…

  33. Week
    Ll done. Great games bu shows how broken the game is . No point for us lower standard players!

  34. Day 129 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  35. iyouxin is also zooming in the is7
    ruski tanks are at it again !!!

  36. No grousers, nor removed speed governor meh.

    meh, not the fastest, go for my setup recommended for IS-7:
    SPEED: Modified Config, turbo on the speed slot and grousers.
    Speed and maneuverability: Modified Config, turbo on the speed slot and rotation mech (this is my primary setup, i have a bounty rotation mech)
    Consumables either Repair – Med – Removed speed governor, or Repair or Med – Removed speed Governor – Food. Only use the second setup with no arty.

    If for whatever reason you have a bond turbo put it on the last slot and give the bonus to grousers, if not go for firepower on the bonus and put whatever there.

    • btw if you actually want max speed replacing the modified config with vents, or swapping it for the rotation mechanism including grousers for max manuverability. But the modified config will keep your tracks up, your engine bay free of fire and your engine running with the RSG. You can also drop the repair kit altogether for Oil. Don’t do it. For the directive, use the better clutch braking. As they are actually available and for credits.

  37. how do i get bond turbo?

  38. 70 km/h might be epic, but you know, 69 km/h is just better 🙂

  39. Fantastic!
    Except …. I don’t own an Object 260.
    That means I am only ever going to MEET one like this and get destroyed!
    Oh crap!!!

  40. Do that to IS-7

  41. Hahahahaha, you announced that you started to break them and you immediately got hit in the nose, hahahaha, then you got better hahahahaha.

  42. You know the game is broken when heavies go faster than fast mediums

  43. What a shitshow again. Tell me… Was it enjoyable? Be honest.

  44. Still waiting for discounts on tanks in USC so no money spent to finish off teirs at full price

  45. I love how WG made the bond turbo locked behind the ranked wall, so only the better players are able to get the buffs that they obviously need. Anyone else can suck it. Amazing job WG, bravo

  46. Obj 260. more like Zbj 260. as in Zoombject 🤣

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