WHAT DID I GET FROM 200 BOXES, Worth The Money!? | World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2022 Box Opening

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World Tanks Holiday Loot Box Opening – 200 Christmas Boxes. World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2022 Event Guide, Free Gift Tank, Bonus Code, Arnold Schwarzenegger Commander, Loot Boxes and More! World of Tanks Advent Calendar 2022 Offers and Deals.

► Capters:
00:00 Intro
02:05 Announcement
03:16 Opening First 50
10:55 Second 50
14:10 Third 50
17:30 Final 50
21:20 Total and Conclusion

You should watch this first before going buy any boxes to see what type of content is inside them this year. Let's see!

What do you think?


  1. No red arrow.. 🙁

  2. It’s all great.
    May you all have the best Christmas!

    EU server : broby71

  3. I am realy hyped about the caliban video XD
    Name: Josh2004x6
    Server: EU

  4. Keep up the good work dez, season’s greetings.
    Name. Freek101
    Server. EU

  5. Hope I’m gonna finally get that skoda, fingers crossed
    BalooTheGreat/EU server

  6. This is the time of the year i return to playing wot 🙂
    Name: KG9_Psychotic

  7. I look forward to this time eah year. Love opening the boxes.
    In game name: Marine0326
    Server: North America

  8. agennt47 EU

  9. I like free stuff, happy Tankmas !! 🙂 Name : Oromiss Server : EU

  10. I want the caliban xD
    Server: EU
    Name: TheReal_Skyfire

  11. Not very good this year
    Tmhm20022 eu

  12. Wish everyone a lovely christmas time! Gotta love this event, even if lootboxes are a controversial topic.

    benny2003, EU

  13. Hope for that caliban… dmgmax_1 / EU server

  14. Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine……..
    Krkanje eu server

  15. I really love christmas in WoT. It will be fun.
    Oskar_CZE_2019 Eu server

  16. I’m not impressed with the tank selection this year, but I’ll still probably drop a hundo on 75 boxes just for the heck of it.

  17. just gonna flex on my luck a bit 75 boexs 4 tier 8 and i opened only 60 XD

  18. Hoping to get some boxes :9
    Gabo, NA

  19. I still miss that 2016 Christmas with the Swedish heavy and Td. That was the best year.

  20. I did my yearly shill for 75x boxes and got all new premiums in the first 30 boxes and a ton of 3D styles. I was super surprised.

    Since they added the total thing here’s my breakdown on these 75 boxes.

    15x vehicles (including the 3 new VIII premiums
    5x 3d Styles
    53 days premium time
    29,500 gold
    5,300,000 credits
    75 decorations

    *Edited for clarity and the totals.

  21. Happy Dezmas.

  22. Albert García Rodríguez

    I will provably buy 25 or 50 boxes, but becasue I don’t have any of the tier VIII premiums I actually don’t want any of the news, I’d rather have the two older.

    New_Shur – EU server

  23. Mihail-Bogdan Georgescu

    Festive season is here. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone 🙂

    Name: TheBlueGriffin
    Server: EU

  24. Happy loot box gambling (not gambling) days everyone!
    NA Server

  25. I just love this time in World of Tanks. I hope I will get Skoda T56.
    Nick: Cynder2006

  26. hey! at least they guaranteed the 50th box!
    for people who got no luck like me, thats always a plus
    its too early for merry christmas so i will see u in the 24th xD
    Name: Hitobashira
    Server: Asia

  27. Seasons Greetings!
    ign: 2muchTANKwillkillyou
    server: Asia

  28. So I will Appreciate if I can get some somehow

  29. Happy Holidays! I love the event, it’s quite entertaining and Anorld this year makes it greate:)

  30. Happy holidays dez


  31. nickname: pepecanoa
    server: North America


  32. Guaranteed drop at least makes this a bit less of a gamble, so that’s an improvement.

    IGN: anthadon
    Server: EU

  33. I am feeling lucky today xD
    3 heat ammo from jg pz E100 into the side of my STB1 maybee I will get lucky and wg eill add a code for a free box and get a free skoda t56
    Lmao will never heppen

    Server EU

  34. Happy Holydays!
    Name: JaneAss
    Server: EU

  35. This might be the first year where I get a couple of boxes. Those 3D camo are very tempting.
    IGN: Kirill551
    Server: NA

  36. Getting to lvl X atmosphere will not be possible for a F2P player.
    Name: EchoSonic_5
    Server: EU

  37. I’m more ready than ever to farm credits, I need at least 60mil to buy all the tanks I miss ! I wish you guys have great games !
    Happy holidays to all the awesome beastsand to you Dez 🙂

    Cdt_Rillettes (EU)

  38. Happy hollidays!!

  39. This event is my favourite, soo much generosity from WG’s side.
    szoszo77 from EU server

  40. NO week spot at all THE TORNVANG name: tiger24680_1 sever:EU

  41. Bogdan Ionut Ungureanu

    Thank you Dez for the video. I think I’ll pass the loot boxes this year. I am very disappointed in the current mm/balance in the game and I won’t support them anymore until something changes for the better.
    Name: GladiatorBogdan
    Server: Eu

  42. NA Server – Cipherfusion – I opened 150 boxes on my main account and got three new tanks, four 3d models and 65k gold plus120ish days of premium time!

  43. Happy holidays Dez
    Name: skeri123
    Server: EU

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