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World of Tanks Update 1.20.1 Patch – World of Tanks Plus (WOT+) and Crew BIG Update Announcement. World of Tanks Update 1.20.1 Patch – 1.20.1 Server.

Article: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/update-1-20-1-wot-plus-crew-system-revision/

What do you think?


  1. No “Improved Equipment”? Ok, then I have to play with BOUNTY EQUIPMENT…. much better, right?

  2. @Rembrandt it’s less stats bonus, so as a start I’d say – yeah

  3. Does WoT+ still come with the TS-54 tank? Or that too has been changed. . . Realistically, that tank when the hull down is simply broken!

  4. Bounty equipment on all your vehicles is still pretty powerful. They aren’t much weaker than improved. They took a step in right direction but they need to take one more. Move standard equipment for free only. Now that’s huge credit saver, but it wont assist in having all your tanks buffed with bounty equipment. We’ll have to wait and see what else they will do.

  5. Once again, you haven’t done anything. WG is not abandoning their plans to install 2 more monetization, to this game and until they give these ideas up, your going to have to fight this battle all over again. all they are going to do is make a few small changes, call it a day and try to shove it down our throats again. These dumb russian idiots haven’t learned anything and are still hell bent on destroying this game. I say let them and then we can all get on with out lives and find other, better games to go to.

  6. Tiberio Lingiardi


  7. yes we done it

  8. Now we have to get st stunning

  9. Sad they didn’t take our feedback of the HE rework, but this is a step in the right direction.

  10. congratz the only reason to get wot+ is gone now. ANY YOU DID IT… *slowclap*
    Now i have to buy eq for every tank again instead of using one set of bounty on all.
    thank you thank you thank you so so much

  11. I already use bounty equipment on every tank so now no point in buying wot+.
    Gold doesnt matter

  12. Surprisingly, they did listen. Congrats everyone!

  13. Great news tbh. A good way for me to make crew skills more fun would be to limit the number of perks that you can get so you cannot have it all… or make some skills mutually exclusive. In that case its easier to get to that “cap” and we could use different builds on tanks

  14. Actually, i lost my interest after all of this things. I reinstalled the game and i realized i do not enjoying play the game. Me sad

  15. All you are doing is decreasing the value of the monthly fee for the sake of keeping your dominace over the average player who you know is going to buy the subscription. This is a premium game with a “free to play” mode. If free to play people want the same benifits as as normal players they need to pay the subscription. Content creators get all the bond items they want, and do not want the average player that is paying the subscription and only have a few bond items to have the option to switch the few bond items they have, because the CC’s will then have competition. So the CC’s use the excuse that the free to play players as a guise to rip off the average player who will use the subscription model. The CC’s do not want the average player that gets the subscription to equalize the playing field with them.

    • Compared to the total player base, there’s not that many CC’S (and most them aren’t much better than you or I). Skilled players on the other hand, are all over. And you have it the wrong way around; this is a free-to-play game with a premium mode (pay-to-win). The skill players will pay the subscription and crap all over the regular players just like they do now. That monthly fee isn’t to increase the value you get out of the game, it’s to increase the shareholder dividend for the shareholders, pure and simple.

  16. Oh, so the game staying nostalgic like it has for the last 8 years is boring. I was really looking forward to the new changes. Well, I am out. need to start playing a game that actually changes

  17. This is mostly good, but…

    Garage slot: I think that 250k for a garage slot is a bit high, for noobs anyway. I think that maybe they can get rid of garage slots in general, just include with tanks, have the cost be suitable per tier of tank. Let us sell unused slots.

    Ban map option: I say ban the ban map option. It messes with MM too much as it is, and is wonky.

    Rental tank included with WOT+: It is unclear if the rental tank is going to always be the same tank. It being just one of the things you get with WOT+ I think it is ok as long as it is a tank that is already in the game, is not only accessible via WOT+, is not OP, is a rental like they used to make available via codes.


  19. I think it’s okay, and I’m glad they’re reducing the overall amount of OP that the unicum players will be experiencing, but does that mean they’re reducing the cost of the subscription? To be honest with you, as one of those unicum players, I was going to pay half of the subscription price just for the bond equipment movement. I don’t want some crappy double-barrel so what am I paying for now that’s worth paying for?

  20. why all the hub-bub…this was just an april fool’s joke to begin with…

  21. Crew skills are BS. I can take my 6 skill crew and and swap it on any tank and the stats for that tank do not go up at all. This is just Wot blowing smoke up your azz.

  22. I like the updates as they were. I do not like this rework. I wanted to pay $9 per month to get bond equipment demounting. I am not going to pay 100% of the original $9 and give about 85% less value. I will not be buying WOT+ like I had planned to do.

  23. How many times do we have to tell them we don’t need or want a new crew system?

  24. All wg needs to do is slowly release the perks. It will make balancing them alot easier and wont introduce a massive skill gap.

  25. I can’t believe that they fucked up crew rework AGIN , at this point i would admit defeat and just not touch it .

  26. Wot Addict Global

    Hello DezGamez. Congratulations to our communities! You, Skill, and myself, we all told our communities to vote, and we ALL pitched in!
    Congratulations, buddy!

  27. I wanna cry

  28. I was hoping for the WOT Plus to let the players to rent 2 of the player’s choice of tech tree premium per month. But I am not going to miss free bond equipment demounting. Just glad they had listened.

  29. Still waiting for the ability to move crew between tanks of the same line. The current system is silly.

  30. Well done we can do it without u we will on e same ship hahaha

  31. Thanks Dez, this means a lot to us. I was about to quit tanks… I stopped buying premium time, and stopped spending any money at all, since the update was conceived. I still don’t think I am going to spend money on WOT anymore. I just don’t find this game as fun as it used to be. The OP tanks in the upper tiers is just the last straw for me. adding crew 2.0 was just adding to insult. Update or not, it still a dying game. NA has about 8k players now, from 60k, daily.. .was about 20k players, till the patch talk came up, and it dropped to less than 10k. I am sure EU suffered a similar result. Patch or not, I think many players have already quit. I play about 3-5 games a day now… it’s all I can handle before I get frustrated with the BS rng, and the BS op tanks.

  32. Can we cry like that to get the chieftard balanced??

  33. hey dez, really appreciate the gold you sent out. I was one of the winners from the lpz german light tank vid (smallfrye), and I only just recently saw the rewards as i was away for a few weeks. thanks so much man! it definetely helps a lot. thank you for your content and your effort my friend!

  34. Synthetic Danimal 90

    Whats sad is the fact we’re celebrating like we won a war or fight or something…

  35. I love the fact that they listened WOT fanbase but still willing to ignore WOWs fanbase

  36. But, but, but bond equip is like 1-5% lower than bond equip, so it’s the same in battle… check chems last video, bond equip is useless… bond equip is better value and now you can demont for free…

  37. I actually hoped they retained the feature which some skills would be only in a single crew (firefighting and intuition). Well, their update info is still a good thing. I just thought it would be better with that. My UDES 15/16 would have benefitted from it.

  38. Would have rather seen 75% and 50% crews being removed aswell.. that would be useful…

  39. WG giga Chad move… let’s put Bond equipment swap for free at first so when we switch to bounty equipment swap for free it will feel like we listened… Yeah still makes no difference… WOT plus players just need 1 set of bounty equipments now to play all the vehicles… While, free2play player needs all the bounty equipment upgraded to stay relevant not only that they need 1000 of regular equipments in all other tanks… Making paying players much much richer than they already are and have better equipments to play with….

  40. The only reason they’ve listened here is because they’re not changes which are directly sellable.
    There was the exact same response from everyone about the introduction of the Italian TDs, Czech heavies, and Wheeled Vehicles have had this discourse almost universally since the beginning. The difference? All of those had premium tanks for people to buy and new tank lines for people to spend gold converting xp for.
    Its so blatantly obvious that unless it’s something with direct sales, they simply will not change it for any reason.

  41. If bounty equipments are free to swap and move one tank to another would paying customers care about regular equipments? No they won’t… They just 1 or 2 sets of upgraded bounty equipments to pisdi over free2play player… WG absolutely making this game pay to have better equipments right now…

  42. Wow this is good news too bad they basically killed NA server already with the update announcement. Went from 20k peak to barely 13k peak.

  43. And what was left of the big update?

  44. question: will the demounting kits still pop up as a reward for daily missions when you have the WOT+ account? in a way WOT+ players will have less rewards during events, daily missions and so on, because they throw these demount kits around a lot and well, there is no use for them if you have WOT+.

  45. A Romanian playwright had a famous line that sounded something like this: “Let it change but not change anything or, let it change and change here and there…” That’s about all WG left from the update 1.20.1

  46. I don’t see the win if you still going to pay double every month, compared to before! extra ~8 euro monthly, the greed aspect in this update didn’t change one millimeter.

  47. Well done DezGamez and other presenters for your efforts in putting pressure on WG to bring about changes to their original and disastrous update. Well done guys.

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