What Do YOU Think is the Best Tank of WW2? (War Thunder)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder T-34 1942 What’s the Best Tank World War 2?
War Thunder Gameplay 1.55 – T-34 1942 with 76 Gun

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  2. Tiger II

  3. ChaoticFluufyPlayz- Minecraft Pocket Edition


  4. Tiger I and II

  5. ze tiger1 and sturmtiger

  6. and panther

  7. BaronVonNeubaufahrzeug is the best tank of WW2

  8. Propbly Panther

  9. Jonathan O'Donnell

    are you going to do a tank give away any time soon?

  10. panther quite easily

  11. Dylan Grizzly Fischer

    Little behind on the t-34 tech tree

  12. In game? Or in real life? Big differences there

  13. 4m GAZ AAA

  14. just kidding

  15. Panther

  16. What do you guys think was the best tank of WW2???

    I tried to edit the last comment, which ten of you replied to
    already…(mostly panther votes, and T-34 votes) and it was deleted. FAIL.
    YouTube needs an “are you sure” you want to perform an action, so you can’t
    accidentally delete a comment because your arms are twitchy from arms day
    last night. Dayum that is so lame. Sorry guys. Grr!

  17. t-28

  18. FUUUU The jagdpanther is the BEST TANK EVER!!!

  19. ZE MAUS !

  20. Well best looking the Crusader Mk 3 (in my opinion) ^^

  21. Panther

  22. tiger tank for sure

  23. Panther or Tiger II

  24. Panzer 4

  25. Panzer 4

  26. Po-2

  27. I-S4m!

  28. Probably the ferdinand

  29. M26

  30. Pretty clear it’s the Pershing. Good armour, nice little 90mm cannon and
    pretty manouverable for a heavy tank (yes, i know in some games it’s
    classified as a medium because it was in like the 50s or so, but back in
    1945 it was classified as heavy)

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  32. literally any of the russian tanks once you get to the t34’s onward. the
    rounds and hulls are stalinium and the crew are gaijin staff.

  33. what? its OP :D

  34. +BaronVonGamez no. Baron APHEBC was not used as much as APHE. APHEBC was
    used about half as much as APHE because it had less armor penetration but
    it had a train off of more fragmentation.

  35. hands down its the panther

  36. Stug IIIf

  37. Baron is STRONK,he goes to the GYM

  38. Freke Addenbrooke

    I Think its the Super Pershing

  39. phanter

  40. I mean the t-34 was not very reliable, it didn’t need to be. they made so
    many that they just gave you a new one if it broke or was killed

  41. T-34 and M4 Sherman

  42. Please tiger Pls,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. of course pershing!

  44. Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte !

  45. Deutsche panzern und Amerikanerische panzern
    ,Russians too

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  47. Darjeeling of St. Gloriana

    I would say the T17E2 as it allowed the Brits to penetrate the frontal
    armour of the Maus from distances of 1.2 Siberias

  48. The Panther. Historically it had better frontal armor than the Tiger I. The
    A and G models were very reliable tanks. It was very maneuverable. Its 75
    hypervelocity cannon had even more penetrating power than the famous 88.
    The Germans made about 6000 of them between 43-45 which is not a bad
    production run for any German tank at that time.

    Now the Panther did not have the strategic impact to offset the weight of
    allied production, but no tank really could do that. From a technological
    perspective all modern main battle tanks are decedents of the Panther. The
    Panther was the first “main battle tank”. The t-34 and the Sherman may have
    been the backbone of the allied war effort, but their linage stops after
    WWII, and it is well armored fast tanks with powerful cannons like the
    Panther that countries develop afterwards.

  49. The Panther is the best

  50. BTW nice vid Baron. Keep up the good work!

  51. The Archer was a decent design it wasn’t meant for anything other than
    Defense or Ambushing. You could set them up and ambush then be able to pull
    back and re position without ever needing to turn around. It was a retreat

  52. Brandon “The Alaskan Devil” Johnson

    Panther. Well armored decently fast. Could be produced in 14 days. Good
    canon. Decently reliable.

  53. Baron u dont write kaput. U have too write kaputt that is right

  54. Hmmm….M41 Bulldoge?

  55. King TIger hands down

  56. viktor Selaković

    panther A

  57. Nein it is the gud old Sturmgeschütz

  58. Γιωργος Τραντ

    Tiger I

  59. Kv-2 disagree and gulag

  60. Honestly the tiger was just so dominant and fear inducing for the majority
    of the war.

  61. Ignatius Revi Nuswantoro

    either T-34/85, or M4A3E8 Sherman. Might be the Sherman one.

  62. definitley not the best WW2 tank (since it went up agains tigers) but the
    sheer fact that there were sooooo many, the russians spamed them out, and 1
    or 2 would die before they could get to the rear of the tiger an kill it…

  63. in raw power tiger II. mobility and firepower m18. spamability t34. there
    is no best tank all is good in their respective all tanks had pros and cons

  64. Ze konigstiger for the win

  65. I would say that the panzer IV is the best tank with the long barreled gun
    because high velocity and if the Germans would built the tiger the Russians
    would build a new tank

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  67. Panther G and Sherman E8 Was there any doubt about these tanks being the
    best tanks on the Western Front?

  68. My pick for best tank is the most unpopular one because it got the most
    biggest bad rep but I choose the Sherman tank. People like to criticize
    it’s armor when really it has the same if not better armor than the T34s
    because it’s a little thicker and it’s also 60 degrees slope. The tank
    doesn’t catch on fire faster than the T34s, in fact you have a better
    chance of surviving in a Sherman when the rounds do penetrate.

    The 76mm gun has high penetrating power and the isrealis managed to put a
    105mm gun on one after WW2.

    The other reasons why the Sherman is the best because of the easier to
    repair than the other famous tanks, it is the most reliable, it has good
    speed at it’s production rates was very high.

  69. Best WW2 tank probably T34-85 or Tiger I

  70. tiger 225 michel witnam

  71. Shut up with your t34 be realistic and admit that the best tank was
    probably the panther there arent any argument for the t34…only its

  72. Alex “Draco223” SV

    Tiger II or IS3

  73. Joshua Erhardt (ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳરιקקξરҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ)

    best tank is KV-6!! 😀 but in reality i think it would be a Maus or T-10M i
    love this things :D

  74. Play the su-100y

  75. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Panther no doubt

  76. Königstiger

  77. I say either the panther II or the King Tiger. Both are very powerful tanks
    and struck fear in the allied forces

  78. TOG-2 The best tank of WWII!

  79. Designed/P1000
    Factor/King TigerPopular/TigerCrew Favourite/Panzer 4Worst Designed/Valiant
    or bob sempleWorst Performance/Italian tanks(Sorry)Worst Firepower/Bob
    SempleWorst Armour/Bob SempleWorst Range/Bob SempleWorst Production/King
    tiger(Even thow fewer tank numbers were built of other tanks there were 2
    few king tigers)Worst Reliability/ValiantWorst Scare Factor/Bob SempleWorst
    Popular/ValiantLeast Favourite/Bob sempleWorst tanks Bob
    Semple/Valiant/Carro m11Best tanks(Theory)Maus/Jagdtiger/SturmTiger/B1
    BIS/King TigerBest Tanks(Practical)Panther/Sherman/T34/Panzer 4/Hetzer/M7
    Priest/Hellcat/Chaffee/Jadgpanther/MORE! you comment what you think is

  80. Probs the panther

  81. Jagpanzer 38(t) Hetzer

  82. panther tank

  83. the tiger 1 tank
    with some little modifications like for example :
    -the weight with wider tracks
    -engine power by use of other engine
    -the huge maintenance with updated
    (Angling the existing armor)
    Taadaa Tiger 1.3

  84. Late Panthers because technical problems were solved and it was just as
    cheap to manufacture than Panzer IV H. Panther has good mobility, armor,
    gun and as I said it was cheap.

  85. Depends what you mean by best. Purely in terms of fighting ability, the
    Jägdtiger was the best. But the lack of maneuverability, reliability etc
    are the reason that I will say, overall, the tiger 1 or panther. (arguably

  86. None.

    All tanks have advantages and disadvantages. And a tank can be a beast on
    the battlefield but a competitive shit in maintenance ( Tiger I for example
    ), or the contrary ( Sherman ).

    I think we can make a ranking of the best tanks by role ( Light / Medium /
    Heavy ) and according to certain criteria ( Cost / Maintenance quality /
    Combat characteristics etc. ) but none tank can be the BEST in Ww2, it’s

    If we just talk about power and armor, JagdTiger or Tiger II should be the
    best so far. But if we talk about reliability, the Sherman should be #1.

    For me, I think the T-34 was the most polyvalent tank on WWII, great
    chassis, very reliable, cheap, not very powerful and resistant but it did
    the job.
    The Pz.IV should come right after. It has all advantages of T-34 plus an
    excellent gun, steadily improved. Less armor at the beginning but steadily
    improved too, which was not the case of T-34, except for the turret.
    And i should put the Sherman in 3rd position, for obvious reasons.

  87. Panther or the Tiger 1

  88. the tiger tank

  89. Of course PO-2

  90. ★Gold92Assassin★

    Tiger 1 or Panther but I’d say Tiger 1.

  91. even though it was at the end I say Tiger II

  92. The most effective Tank was the Panther, but the most scary tank was the
    Tiger I

  93. My favorite is T44. The best tank only based off statistics is the Stug.

  94. Irgend so ein Type den niemand kennt:)

    Tiger 2 H

  95. panther

  96. accumbularate DoP

    Best tank in WWII? Well…in battle probably the IS-2, or maybe the IS-3.
    Overall definitely the T-34, it was so cheap and easy to make that it just
    got spammed.

  97. Very Good, Much Stronk

  98. panther and both tigerd

  99. tigers*

  100. panther g

  101. TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt)

    I think the Panther was the best

  102. Anyone ever played the kv2 zis? Im not much of a tactical player but as
    long ad there arnt any panzers i can survive head on with no weakspots, and
    the guns good too.Baron if you read this coild you play with the kv 1e?

  103. Either Tiger1 or Panther. The thing about the t34s or Sherman’s is they
    relied on sheer numbers.

  104. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    By technological point of view it’s the Panther. Armor, punchy gun,
    mobility. But reliability was a problem due to various reasons, cheapened
    parts and fastened production, sabotages etc…
    T-34 was a great vehicle sure, but it’s reliability is a myth, go have a

  105. Panzer IV. Would be the Tiger, if it weren’t stuck in the mud about 10
    clicks back….

  106. panther are best tank of wwii

  107. T-34/85 was the best T-34 so best WW2 tank. but don’t forget the tiger II
    end jagtiger.

  108. I’m sorry, but I’m gonna be the guy who says the sherman 😛 just because of
    its versatility. and the best tank in wt is the t32

  109. Júlio Pedro Gaspareto Vigollo

    Little Shermans :D

  110. Best vehicle I KNOW 4m GAZ AAA

  111. TheSystematicPsycho

    The sherman easily. It was cost effective, “comfortable” for tanks at the
    time, reliable, cheap, easy to use, and did its job very well. We didnt
    have that many losses against panthers or even tigers for that matter with
    the tactics the US used and was very effective at its job of supporting

  112. T-34 76 wery cheap tank to make fast and good 76 mm gun, the Stalins
    pigeon. The panther was also wery good tank but it was slow to produce.

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  114. well it was isu-152 with monster bl 10 gun (it was called object 247 maybe
    idk )

  115. Jagdtiger

  116. And the is-2 cuz 122mm

  117. I use pump up music to get me motivated

  118. Hands down tiger 2 10.5cm. Tiger 2s were never penetrated through the from
    throughout the entire war. And best gun too. Only problem is reliability
    and how rare they were because they came in so late. But they could beat
    the crap out of any tank it went up against

  119. IS-3

  120. Tiger H1

  121. Tiger 1 or Panther

  122. Tiger 1

  123. The best tank I would have to say is the Panther no doubt. Close second
    would be the King Tiger because this tank was a true land ship of it’s time
    and a great piece of engineering that caused a Pershing and IS-2 to think
    twice about fighting 1 on 1. Third is the Jagdpanther being the love child
    of both tanks combining the gun of the King Tiger and the mobility and
    armour of the Panther! :D

  124. TheKennyProjectXD

    Our Panthers and Tigers/2 ofc ….. Is3 doesnt count cause it was announced
    after war ;)

  125. Hands down, t34 85.

  126. early war i have to say t-34 but late war it has to go to the panther or
    is-2 but my favorite is t-34-57

  127. Favorite tank of WWII is the M26 Pershing. Even though it didn’t serve long
    in the war. It did see some combat in the final days of the war.

  128. ….the Pershing, easily.

  129. theodosis polytarxos

    1: sherman 2: t-34-f32 3:matilda 2-3-4

  130. I would say in one on one combat the Tiger’s were hands down the kings of
    their times. Wittman and Carius agreed and no other tank caused more fear
    than the Tiger (Tiger Phobia). the production costs and the inability to
    conduct field repairs later in the war truly hindered it. had Germany owned
    manufacturing capabilities like the Soviets or the US than Tiger Tanks may
    very well have steam rolled through Europe. the Tiger’s service record is
    simply incredible and more Tigers were lost due to fuel shortages and
    scuttling than enemy fire. Overall German Tank Designs and really German
    technology laid the basis for Armies moving forward, the current US
    Military Doctrine may as well be a direct descendant. However, with its
    complicated parts (for it’s time), the high cost, and lack of manufacturing
    it will probably never be rated above the T-34’s and M4 Sherman’s which
    were highly adaptable platforms with low comparative costs and easy field

  131. Guilherme Velhote

    baron at 10:07 the archer had a brazilian flag on it

  132. I know it’s not the best tank but I love the sherman

  133. Panther for sure, it is better than any allied tank on the war(after A

  134. Sherman for overall, Panther for armor and gun, and any British tank with a
    17pdr lol

  135. Kristian čolak-barać

    T-10M afc

  136. cant wait to get a new computer and come play some warthunder lol

  137. Baron did you know Arnold was a tank driver.

  138. Илья Мурзаев

    I think T-34
    Because the T-34 was a cost effective tank and it was easy to produce in
    large quantities also in the sloping armor and firepower.

  139. RBT-5 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  140. you and phly did the exactly the same thing in a video called but bait

  141. Bob Semple is the best tank.

  142. Quintin Baumeister

    Best tank of WWII using historical accounts, not at WT matchmaking, would
    probably be the Tiger II or Panther because they were fearsome as well as
    effective in combat. WT matchmaking wise, though, Probably IS-2 1944

  143. WW2? Maus. Easily. What could beat the 2 story tall monster.

  144. Reptillian Brotherhood

    All who want thr chrysler tv 8 say “I”

  145. apcrbc was the only ammunition used by the URSS and also the HE, i
    recommend u don’t carrying full ammo for Don burst for shots on ammunition.

  146. APBC was the most used anti-tank round by the Russians in WW2. T-34s also
    carried lots of HE and shrapnel, sometimes as much as the amount of AP in
    the tank.

  147. The m3 lee

  148. The T34 being a reliable tank is a complete lie. They had worse
    transmissions than Tigers. The difference is they were able to fix them,
    instead of abandoning them like Tigers. A transmission failure in a Tiger
    means you lost your tank. A transmission failure in your tank just means 10
    minutes work for your damn cannon loader. (as far as i know the loader was
    usually the mechanic)

  149. I d say T 34 85

  150. I can see some tactics in the Archers set up. If they were fighting
    defensively, they could fire and retreat. Fire again, then proceed to
    retreat. Maintaining distance while always having the jump on its target.
    Could be effective, but in general cases yea I agree it would be awkward.

  151. tigers and panther

  152. I think the T34 cant be the best tank of tthe ww2 because it didnt have
    good ergonomy, a commander and a comunication system. So for me the panther
    is the best tank. Sorry for my bad english, im from Argentina.

  153. joe11blue you are creepy lol!

  154. joe11blue you are creepy lol!

  155. The Archer was backwards because the gun wouldn’t fit forwards on the
    chassis of the tank that it was based on so they had to put it backwards to
    make it easier to produce

  156. Tiger II, Churchill, IS-2,Panther, sherman firefly or Chaffe, one of them
    is surely the Best World war II tank

  157. Pleas don’t do single player rb battle they are really not fun to watch

  158. I think the T34 was by far not the best tank of WW2, it had a good
    reliability, a good afordability and good armor, but the crew really had to
    suffer in it, if the driver was taller than 165cm the tank would be hard to
    drive for him, to change gears they sometimes had to use a hammer because
    the cluch lever was so hard to move, since the commander and loader were
    one person he was often not able to reload and follow the battle or to
    command the tank at the same time, also the missing cupoola for the
    commander and the only two vision slits in the turret made it even harder
    for him to follow the battle. I mean it was easy to repair or reuse but
    also easy to take out when the late panzer IVs were introduced. I think you
    really can’t say what was the best tank of WW2, since they all were only
    good for one era, the T34 was good because it suprised the germans and
    outgunned them, but only for a short time, the Tiger was good because it
    surprised the allies and caused fear but only until the allies got their
    hands on better guns. So it’s really hard to say what was the best tank of
    WW2 I think.

  159. T-34-85 or M4A2 Sherman

  160. the T34 is a great tank but to change gears the crew would hit a metal nail
    with a hammer and it would only be a anti tank gun and higher level tank

  161. For me it would be a Panzer 4. More to do with I had better success in it
    and I feel good about it than other vehicles in War Thunder

  162. easily Tiger 2, thing was a beast and makes me poo my pants in the game
    when I see one

  163. no, i think its the sherman m4a3e8

  164. The M4 medium tank. The job of a tank is to arrive at the battlefield and
    support the infantry by fighting anything that the infantry could not
    defeat quickly by themselves, all while causing the least amount of strain
    on the logistics train. Guns and armor are worthless if the tank breaks
    down. The T-34/T-34-85 are respectively practical in a Russian sort of way,
    but the M4 edges out in crew comfort.

    The 5-1 M4 vs Panther kill/death ratio is a myth, sort of. WWII US armor
    platoons consisted of five tanks, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a Panther
    or an MG nest, they were always going to send five tanks. In fact, there is
    sufficient evidence that the 5-1 ratio in popular culture is actually
    reversed, Arracourt being the prime example.

    Also, Belton Cooper’s *Death Traps* is not a historical document. It is a
    memoir. While it is not something you should skip over, you should
    understand that it was written decades after the war. It’s difficult enough
    to remember exact details a month later.

    War isn’t about the individuals. It’s about the combined arms of air,
    infantry, armor, and artillery. And the M4 integrated itself very well.

  165. “Tactically” you wouldn’t use the Archer in face-to-face combat. It would
    probably be set up before hand.

  166. Best Tank of WW2: Sniper – Panther / in a 1on1 Tiger 1 / most effektiv in
    general – T34

  167. Maybe T 34

  168. For me it is either the IS-3, Tiger II (P), or the Pershing

  169. i think the super pershing

  170. The T34/76 only had a four man crew…the T34/85 rectified that. One of the
    consistent problems with the T34 was spalding from the cast turrets, even a
    hit that didn’t penetrate could injure/kill the crew. I would rank the T34
    as a good tank in spite of those failings.The Panther was a good tank in no
    small part due to the hard lessons learned at the hands of the T34s. The
    7.5cm KwK 42 with the Pzgr. 40/42 APCR was tremendous AT ammo. Regardless
    of how good the Panther was one fact remains undeniable, the Panzerwaffe
    had been bled dry by the time it arrived in service. They simply didn’t
    have properly trained crews to put into the Panthers.When they lost control
    of the air, more panzers were destroyed by Allied aircraft than Allied
    tanks. No idea on the APCBC use by the Russians.

  171. t 34-85 amd KV-2 is the best WWII tank

  172. The best tank of all time is the tetrach mk1.

  173. The americans are well below the list of the best WWII tanks. Germany
    called the M4 Shermans “Ronso” the Tank lights up easily. The Germans…..
    well I think the Russians and the Germans were both ontop. Russian Heavy
    Tank: Kv-2, Kv-1, Is-2 or 1 Germany Heavy Tank: Tiger I, King Tiger, Maus,
    idk. Russian Meds: T34, T34-85, T34-57 too many Russians!!!!!

  174. Panther or Tiger I

  175. Sherman FIrefly all day! the QF17 pdr had better penetrating power than an
    88mm German gun! It could go straight through the front of any German tank
    including all tigers and panthers!

  176. CronicHurricane FireFly

    I believe it is the Panther because of its armor, manuverbility and gun

  177. Sherman with 76mm and HVSS. Maybe I’d say M4A2 (76) W HVSS.

    Madly reliable, good range on full tank of diesel, very manouverable,
    reasonably protected, very hard to light on fire and armed well enough with
    accurate gun that can kill Panther or Tiger from front and at ranges around
    1000-1500 meters.

    What, you field a platoon of Jagdtigers or Könignstigers? Well, shit, I
    have full strength company of these buggers for less points cost so it
    looks like you’re out numbered, out manouvered and out gunned. If that
    fails, I raid your logistics chain, machine gun your mechanics, burn your
    fuel and then out run you. Then your capital is going to fly my flag and
    war is officially over. In other words, no matter what you do, you’re
    fucked in every possible way.

  178. Just don’t skip leg day bruh

  179. Well, a lot of people forget about the IS-3, which in theory is a WW2 tank.
    Still, from the mass produced ones, I would have to go with the Panther,
    after it was fixed and if Germany would have had the resources to use high
    quality steel.

    This vehicle was amazing. Very good mobility, low ground pressure, sloped
    efficient frontal armor, a very powerful gun and all the German high
    quality equipment. If I am not mistaken by the end of the war this vehicles
    were actually fitted with night vision devices too.

    If we are taking about the best tank at one point in time, than definitely

  180. Definitely the T-34… Nothing matches the reputation of the T-34 in the
    eastern front

  181. panther (good armour, good speed, good gun)

  182. Because I’m British, I’m going to say the Matilda. However If I was to be
    realistic. It would either be the Panther or T-34-85. The Panther for It’s
    Incredible gun and scare factor, even though it was less reliable than the
    tiger 1. I’m saying the T-34-85 because it could be mass produced at such a
    rate, with a rather decent 85 gun which would do It’s job without relative
    issue. ( even with heavy losses ). For me I pick both, the Panther and the

  183. +BarnonVonGamez

    IRL you’d call it APBC-HE, to avoid confusion and it was Soviet standard
    ammo (besides pure HE, which they loved to fire).

    Soviet projectiles were different from others in that they had a ballistic
    cap on a blunt-nosed projectile without a AP-Cap. IRL they struggled A LOT
    when striking the target at high velocities which war thunder does not
    represent. They (afaik) also were good on small angles but struggled on
    very high ones (i.E. Glacis of a T-34) while WT just took the modifier for
    low angles and extrapolated it… (read it on a armor & gunnery book back
    when i was in GF CBT).

  184. Panther ausf. G it was most advanced and most fearsome beast. This beast
    was the best machine throughout the Second World War. You may argue with
    that, but this is a fact not to question. RUN!

  185. Mouse is the best world war 2. Tank

  186. There was only 1

  187. Well, considering it didn’t just fuck up and break down like the panthers
    and tigers, i would say it’s the T 34-85

  188. Panzer V is best tank of wwii

  189. Tiger 2. It could kill around 10 soviet tanks before it got destroyed

  190. Panther is superior to the tiger 1 in frontal armor, penetration and speed.
    The only places where tiger 1 is better than tiger is side armour and he

  191. Adolf H. (Der Führer)

    The M8 Greyhound ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  192. had to be one of the Sherman tank models you had to have balls to get in
    one of those, they did say those things were Death traps

  193. Maus is arguably the best

  194. Leopard 1

  195. Hey Barron I got war thunder yesterday wanna play

  196. T-10M, because historical accuracy, comrade.

  197. The Exploding Mushrooms !?

    Sry baron but the t34 85 was better than the t34 1942

  198. ze tiger tank dont play around so yez i zink de tiger tank is the best tank
    of ze world war 2!

  199. Definitely the Sherman

  200. The t-34-85 was good but overall the panthers were the best tanks of WWII

  201. i see all those people voting for the panther and the tigers but i can only
    think of their terrible reliability and high cost…
    i would rather say something like the pershing: relatively fast, good armor
    and a good gun. or the StuG III Ausf. G for its speed kinda good armor
    reliability and it was easy concealeble (although it couldnt handle some of
    the late war allied tanks) i also would put IS-2 on my list for its
    extremely powerfull gun. the german panthers and tigers were good in theory
    but the reliability was really terrible. the sherman and t-34 have a lot of
    good abilities but also had their drawbacks and also werent up to the late
    war tanks.

  202. one plus to the archer and it’s backwards facing book stick is setting up
    ambushes. the brtish were able to get a shot off and quickly get away. but
    it’s one of the derpiest looking tanks imo

  203. Stronk Stalinium T-34’s are best tenk.

  204. Anton Anktonkovich

    To be honest in my opinion the IS-2 1944 was the best for it’s ability to
    be mass produced while also being a top breaker tank on the battlefield.
    Was certainly more scary than any Sherman could hope to be, even Tigers
    have problems against it sometimes.

  205. Ze Maus! Good Kruppsteel and German engineering of the genius Ferdinand
    Porsche made this tank unkillable.

  206. I use my pain as my motivation… maybe I have a fetish that I don’t know

  207. Tiger ausf. B is proved best tank of WW2

  208. Jagttiger should be the best tank that actually was in use.

  209. Best tank? Pe-8
    best ground vehicle? i feel like its the t-50 cause it the most capable
    tank in the game however for higher tier i would have to say… su-122-54
    but then again the kv-2 is at tier 3 and it can 1 shot anything in game…
    so yea hard choices

  210. Tssss…Ze Maus ofcourse

  211. Alexander Schulte

    Panther D is considered by historians the best tank of the war because it’s
    gun could kill just about anything and it’s armor was impenetrable to
    Sherman and t34s to the front

  212. come on people the best tank of WW2 is obviously the Churchill AVRE

  213. Marvin Reinthaler

    T-34 and Fury Sherman

  214. Marvin Reinthaler

    T-34 and Fury Sherman

  215. panther duh

  216. Marvin Reinthaler

    Or the “Dicke Berta” Look in Google pictures guys?

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  218. Marvin Reinthaler

    Sorry for spam . Look for Schwerer Gustav

  219. Either the Tiger 2 or the Panther.

  220. t-34 because Stalin.

  221. t34 was the worst tank of ww2 imo. Poor survivability, poor visibility,
    poor fire control, poor gun depression. It plays good in a video game but
    didn’t possess the real qualities that make tanks effective in the real
    world number 1 being situational awareness. That’s the reason they would
    lose 15,000 or so of them every year. My 2 cents, Love your videos Baron
    big fan.

  222. I love the panthers and the long barreled panzer 4’s… but take any 3.7 BR
    T34 tank out and fight others at the same BR, you will just squash
    everything, it’s disgusting. If you don’t get at least a 10 kill streak,
    you’re doing something wrong.

  223. It might….

  224. I think the best tank of WW2 was the T-34
    why you ask?
    -it was easy and cheap to build, just look how many of them where build in
    -it was quite agile and fast (typical medium tank)
    -even drunk ivan could operate it (no big training needed like on german
    -it just got the job done
    -later variants where also really dangerous for the best german tanks
    (the 85mm gun could pen the tiger 1 at about 1000m range frontally)

    for me the T-34 won the war…
    …and its a quite good looking tank.

    russia just knew how to build tanks

  225. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    best ww2 tank : the t34
    best ww2 tank desighn : panther
    best tank destroyer : stug3
    most feard tank : tiger 1
    most powerfull tank : king tiger
    need i say more?

  226. SomethingIDontKnow

    Stronk SU-152 best tank

  227. Tomb Lord Rhydian

    IMO A34 Comet I. Just a shame it didn’t enter service earlier.

  228. The panther, it is a fact!!!!

  229. AirProduction - Airbajan

    I’m going to pick the M18 HellCat because of it’s Speed and Cannon and
    Armor not too much but it’s a sniper ! With it’s open top which is coolz !

  230. My motivation is to put bullies to the ground because I was bullied as a
    kid and when I see a kid get bullied it’s hard to do much because I’m weak

  231. i think the m36 jackson was the best out of ww2, i bloody love a 90mm xD

  232. T-34 1942

  233. The panther was the best. Then I would say the T34, it was known though
    that the Russians hated the t34 because it was hard to drive and cramped.
    The German tanks were like Cadilacs. The Russians were like Ford’s. I hate

  234. Charles “The Hammer” Martel

    Easily the M4 Sherman. It god the job done just as well as the German big
    cats, and had the side effect of not breaking down frequently. People like
    to praise the T-34 and shit all over the M4, but the truth is, it did what
    it was meant to do extremely well.

  235. panther assurément

  236. I think that the t34 or t34 85 is the best tank of ww2

  237. i think that the IS-5 was the best tank of WWII. its not in war thunder but
    if u play wot the is8 is very similar to it. the is8 is an updated version
    of the is5. it had very good armor and of course russian guns were superior

  238. Panther definitely takes the cake

  239. The best tank of WW2 wasn’t even a tank, it was a TD and it’s the

  240. but russia didnt really invest in radio’s to be honest, which meant they
    could easily have gotten flanked without any warning…

  241. the Sherman all day

  242. Sometimes if low on ammunition, Russians would fire whole gulag at enemy.
    Install fear in Germans (pronounced in Russian accent)

  243. That would depend on what you mean by “best”. The T-34 was cheap and easy
    to build while the P-IV was arguable the most versatile as they made
    multiple vehicles and was the only tank in production from beginning to end
    of WWII.

  244. Best tank in ww2?
    is-2m or t-34-85.

  245. Best tank? Tiger 2. Reliable, great armor, great gun, great turret
    traverse, sloped armor. Best tank if not heavy tank of the war.

  246. t34 or kv brothers or the Is family

  247. pls do the caernarvon

  248. Pershing with rockets or no rockets

  249. I mean, for the best tanks of each nation in World War II. I have a great

    For Germany: Panzer Kampfwagen Ast 4 series for macro. Panzer Kampfwagen
    Tiger II for micro.

    For Russia: T-34 series for macro. IS-1 for micro.

    For British: Cromwell’s macro. Churchill Black Prince micro

    For America: M4 Sherman’s macro. M6 micro

    that’s basically it for the tanks. I could go on, but I would rather not
    bore people.

  250. The best tank of WW2 is The KING TIGER: Tiger 2

  251. well i we are counting tanks that barley made it to the war like the tiger 2
    then te is3 is the best tank off ww2

  252. Can we all agree that Gaijin needs to implement working WET RACKS for the
    late war M4 Shermans?

  253. 14:57 Most bullshit penetration I have ever seen. Russian Bias confirmed.

  254. Personaly i think the kv1 zis is because its got good armor a good gun
    although it lacks in mobility i think its one of the better tanks

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  256. Type 95 Ha-Go

  257. Best tank was the panther. It’s been established

  258. Also if you tab in battle then it shows what nations are on what teams on
    top of the stats.

  259. CrabAttack118 Heredia

    i think the best tank in ww2 would either the king tiger or the is-1

  260. CrabAttack118 Heredia

    king tigerbwas reliable somewhat maneuverable and it wasnt so cheap but it
    was worth it to have one

  261. Matilda, obvs.

  262. I wouldn’t say the T-34 was a good tank. Sure it was reliable, easy to
    repair and relatively cheap but it was only really successful because it
    was used as a spam tank. The crew compartment was very cramped.

  263. T60. Debate me shitlords

  264. Motivation for working out
    I hang a donut in front of my face while i chase it on a treadmill

  265. bcem privet
    CYKA BLYAT!!!!

  266. Panther or Tiger I or II

  267. Tiger is the best :v

  268. I was guessing tiger 2 would be the answer from Baron, but having a
    flashback to when Baron beat one in a sherman…

  269. there’s more to a tank than just its combat effectiveness. if we’re talking
    about war winning weapons, then strategic considerations most be taken into
    account in addition to kill ratios.

    t34s and shermans were probably the best tanks of WWII because they were
    war winning weapons. true they would get their asses kicked by german
    superweapons, but they could be deployed in MASSIVE formations that the
    germans had no hope of combating, even with tactically superior weapons
    like tigers and all their TD counterparts. if hitler wasn’t so in love with
    his secret weapons the wermacht would’ve been much more effective had they
    stuck to something simple and cheap like masses of panzer IVs or, later,
    panthers. there was simply no need for over-engineered beasts like
    jagdtigers or ferdinands or tiger IIs.

  270. What is PL loss?

  271. I think the P-47 was the best tank of WW2. P-47 or the flying KV-1 (IL-2)

  272. MrJohnycomelately21

    The Archer was like that because it was the only way to mount the 17pdr on
    a Valentine hull, it was a stop gap vehicle.

  273. I think that the churchill avre is the bet ank

  274. i think best tank in ww2 is T34-85

  275. Tiger II

  276. I be lying if i say Tiger or pazr

  277. My favorite tank is the stug 4 don’t ask me why it’s just a bizarre
    fascination tank of mine.

  278. I would say the tiger h1 or panther they were both good but they were ahead
    of there time and broke down a lot so I would say they would be even tied
    with the T34 85. but don’t forget the maus was actually created and I think
    if it was used in tank on tank battle it would wreck everything.

  279. Crusader mk 2!

  280. Alexander Gallego Casallas

    I think that Panther was the best WWII tank. Its design inspired a whole
    generation of early Cold war tanks and its combination of firepower and
    mobility during the war was simply outstanding.

    Keep up with the great job Baron.

  281. The T34 is good but if you get shot you can’t shout ore you can’t drive
    anyways that’s what always happens with me

  282. The t-34 only gets the best vote because it can be mass produced, and is
    cost effective. However, the tiger II was a fairly reliable tank, and one
    on one against a t-34… It wouldn’t even be a contest

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  284. question : how to swing the camera view without moving the turret. ty

  285. I think that on 1 on 1 or 2 v 2 or where tank production is not a factor on
    the battlefield, I think that the German Panther is the best tank due to
    firepower, armor and mobility

  286. Δημήτρης Μπακέας

    Tiger 2 h that 88 can pen everything or panzer iv 4 f2 better than the t34


  287. Panther

  288. in my is-1 i saw some red names through trees on the snowy map so 29
    seconds after spawning and just as i was getting off of the little hill you
    start on i snap shotted and 1 shot killed a panther

  289. Panther

  290. StuG III G

  291. Korpen - Tank & Strategy Games

    In my opinion, the Pz IV and the Panther were the best tanks during the

    The Pz IV was in all respects a well designed tank (for it’s time) and also
    it was one of the first tanks in which the comfort of the crew as well as
    upgradeability was taken into consideration. It was the first MBT –
    together with the Pz III – that used a three man turret during the war. A
    fact that gave it an advantage over the british and russian tanks. It had a
    good gun (later models) and was cheap to produce. Probably the only flaws
    of the tank was the unsloped armour and the fact that it ran on gasoline
    which made it hard to start during cold weather. If you also take into
    consideration that the tank served in The Wehrmacht from the late 30’s
    until 1945 in different forms and models it’s pretty clear that is was a
    formidable tank.

    The Panther was designed along the same lines as the Pz IV with it being
    able to get upgraded as the war progressed and once they had ironed out the
    kinks with the tank catching fire or in other ways being unreliable it was
    one of the best tanks of the war.

  292. Königstiger all the way! Have a great weekend all!

  293. Korpen - Tank & Strategy Games

    And oh yeah by the way, nice to see that you’ve found your way into the
    Realistic Battles Baron!

  294. T70

  295. Best tank of world war II was the french b1

  296. The Sherman was the best tank after that it would be the tiger

  297. To judge what the best tank of WW2 was you need not only look at
    reliability, armor, speed, gun etc, you must also include ease of
    production, efficiency, simplicity of repairs. All of these aspects form
    into what would be the best tank of WW2, these attributes are what allows
    say a Sherman to be compared to an obviously superior tank like the Tiger.

    The two obvious candidates are the T34 and the Panther, now is plainly
    evident that a Panther will kill any T34 variant, as it has better armor,
    gun, more efficient for its numbers and fairly close speed and reliability,
    but the T34 takes it for ease of production and simplicity. Now do these 2
    factors attributed to the T34 out way the Panthers’? I believe not, but its
    completely open to debate.

    But this brings another competitor to the table, *the Tiger II*. Most
    people would say the Panther wins without hesitation because of the Tiger
    II’s poor reliability (Which is undoubtedly one of the largest factors on
    my list), but consider the contrary. The Tiger II wins or is on par with
    the Panther in almost all other aspects, its production time is not much
    longer, better armor and gun, both are atrociously hard to repair. So the
    question is do you think the Tigers’ bad reliability makes the Panther the
    winner? Again I disagree.

    Judging by the Tiger IIs’ armor and gun it can tackle allied tanks up until
    the 1960’s, that makes it over 15 years ahead of its time. The same however
    can not be said about the Panther, even though its great it would be
    outclassed by 1950 at the latest. I believe this gives the edge to the
    Tiger II as the best tank of WW2.

  298. hey baron what gpu you use,i just got a gtx 970 and altho my fps goes into
    the 200s my graphics look poor.

  299. t34 has all the ubbles lol

  300. the i dea was too have the crew behind all that metal while fireing at the
    enemy,yes its stupid while manouvering but once in position the crew are
    better protected.well not in this game cuz it aint russian

  301. i dont think there is any best.. but there are tanks that were one of the
    best tanks around for ww2, the t34 85, the panther and the easy 8.. they
    are some of the best tanks produced for their time.. the fact remains
    however, nomatter what tank there is, there are always a series of
    problems, always an archilles heel..

  302. Panther

  303. MAMA of epicness Yo

    I think it is the Tiger

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  305. in battle for stalingrad…hitler tanks cant go to battle..sooo the best
    tank is T-34-76 and 85…first tank go in Berlin is T-34-85 …don’t
    forget….and IS-2 … Tiger killer..

  306. Panther medium tank

  307. You can see the flags on the scoreboard, so you know what nation you are up

  308. 1 vs 1 problaly the kingtiger or panther if its like how it was in the real
    war 4 vs 20/30 than problaly the t34 85

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