What Goes Through A Unicums Mind When Bottom Tier – World of Tanks

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  1. Streaming anytime soon?

  2. I unicame during this video.

  3. Hey lemming can we have more Livestreams on you Tube please:))

    • Tomorrow at 11:00 mountain time Ill be live on twitch, perhaps Ill upload it to youtube though

    • hey:) can’t get twitch anymore just get loading screen no clue why other people have same problem:( uploads would be Cool:))

  4. This gives me PTSD, when I first rerolled on EU I got myself an m4 rev and my first 50 battles I had 2100 dpg and 23% win rate, eu pubbies….*shutters*

  5. Vid was great, already watched it 🙂 nice raging.

  6. What I have in mind is another boring round with premium spamming since you can’t pen reliably due to fxcking design.

  7. arty moved due to being frontline arty, still waiting for frontline arty vid

  8. Anthony Alvares


  9. Hey LemmingRush,
    how much premium HE do I fire while playing Artillery to win with artillery?

    • Weak1ings none lol

    • R. Giada Melchiorre

      I see some assclown responded. Anyway this evening I ran my 53/55 tier 9 through 10 battles won 8 of 10. I use no high-end HE. i killed a bc 1000k damage one shotted him. It can be done. I rarely ever use the highend HE unless I know I’m shooting into high density traffic where two more tanks are close together.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      R. Giada Melchiorre I honestly don’t think that guy asked about arty unironically. The right answer on ony arty question: don’t play arty and if you do – kill yourself. That’s a common knowledge.

  10. God the mt25 is a horrable tank

  11. Existancial Goberts

    Great videos Lemming! You helped me pass from a tomato to an okay player! Cheers

  12. Existancial Goberts

    I was wondering, do you explain what you are doing even when you are playing by youself (no stream)?

  13. Every time being bottom tier 7:25

  14. Vũ Lương Lân

    TLDR version: 7:25

  15. Timestamp 10:29.
    There’s an invintation that’s in Romanian.
    Why would you join a Romanian clan?

  16. Robert Klarquist

    Not impressed.

  17. I would love the m4 ravioli even more if it wasn’t for its RNG gun.

  18. Well then no tier 8 prems not recommended

    So what tier prem is recommended?

  19. Blaustern Video

    In the first battle if there were someone in the mid you would have been dead watch out for that dont cross so aggressive at the beginning

  20. Lemming are you Romanian or was that just a random Romanian clan sending random invites in the end?

  21. What Goes Through A Unicums Mind When Bottom Tier = Imma shoot HEAT on a 59 Patton, TVP and a Progetto.

    • Riksi80. Are you crying because he used premium ammo?

    • E-Reviews who’s crying, you muppet. come up with something original. I am merely pointing out the unicum-plays. pen the JT with normal rounds and switch to HEAT for softer targets? also worth mentioning the normal rounds are APCR, which means higher velocity, which means some of those shots at the end might have connected.

  22. 7:25 so relatable… I feel your pain lemming 🙂

  23. 7:24 LMAO good to know I’m not the only guy WG tries to fck up lol.

  24. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    Can you do a video on how to play paper tanks on himmelsdorf?

    • Hey It’s Franklin Hidden

      I’m 47% so take it for what its worth, if I’m not top tier heavy and hopefully have armour to get artied, I usually head straight to tracks if on south to defend and put shots into people crossing(scouts or dumb TDs), and if north go straight down mid and get unspotted to flex, but I would say if in fast 40kmh upwards tank south is easier to defend for me because of southwest arty corridor is easy to defend and my fav defensive flexing diagonal at roughly h8, most defensive positions for north are b4 – b5 where you can hull down really well, and most endgames I rely on getting unspotted and flanking while the enemy tries to ambush my friendlies.

    • Hey It’s Franklin Hidden

      Oh I just noticed you said paper tanks, sry about that, actually that would be a good video.

  25. The Real Killer B

    Thanks for this video. I gave up on tier 8 for the reasons you mentioned; and it was encouraging to see that you did no better than I normally do – and you man, are the BEST!

  26. Every other unicum ever: This thought process.
    Lemmingrush: what am I going to have so supper tonight?

  27. FINALLY a little bit of lemming rage, thanks

  28. any thots?

  29. Can you do video on how to get 3500 wn8 or 3k2 – 3k9 dpg in tier 10 meta tanks?

    I am struggling to go over 3.5k except for 2684 lmao


  30. Thinking about it i can really recomend the progetto to fight against tier 10s due to it’s flexibility with the autoreloader, and that as long you have allies near you, you are hard to kill..

    I would say dumping 2/3 shells on enemies is the best relative to output/recieved/dpm

  31. If your struggling in tier 8 just buy a nameless! its like a tier 10 medium tank except it doesn’t have the X

  32. why do you play on eu when your ping is shitty? (btw when I drive my M4 REV heat always feels VEEEERY unreliable.)

  33. Luis David Chihuahua

    lol lemming rush you were so useless on that match
    you use only apcr in meds on the rev and heat on heavys.

  34. nice video, but I was wondering why did you mount a GLD on a M4A1 rev? With rammer Vstabs and optics I have really good gun handling.

  35. Yes but what about tanks with preferable MM? And personally i wanna buy a tier 8 premium for crew training and credits. Also i feel your struggle when you dinged the TVP 😀 the armor is 60 MM when you hit it and the angle is 70 degrees…

  36. Bought the Emil 1 yesterday. 32% wins in 60 games.. The gold pen aint helping with the current MM, i cant pen shit and ppl just load the heat and spank the turret.

  37. Dab that 2 key to become a unicum when bottom tier.

  38. “Lemming are you Romanian” What the Fk kind of question is that, everyone knows he’s Japanese. I love your video’s LR but some of the comments you get would send me over the edge….

  39. Could you do a bottom tier LT match too?

  40. This guy is literally the worst instructor ever

  41. your bounce is the result of the player balancing rule named “R N G” lemming!

  42. Thanks Lemming! Lemming has the best, no nonsense, intelligent, sometimes humorous, videos I’ve been able to find about WoT. I’m only 1 minute into this one, and already have to give it a ‘like’ and a thanks in comments.

  43. Wait… You ‘re a unicum ?

  44. Yo @lemingrush what DPI you use? and settings in the game – mouse sensitivity. cheers!

  45. ffs 😀

  46. “Camping prevention unit”…

  47. I don’t know what is happening to me this period. I’m playing tier 5/6 for like 2/3 weeks and I was on 1000 ~ wn8 every day. This fucking week I can’t fucking play, I get killed with 0 dmg or finish a game with 0 dmg, I only bounce or miss shells every fucking time and I end up losing my mind. Can you help me out giving me some tips? (I’m playing the kv1s and the kv85)

  48. So what I learned from this video is that you have to abondon the flank you commited to at the slightest hint that your team will lose it. (You have no hand in this ofcourse)
    On your way out call the people that are actually supporting your team cunts because they happen to use their tanks in the roll they were designed for instead of being an edition to your own HP bar.
    Then spend all mid game driving from one end of the map to the other while you do the stuff you called your TD’s cunts for, but at twice the distance.
    You keep misjudging what will happen on either flank and only commit to the flank that seems to be winning.
    Mop up the remaining tanks after the hard work of your team and give yourself some pads on the shoulder for staying alive against all odds, because clearly your team would not have been able to win this game if you didn’t.

    If this is the mindset of a unicum then they trully deserve the stigma of being selfish, narcissistic assholes.

  49. Just think if miles could give you points you would have done great.

  50. The whole “I’m a Unicum” shtick is getting old imo.

    At this stage we get it dude. It just makes you sound like a little child tbh.

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