What happens when you bring a BIGGER naval gun to a tank fight PT.2

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Source: PhlyDaily

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What happens when you bring a BIGGER naval gun to a fight PT.2

✈▼My Setup ▼✈ Link to the build – https://youtu.be/f0V7-z0BVT0
●CPU: https://amzn.to/3mHXi1N
●GPU: https://amzn.to/3i0Wi5q
●MOBO: https://amzn.to/2FRqC5h
●RAM: https://amzn.to/3iXCeSz
●M.2 NVMe Storage : https://amzn.to/3iV6tcU
●SSD: https://amzn.to/32QINRc

0:00​ INTRO
2:04 Got phully vaccinated (game one)
15:31 lock your doors ima come over for dinner (game 2)
22:04 byeee (game 3)


  1. Easily my fav YouTuber. Flawless content

  2. PhlyDaily Fictional M6A1E2 WHEN?????

  3. SU-100Y? Because Phly can. Badumtss

  4. Hey phlydaily I have a question. How long have you been playing war thunder that is my question. 🙂

  5. We just got 30 weeks. So excited for you phly. I’ll be watching my videos with my kid for sure

  6. Can you play Russia 8.3 with the t 62 or the t 55 day 1

  7. Mathew Dominic Cari

    Sturer Emil-Experimental TD
    Su 100 y-Experimental TD
    Sturer-128mm gun
    Su 100 y-130mm gun
    Sturer-Anti tank gun
    Su 100 y-Naval gun
    Sturer-good pen
    Su 100 y-good pen
    Brothers in law for sure

  8. Oh no I forgot this intro song….mind telling me the name? Phly 😏

  9. Fiamma Elettrico

    It’s not SU-100Y, it’s SU-100ygrek (latin letter Y). In Russian, its name is “СУ-100Y” even in Russian, there is a letter “Y” at the end, which means that it should be read as Latin and not as English. In Russian code names, Latin letters are often used.

  10. 『句冊』Karam D.

    10:10 u r alive cause stalin is with u 😎

  11. No need to lock my door coz you got vaccinated, So you can come to my house for dinner.

  12. Play the challanger 3

  13. Napoleon Bonerpant

    We all know how difficult it is to get all those naval compartments in the su-100y

  14. Ayo when you gonna do one on the Sherman firefly homie

  15. Love you Phly! Praying for the Mrs. Phly and Baby Phly!! : D

  16. Can you plssssss do the. F4e phantom pls I just 9year old

  17. Wow, those were some good shots

  18. In WT : Stalinium armor
    In WoT : Stalinium Ammo

  19. Y stands for yeti

  20. Could you play around with the Baguette tank. The Leclerc S1. I’m 1 tanks away from unlocking it and looking to see an updated video of how it’s gameplay is.

  21. New merch: Feed my unborn child!

    haha love you Phly 🙂

  22. Thomas, The Chaos Train

    Phly, or the only one to be sneaky with 50 tons beasts

  23. 2:52 Hawkeye Phly. “Oh someone is up top already”
    Me -where?
    “Oh who is this?”
    Me -what? where? how do you see…*booom* ……

  24. What’s the song name ?? Plzzz

  25. Day 137: play the spitfire 2b

  26. REEEEEEEEEEE…..is that synthwave?
    Already looking forward for the hate XD

  27. I can’t remember how many times I got oneshot by this one in WoT…

  28. Hi phly! I would like to ask you if you could play the only premium antiair in the game, i heard is a wonderfull tank destroyer!

  29. wait phlys tellin me dat hes gonna be a dad like mate

  30. sans the skeleton

    Hey phly how about you try out the CV90120 With it’s 652mm pen round at 10.3

  31. Ondřej Neuwirth

    5:50 what love?

  32. I wanted to comment every day that i want the baby tigor on xbox, but today is fatherday (in germany) so i give up at day 4 because i thought… this guy gonna be a phlydaddy so he have more importent things to do. Wish you and your phlymaly the best for you future. Love your conntent:)

  33. oh the su-!00y

  34. PanzerFraust YT

    day 1 of playing with the panther and was shot from all angles by a pack of T-34 57

  35. when phly gets his engine damaged:10 second repair
    when I get my engine damsged:78 second repair

    the crew system in this game is bs

  36. 13:06, war thunder is almost fun. That was a step angle for anything at that br lmao

  37. what happened to the cursed thumbnails?

  38. Do a vid of the British Archer and firefly

  39. Syam Fajri Wirandi

    Please tiger 2

  40. Day 3 of asking Phly to play the legendary “𝐚𝐫𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐫”


    play the type 5 Chi-Ri II

  42. We have flak bus
    Flak car
    Now we have flak campervan

  43. Do a vid on anfibios tank

  44. day 1 of me saying day 1

  45. TaBarnak is that a french quebec swear 😛

  46. Warthunder Canblunder

    Day 2: play asu 57 with night vision on all the time during the day

  47. I was literally looking at this tank yesterday and was thinking that you should play it. I was trying out it’s HE shells and they seem pretty good

  48. Dude change my mind but Phly is one of the few youtubers that kept his content good as he grew.

  49. Russians: “hahaha we have the biggest ship gun on tracks”
    The germans and the British: “what do you think he’s shouting about down there?” “Who knows”

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