What Happens When You Don’t Play War Thunder | Armored Warfare

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Source: SteelxWolf

Random stuff I’ve had sitting around

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  1. Paying for wt is bigbrain

  2. what the fuck is that laugh at 0:11

  3. I honestly wish it was easier to research tanks in AW, but it takes so damn long to get tanks past like tier 5 because of the small playerbase and low rep gains.

    • What do you mean? The grind isn’t that bad until like tier 8 or so
      And by then you might find some GLOPS matches

      But yea, wish the player base was bigger, the devs fucked up the game quite a bit and people were keep leaving now

  4. Easiest way to get fun,it has some glitches but I don’t mind it,game is fun enjoyable to play and it is more Skill less RNG ,not like WoT where it is mostly RNG

    • Yep. I prefer this game of WT now, simply cuz there is so much more to this game, and mainly, the devs ACTUALLY LISTEN the the community. They even have a official discord

  5. AverageBoxingEnjoyer

    I wish I have a better PC to play this. Seems fun.

  6. Tank game I can finally play the leopard 1 without a pain endured grind

  7. Thought that game was dead?

  8. The Illuminated One

    “…When You Don’t Play War Thunder.”

    Is it possible to learn this power?

    • Step one: press “Quit Game”

      Step two: profit

    • The Illuminated One

      @SteelxWolf “Quit Game”

      You’re saying real words, but it’s like they don’t make any sense or something. Like, I can’t comprehend them.

      Anyway, I’m going to go spend real life money on WT now in order to shorten this grind. That way I can activate dopamine in my brain and convince myself I’m having fun.

    • @The Illuminated One lmao. That was me for a long time my friend

  9. MOPARman345 HEMI

    I enjoy armored warfare, but there’s pretty much zero players online, at least on Xbox.

  10. you will probably be the main reason for this game coming back from the grave

  11. I play AW regularly but the player base is dying because the devs just don’t work on bugs, aren’t adding new content and decided to only add premium tanks from now on

  12. If Crew 2.0 really kills WoT (don’t get your hopes up) there are other options. I played a lot of AW for awhile but just ran out of time.

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