WHAT HAVE THEY DONE | Tiger 1 to 5.3 Jagdtiger to 6.7 (War Thunder)

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WHAT HAVE THEY DONE | Tiger 1 5.3 Jagdtiger to 6.7 (War Thunder)

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  1. the old sound when you shoot the 128mm is much better than now

  2. Never shoot drivers hatches of soviet tank, Stalin himself blessed them

  3. Love your vids bro watch em all day while playing lol wish i wouldve used your code

  4. Hugh_fust_jarted

    Happy 4th July to all our cousins across the pond. ???????
    Re. BR. Ratings.
    Maybe a 1 point BR jump in game is too much. I question Why there’s a .3 and .7 differences when theres a 1 point jump either way up or down ?
    A lessor jump would help with in game parity.



  6. Americas cakeday

  7. In 1942 the tiger went against Stuart’s so why isn’t this in game

  8. attila kecskeméthy

    The funny fact almost for 5 years they haven’t fixed the 12.8 cm shells. It was reported numerous times on the forum(they passed) , but they lowered the br instead. Gaijin is lazy. This thing should have a pen between the T-10M and the is-7.

  9. Space Shuttle Door Gunner

    when will these online advertisers realize that when they stop the video we watch, some of us will skip it and moreover, will never use, buy or choice these video interrupting a-holes.

  10. cccooooooolllllllll

    You don’t see why, I might because last time I played tiger 1 , I was facing FV4005 and Centurion Mk 10 !!!! Seriously, you got sucked into high tier battle so easy in 5.7.

  11. Hospital Horror

    why do all AA tanks have Structural steel of 300mm?

  12. about time to move the maus to 7.3

  13. If they put jagtiger at 6.7 it will be unfair for allies team , t32 will ne 7.3 and t32e1 to 7.7, t29 armor cant stand against jagtiger

  14. 5:49 Fucking gaijin

  15. Law Abiding Citizen

    I really dont get why there is not a team speak option on this game.

  16. There’s still the 88mm FlaKbus at 4.0, what to be worried about?

  17. Phly please watch t-34 2018

  18. What’s your favorite tank destroyers?

  19. The game itself does it. If you autospawn, 90% of the time you’ll end up with every other person on your team in one spot.

  20. You should be using the phly sound pack

  21. So why can’t the jumbo 76 not be at 5.3 hmmmmm stop complaining u German players America suffers

    • mmm….maybe because the 76mm jumbo is a better heavy tank?
      The Jumbo could go down to 5.7 btw, 6.0 it’s too high

  22. Can you make a Video how to Download the sound mod ?

  23. Tiger h1 suffer so much like this

  24. 5:45 “Esport ready”

  25. so much smoke and no snoop dog meme ? unsubscribe ! 😀

  26. Dosent matter, still russians win more easily then they did irl, this game is like copy from fury movie, fury last sherman hold positions against ss but real story was that this took actually place in ww1 when uk not usa tank hold against germans

  27. So why the hell did they through the jumbo 76 at 6.0 if the tiger is gunna be a 5.3 I want my Jumbo 76 put back to 5.7

  28. Can you do a walk through on downloading the sound mod?

  29. BR Compression is getting worse every day.

    Anyway, Phly, phorget the phucking Teegors, what about the phucking KV-1B 756r? that things going to be godly.

  30. The kv2 murders tigers, turret face with HE

  31. welp i cant use my kvs rip my soviet heavy grind


  33. Tomáš Maňásek


  34. Mr. Waffentrager

    The object 268 should also be on 6 7 then….because Russian bias

  35. Time to hunt some tigers with my firefly

  36. but war thunder is gonna be easy for noobs who with tiger h1 you know it Fly

  37. tewsgcdc Fgech k

    imagine being in a 5.7 tank and facing a fucking jagdtiger…. like if you are in a t25 or whatever. have fun.

  38. nitraM L. nesredeP

    You dont know why??!!! The tiger 1 have been fighting 6.7 for a good while now. Thats why

  39. Phly you do realize that T-34-85’s will have to face jagdtiger right? Moving it down is a mistake… it will ruin so many tanks on 5.7

  40. But the tirer E doesn’t go to 5.3?

  41. 2 days later… mausand leopard = 1.0

  42. JockerWest One Game

    sprechen Sie auch Deutsch

  43. America F4CK Yeah !!! …(PHLY is) comin’ again to save the moth3rf4ck1n’ day YEAH !!! Greets from Poland 😉

  44. Is-3 needs to be 6.7

  45. The last game shows that the Soviet 7.7 early post war tanks are comparable to Germany at 6.7 , most of them are completely useless in a uptear to 8.7 , honestly if Germany is going to get br reduction way the Soviet tree in the area of 6.3 to 9.3 does not get a br reduction ( excluding the premiums)

  46. Germuny sefurs :*C

  47. HELL YES THE TANK SOUND MOD IS FREEDOM, whenever the first shots start going off it is so awesome to hear!

  48. I played the second map the other day and got spawn camped by an entire team, they were all just inside of the spawn like 5 for each spawn….. so lame its not fun playing like that

  49. 128mm blocked by a door lol

  50. I love to spawn camp.

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