What have they done..

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Source: Circonflexes

What have they done to the Conway..
Upload your replays here: http://circon.wot-.com/ !


  1. Makes me happy I was only partially through grinding this thing. I think I’ll wait now until this happens. ^^

  2. Damn! Sold mine to buy the fv 4005….
    Think i’m buying him back!!!!!


  4. wot needs to switch the mm to like what they do in blitz…+1 -1….tier 7 tanks don’t fair well against tier 10 guns…

  5. Reskin and make a tier 8 premium tank out of it

  6. Get schwifty (conway)

  7. xBadger - Terrible gameplay

    That’s it, this line will be next grind.

  8. yeah this is definitely going to be overpowered
    that hesh dpm

  9. The Memes: Unleashed

  10. what the fuck!? Balance patch yeah xD

  11. IronMeMes..

  12. snowisthebestweather

    That poor Su 152. Lost 3 crew members with a single shot…

  13. A shit barn with armor? WTF have they done…. Time to load full Hesh boys .. it’s worth it for the top tier memes …also I approve… Arty should always be team killed especially when they attempt to suicide

  14. Well I know what I will be grinding towards now.

  15. is this test server or is this real since the latest patch????

  16. SIlentXHunter gaming


  17. gg WG, that will be super fun for Tier 7s….

  18. O God, I really hope they will buff the Charioteer and the Conway as planned.
    I have them both and boy, am I gonna enjoy them!!!
    Saved up a lot of free XP to buy the new top gun already 🙂

  19. Ya done screwed up now a-aron


  21. 4:35 Fast SPLAT-form you mean!

  22. I think Conway is replacing the Deathstar not the Super Conqueror.

  23. Turret fire followed by a non-pen. HESH logic

  24. Quantum Imperfections

    Literally just switched from my FV183 grind to “Conway grind”

  25. new toy for fucking gold morons…-,-

  26. Calm down, people. It’s not russian so it won’t go live as is

  27. What hesh you done wargaming?

  28. Blitz_ With_Spartan617

    What’s the Alpha with HESH like 850?

  29. Wot in tarnation?

  30. Maverick The Parrot

    Bro I just wanna say i am proud of you, you have been doing this since 2012 I r the man keep doing what I love ^^

  31. shitbarn buffs make 183 useless woo

  32. hi, twitch chat!

  33. lol, “the memes are not cheap” haha I love that.

  34. Wargaming gets drunk– “I hev crezy idea….”

  35. Pay2Win…

  36. Patch 9.20.meme

  37. ROFLMAO — What tops it all is in this battle, despite the damage he did and being top damage producer on the team .. he was STILL only good enough for “2” on the rankings compared to other players with the tank. That alone should tell you how out of whack this tank is and how it’s ripping across the maps of WOT. WOT .. a once proud game sinking into eventual oblivion due to their own greed.

  38. I had been saying that the 5.5-in should be moved from the Conway to the FV4005 as a stock gun since they announced it, glad to see you think the same after playing it

  39. “Fun and interactive gameplay” LUL

  40. It’s like with all the other “OP” tanks….Kids watch Circon play, after that they all join in the particular tank for a bunch of battles….and we all see them fail over and over. As with the Chrysler GF…slaughtered them with a Comet with standard AP, sometimes even in a Cromwell. Of course in the hand of a player like Circon that tank will be a weapon of mass destruction:)

  41. I want one.

  42. How much coke and vodka is consumed before WG convenes to discuss buffs?

  43. Circ, I never miss one of your vids. entertaining and informative. And you are a riot seem to be just a down to earth good person. So in some vids when you toon up and you guys get laughing, I laugh right along with you. It honestly makes me feel good to hear you just cracking up. But (and you knew that was coming) there is one thing that just pisses me off about you and sooooo many other youtubers. You think that a tank that sits in the back of the map and one shots other tanks is the greatest thing ever but cry like an absolute pussy when arty does it.. I only have one arty and I only play it when MM is complete shit. I am no clicker, I watch the mini map and support where support is needed. if I see a side is going to fail, I run the fuck away and live to help the team. The number of times that I ever got full pen and full damage was ridiculously low. The number of times that I one shotted a tank before the nerf, maybe 5 out of 500 games. So yeah a 183 that one shots enemy tanks every game some times two three tanks in a game, that’s supposed to be awesome ? But if arty does it once every hundred games that’s complete bs ? So, as I see it, this is your only flaw. If you could work on that please, thanks.. lol

  44. wtf 2 min 3k dmg

  45. They are tring trought circon to get players back …..but they are not doing a great job do they ?

  46. Well….it was a win….

  47. Turret Fire on Conq, but only 2 Crew and a Track hurt/damaged. What started the fire? Did the Commander drop hot Tea on the Driver? ^^

  48. Next hesh autism vehicle

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