What HE Hits, HE Destroys (War Thunder)

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Source: DOLLARplays

I’m playing with T30, American event Heavy Tank. Using only HE rounds for the memes 🙂 The HE doesn’t work all the time, but when it works it’s a big boom. Enjoy

War Thunder official website https://warthunder.com/en

#warthunder #wt #dollarplays


Intro : Valkyries of Valhalla – Dragon Tamer
Miami Cruisin’ – Dandroid

Background: Metamorpheus – Hampus Naeselius
Postcards From My Ex – The New Fools


Trainwreck – Chester Malone

Outro : Miami Ice – Jojo Avery(slow version)


  1. I’m on HE fever

    Btw we need some HE launchers in US tech tree. T30 is event vehicle…

  2. Babe wake up, Dollar posted a new video!

  3. Imagine HE with high pen

  4. Sorry I am late

  5. Do the Brummbär, the best HE gibber, mmmmmmmmmmm *8.6 kg AMATOL*


  7. 6:21 music ?


    Can you try the Japannies tiger tank


    Doller have you played assault mode in war thunder.

  10. Papa Frankuuuu

  11. Pl can somebody tell me the western song at the “duel„? (At the end)

  12. Dollar i love ur vids can you maybe try the t34-85 D5t you will love it keep up the good videos 👍🏻

  13. Ending is worth it 💯

  14. Deyvid Halaten da silva

    I am Braziliam, Thank you very much for your extremely satisfying videos

  15. i fucking miss playing war thunder, such a good game ( sometimes)

  16. More Please !!!!!

  17. Apparently HE is awesome. Unless you’re playing the Ji-Ro… Then you can’t even kill a PZIII

  18. Your thumbnails are the best, everytime I see them it makes me feel happier.

  19. Full wrath he shell’s small tanks.

  20. i ve never noticed that he haves a new microphone..

  21. First time I heard dollars voice crack 5:27

  22. Stryker02 Gaming

    Where are you from Dollar? Love your accent.

  23. Time to get back and roast me some tracks after 3 months

  24. i want a loved comment

  25. Mmmmm now this is juicy. Furthermore i would like to request a video on the challenger 2 (2F) someday. Maybe a HESH only challenge?

  26. Git produkcja (Awsome!)

  27. Why is the gun fixed last?

  28. Hey DOLLAR I finally bought Tarkov. If you want someone to play it with I’m your man, man.

  29. texasslinglead somtingwong

    For what it’s worth , Dollar , I was thinking about 2and900 . 2and900 needs something to embody his life’s work . Something folks tcould look at to understand what he built with his short time. work . Just me thinking out loud.

  30. when i playing this game ,my laptop very hot

  31. Please name song of the end vid

  32. love the kung pow references

  33. Our HE is truth!

  34. When he get knocked out, Betty will ‘borrow’ your car

  35. please play t72 turms if u buy it 😅😅

  36. love this one <3

  37. That’s called a custom server where you can be the big dog in a server and make videos for all the clueless people who actually think your good and funny. NOT on both.

  38. You know when the synthwave hits, it’s gonna be good.

  39. Can you pay the ru251 a visit?

  40. the HE shell bullshit is the main reason i stopped playing WT and i’ll keep rolling on Escape from Tarkov and Rust until Gijin fixes their fuck up

  41. とーまちゃんぽん

    1:35 New japanese sports cars ???(°°)

  42. Jindrich Otzipka

    Can you do a setup tour?

  43. Germansk Berserkir

    They need to re-release this T-30!

  44. Thx for adding video with one of my favorites tank 🙂

  45. 6:16 that’s my reaction too 🤣

  46. great ending haha

  47. God if i use russian light tank getting snipe by HE while behind cover is the most cursed thing i ever get

  48. what is the clip of the girl saying Next! from?

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