What if Every Tank Was Overpowered in World of Tanks?

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What if Every Tank Was Overpowered in World of Tanks? “Railgun” in Arcade Cabinet shows us just that!



  1. The modern mode has spotting but your always visible and it will eventually come to PC as well

  2. It would be fun.

  3. Kenneth Fortugaleza

    World of tanks but with no rng

  4. If every tank was over powered in the game, no one can cry, bitch and moan about the game being hacked or cheaters….they will only complain about the gold ammo…

  5. Louis Ryan Culibar


  6. I would assume that the russain Obj. 268/4 or whatever the would be good with racing modules and ventilation. It has a high speed and a decent gun. It has good front hull armor. Try it some time.

  7. I think WG wasted an occasion once again! RNG impact very accurate guns way more than static td’s or heavies, most guns that should be extremely accurate are not…you can have gun with 0.28, 0.29 killing consistantly 3 pigeons and 2 hedgehogs instead of the tank in front of you… And the proxy spotting mod is way more OP than the laser accurracy one is.

  8. The mode means nothing. All the tanks get it, so what has changed ? NOTHING ! I played 2 games, and had both games against clans……..

  9. With all the overpowered t10s it would be nice to have the 70% accuracy in the base game

  10. T57 going sicko mode

  11. So basically turned the game into arcade War Thunder

  12. I love how Qb says he is struggling for credits but he has 16 million…I have 2 million and I think I’m in a decent spot (I did just buy a leopard pta tho)

  13. Ebr gets hit by rail gun…. No damage as intended

  14. 1st game at the end is a typical noob fest. The entire team was focused on 1 place on the map. This mode is like Tier 2 with Tier 10 tanks.

  15. yeah, great fun, every battle goes like QB’s did lol everyone rushes out the team with faster reload tanks wins, rinse and repeat

  16. Too bad we cannot use KV-2

  17. Jagpanzer E100 id insane

  18. And lights have no place in this mode

  19. O ye, drop optics, vert stabs you dont need any of that

  20. This is the most EPIC mode ever in WOT
    I want this mode forever in WOT.

  21. “This game mode will only be fun for like 3 mins” he said multiple times, and yet he’s still laughing like a banshee 24mins later.

  22. Mikko Lindström

    Game is perfectly balanced. New tanks just have more balance than old tanks. Especially if they are new soviet tier 8 premium. Oh boy do those things have the BALANCE

  23. Oooh yeah, my K5 with driver who has ramming skill?
    I don’t think I’ve lost credits in this mode, either with my preumium 8s or 10s, but .. railgum mode is hilarious.
    Lowe, IS6, KV5, al good fun at tier 8, and IS6 , 60TP and 705A at tier 10.
    It’s very silly but quite amusing.
    TDs…. yeah, not working for me…. 🙁

  24. Watching this is tempting me to reinstall wot. This is how the game should be.

  25. This game mode is just 15-1 but faster. Noobs are even more noobs and the fun is not here at all.

  26. Regular World of Tanks in 5 years

  27. Gytis Pranskunas

    Warthunder Arcade in a nutshel

  28. Nope… not for 3 mins only.. this game mode is actually fun! Because of the accuracy alone the frustration is completely gone..
    Don’t need this accurate gun in the normal games, but the current RNG is just bad.

  29. Just like every game mode WG HAS EVER DONE they are testing stuff . I hope that the 445 meters proxy never makes it to the live server . Im calling i here some of this stuff will go live not at these extremes but mark my words . This mode just takes op armored tanks and makes them even more stupid op . I feel like im the only person of reason when it comes to this game sigh .

    • they have cold war on console. it basically wot but modern vehicles speed tonnes of hp true vision and accuracy. smoke atgms its fun more fun that og tanks

  30. It is I who Nuts to That

    I just wish tier 7s and 9s were also available in this mode. Thats all.

  31. Yea the games on average are 2 to 3 mins long . NO joke and i watched a ton of these and played a ton of these games .

  32. How do I play this on console

  33. Me: *a new player who’s only tier X is the IS-7

    “I was made for this”

  34. this is basically cold war on console

  35. You look like Ian from Forgotten Weapons

  36. warthunder of tanks

  37. Spent the day farming credits with a big smile and didn’t once feel my blood pressure rise because of inexplicable missed shots. Then played a few games on the random queue to complete dailies and missed an Emil from 30m, fully aimed. Sigh. I’d play this every day if they took away the proxy spotting.

  38. Welcome to wot blitz

  39. If every tank was overpowered then they’d all seem normal

  40. Markus Deininger

    Next bullshit idea from wg….

  41. Please please please play some arty.
    Arty would be wild with this accuracy right?

  42. There is a game mode on the Blitz version of wot (mobile, pc, Nintendo Switch…) There is a mode called realistic mode and that allows to see enemies straight from the countdown but only can c them when u hover ur cursor over them. But it can make for some rlly funny scenarios

  43. Speed mode on polish mediums, bet can shoot like a normal tank in the mode

  44. Do a video on the sharpshooter i could use some advice on gear and best shells normal or he

  45. What if Russian heavies move like medium tanks? You new around here QB ?

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