WHAT IN THE PHLYING PHUCK |ADATS Bradley Concoction (War Thunder 1.89)

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WHAT IN THE PHLYING PHUCK |ADATS Bradley Concoction (War Thunder 1.89)


  1. HEYYO! My phirst video back recorded at the new house! Thanks guys for sticking around with me as I got settled.
    Sorry about the echo and peaks in the audio that should be sorted tomorrow

    • Nah, its cool bro

    • how do you get 10m GE in the game that means you paid 85470$ in the game dammm send for me some my name is claymor451

    • To reduce Echo, you could buy some Acoustic Panels.

    • WickedSickProduction

      @PhlyDaily The Starstreak HVM are actually 3 misseldarts 😉

    • from the current status, tunguska seem to have a better gun then the adat, lower pen sure, but this +40mm wont help much against tanks you still have to engage them from the side or behind. here why tunguskas guns still better since they have sick rate of fire which mean you can mess up the gun and all other modules of any enemy tank, will also work better against air targets. but the adat is the better tank destroyer on biger ranges since his atgms (at least in this game they seem to be atgms) have a huge pen. the britsh is the better AA since its missile is faster then the tunguska, but lack of a gun, which mean it still a AA and nearly no chance to engange any ground targets, except light armored targets. the roland is… meh.

  2. Nobody:
    Not a single soul:

    Phly:Sorry guys I’ve been away for a while

  3. Mátyás Attila

    Something is wrong with your mic,… nice video!

  4. I’d say world war mode is a fun event, but not a well designed permanent game mode

  5. So no new german aa?

  6. OK, so ADATS is a real system, and is indeed designed as a dual purpose Air Defense and Anti-Tank System (hence the acronym), but it’s not actually American but Canadian, and the US Army only ever built one test vehicle before the program was cancelled due to acute lack of Soviets. In real life, ADATS is mounted on a LAV-3 chassis and lacks the 25 mm gun.

    The HVM part of “Stormer HVM” stands for “High Velocity Missile”, and that’s basically what Starstreak is – the fastest mobile SAM that Britain could design. It has three submunition “darts” for a payload, in order to maximize hit probability, and due to the weight of the darts and the speed of the missile, someone thought to test the thing against an APC in the late 1990s, and confirmed their suspicions that Starstreak would be a pretty good ATGM… if it wasn’t so expensive. It’s technically only used in the air defense role by the brits, but if a Stormer HVM gets jumped by something that’s not an actual tank, it can usually defend itself.

    Roland is Franco-German, so expect Germany to get access to it at some point in the near future, probably on the Marder 1 chassis. It’s a pure air defense missile by design, way too expensive to use against the kinds of ground targets it could actually kill, and too slow to reload as well. Against air targets though, what it hits, it kills.

  7. 10.000.000 eagles?! Did you sell your house for golden eagles?

  8. Olli Hakkarainen

    Two videos already where phly thinks that the fuse running out in HE shells means that they have proximity fuses

  9. Are you going to be at tankfest this year?

  10. When does the stream on twitch starts?

  11. Aldébaran TIEULENT

    I feel that it’s now useless to fly a plane in mixed battles as you will get shot from 5km

  12. It is kinda funny seeing the Bradley ADATS in game when the army has come full circle back to the ADATS programs in the name of the SHORAD, mounted on the Stryker IM-SHORAD which will be able to do the same thing as the Bradley ADATS armed with the Hercules Missiles but now with the Hellfire Longbow Missiles.

  13. WB floppy doppy

  14. Saunders Gaming Division

    It’s the BrADATS!!!

  15. Goddamit its mx+c not mx+b

  16. Patrick Cortazzo

    Love the opening..lol 🙂

  17. Welcome back Phloppy Whoppy! Also could you convince the developer to make a decent version for console? The current one is a shitty port-job no one plays…

  18. Top tier warthunder is such a mess now.

  19. But no new aa for Germany?

  20. I call stealth planes!!

  21. HARM Missile bud…

  22. Tunguska wannabe lookin’ ass

  23. did germany also get better spaa?

  24. when I saw war thunder added the Bradley AA and I was like LINEBACKER bitches I was very disappointed it’s not a linebacker it’s some made-up version of one lol

  25. ZeGermanAdmiral

    Attempt #208 pleas play the KV85 and ZUT 37 use the bucket force phly ^^

  26. Jussi Raitoniemi

    “I’m away for five minutes and everyone goes NUTS!” -Phlippy Phloppy 2027

    Phloppywhoppy is back on Youtube ok thx mom bye

  28. Rambo_Lambo_Bear

    War thunder seems to forever be in a state of Rock, Paper, (Scissors coming soonTM). They should really try to release a set of vehicles/mechanics in each patch that counter each other. Atm they add one top dog each patch, rendering an entire class of vehicles virtually useless until the next update. Yes Helis were bad and OP but now they’re unplayable. Oversight after oversight…

  29. Tovarishch Simonov

    Now they must add vehicles like the KUB, BUK, OSA, LAV-AA, Roland 2, Centauro-AA, BRDM Strela, MTLB Strela etc for more SPAAG Madness

  30. PHLYYYY IS BAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!

  31. EXTERMINATUS_ Last Name

    good thing no ones home.

  32. So the french get the AMX-30 Roland, and the german don’t get the Marder Roland?

  33. There will be no rock paper scissors. Just AA killing everything.

  34. Tovarishch Simonov

    Wow a Japanese Piston Engine Plane survived an American AA missle. What Anime is that?

  35. the starstreak is just abunch of metal rods working like a buckshot when exploding near its target

  36. War Thunder Red Dragon confirmed

  37. GoatGaming Plus

    Yeah,This Is Gonna Get Demonitized
    But Ya Boi Phly Doesn’t Care A Blyat


  39. That titles has *demonetization* written all over it.

  40. Phly what inside your computer i want to build computer to play wt like you

  41. Ιωάννης Καραντινος

    Oh boi I smell some wild weasel system coming!!!!
    PE: Where’s mah F-104 starfighter?!

  42. TheShiningBobGames

    10 mil ge???

  43. Who said I was able to hang in there 0:30? I had to resort to crack because your video’s were gone!

  44. Thank phuck the brits got something op!

  45. You rally do not want the real life counter to this.. anti radiation missiles.. you fire them blind over the battlefield.. and the find a land radar by themselves and kill it.. from 30 km away

  46. That wasn’t a regular AD-2. that was a T U R B O S K Y R A I D E R. AKA, the A2D-1 Skyshark.

  47. Totaly unbalanced

  48. War Thunder lets give Britain and France 10.0 Tigers

  49. Do he use a soundpack?

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