WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS | M901 Wall-E (War Thunder)

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WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS | M901 Wall-E (War Thunder)


  1. I’m so glad that I made that meme for fun and it reached here, big thanks Phly!
    edit: also I’m really spooked by the intro


  3. Production values have increased

  4. Its free estates

  5. WT workshop + Phil film = WALL-E skin on M901 ;______;

  6. Why is nobody talking about how Phly used an “F” in his in-game name?

  7. Barbatos Lupus Rex

    Don’t ever fucking play that annoying emergency broadcast sound… That was absolute ear-rape, you Massive.

  8. The sonic cannon to bring down aircraft!

  9. Phly, do yourself a phavour.
    Play the gun that is literally “to die phor”.
    Play the Panzer 4 PH2 and have a good time. 🙂
    (Challenge: Get 15 Kills in one game)

    Attempt #12

  10. Pacific Kempeitai

    just need 3200 days to get this shit tank, (one man squadron)

  11. how do you set your cc to battle?

  12. All in all it’s just another meme in the wall(-e)

  13. Disappointed Human

    What about EVA?

  14. What if you shoot a hesh round at the launcher

  15. This is what shows up when you look up “contraption” in a dictionary.

  16. Maxwell Grunewald

    Wtf that kill cam at 19:38 ?

  17. กฤษฎา แก้วมาก

    8:20 thailand 55555555

  18. Pls Make a video about the most derp tank in war thunder : THE KV 2

  19. Can’t this thing swim? I think it can. So…

  20. Eva??

  21. Would Eva be a UFO??

  22. The_Boy_TB War Thunder

    How can you get the vehicle?

  23. That intro got me spooked.

  24. Stathis Papadopoulos

    19:37 can we all appreciate the kill cam? Edit: this references more than i originally expected.

  25. Attempt 3 : play the Romanian I.A.R.31C

  26. Wtf is an is 2 is doing here 12:10 kills

  27. I hope they make the gun have a longer repair or hullbreak cus right now they are invincible hold down… :/

  28. Wall-e. Got a upgrade

  29. Is it still ambifious? Ambphifibous… Amfibious? DOES IT FLOAT? If so, it’d be extra sneaky shooting from a hole in the ice. Maybe even from that channel that goes through the town in Eastern Europe. PS. Also I noticed that during a reload, the launcher doesn’t care about the speed you’re going at. So when you’ve launched both tubes, you can quickly relocate and stop right before the reload finishes, and you won’t have to deal with the awkward deployment.

  30. Play the Japanese sta1 and sta 2

  31. MamaRussell ThePie


  32. 19:33 what is it?

  33. I was a driver and TC on the M901 as a cavalry scout IRL. When the weapon system is deployed you were limited in your speed, as well as the angle at which you could traverse due to the weight of the hammerhead. Even when it was stowed, you were limited to a 30 degree bank angle due to the risk of roll-over. The nice thing – as you found out – was to pop up the hammerhead in defilade. A good practice is to fire a single rocket, and then relocate due to the large signature the back-blast leaves when you fire. Since the armor is poor – keep something solid between you and the enemy whenever possible.

    We also had the capability of firing the TOW from a tripod we carried in the vehicle – so – if the hammerhead is damaged, you could disconnect the computer – grab the tripod – and dismount with the system to keep firing – albeit at a slower rate of fire and maneuver.


  35. i-tows must be very expensive……

  36. Phly I literally watched this at 1:00am in the morning. I can no longer sleep. Thank you

  37. Play STUKA remastered and stuka dive the shit out of the french

  38. Goliat eXperience

    This type of shitty vehicle are reason why people avoid to fight in high tier with normal tanks….

  39. 16:08 australian playing war thunder in a nutshell.

  40. My first thought when I saw that thing was Wall-e is now in game

  41. We got wall-e in game sooo can we also get eva?

  42. 19:35 killfeed when phly throws some laphy taphy in your tank and it has a party inside

  43. i dont think electronics should be able to be field repaired…

  44. Tommaso Rondanini

    Hai detto :”Lo sapevo” or I’m wrong?

  45. this iti s the most perv war thunder give to us whait to get Wall-e up LOL

  46. As a previous M113 driver there is nothing more disheartening than driving into an active war zone and seeing enemy M113s on fire and full of tiny little .50cal sized holes. It also doesn’t help when you’re towing a trailer with 1750 pounds of C-4 on board. Go, Joe!

  47. you ok phill, with that intro?

  48. Attempt #249 pleas play the KV85 and ZUT 37 use the bucket force phly ^^

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