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    Thanks for support phellas!!!!! YEEEE 🙂

  2. even gaijin are hyped about the mars rover

  3. It is like a moon rover from Bond.

  4. Let’s dust of the wirbelwind bois 😏

  5. i wallwatys meet 6.0 when i am 4.3

  6. Oh a lunar buggy

  7. 22 and loosing hair, might try it xD

  8. The soundtrack on the beginning makes the whole scene even better lol


  10. The R3 will still be the best

  11. Phly looks 50 but he sounds 20

  12. yay more cars! 🙁

  13. *Sees thumbnail* oh man, Phly has outdone himself this time, great photoshopping.

    *watches vid* …oh no…

  14. I’m gonna enjoy playing Wiberwind and Ostwind and 4.7 now!

  15. 5:17 VFW also has 5 second reload has more pen and is 5.7 though

  16. Mom can we have a Breda 501?
    We have a Breda 501 at home.
    The breda 501 at home:….

  17. I fucken want it but I ain’t paying for the battlepass Pay to win bullshit

  18. Dear Phly I am not familiar with all USA [murica] customs. What does it means in 0:50 to break a jar with tomato sauce in the white bucket ? Are You still protest against Vietnam war ? P.S. I hope You are fine and well and in good condition. Send my deepest regards to Laura [I hope I didn’t mispronounce Her name]. – = Your loving fan = –

  19. Remember when tanks with tracks were a thing

  20. War Thunder, where are you going with this?

  21. wtf is this? world of tanks?

    we will need separate historic gamemode soon. this is not why i started to play this game

  22. Wow one prototype was build and we get this in game ? Next fcked up vehicle like a EBR to bully WW2 tanks .
    I want my Panther 2 gaijin , they build at least one !

  23. LOLOLOL intro…

  24. US Army: Those German Puma are so annoying and effective! Can we have them too?

    Allied Machinery Manufacturing Company: We already have wheels TD at home.

    Wheels TD at home: T55E1

  25. Bernardo Maffessoni

    I already hate beeing turret outmoved by this headless rat running on the battlefield

  26. 8:00 OMG the kill feed!!!

  27. 12:15 Phly does video on T55E1 and makes it popular… whole world comes out in T55E1 coz now it’s cool… Phly comes in with a biplane and wipes them.

  28. With ure friends do a game were ure meme tanks like m3lee bt series etc

  29. I love war thunder

  30. Nobody war thunder our game is historically accurate tanks in real life that went against other tanks war thunder thats fake

  31. 6:30 dat music lmao 😀

  32. Me im scared of stuka seiren doctor stuka siren doesn’t exist my playing tank RB allies stuka sieran intensifies me ahhhhhhhhh stuka WHERRRANNNNNNN

  33. Bro, you look like one of the cops from super troopers

  34. U shooting them trees i like when ure trying to get a kill u keep missing then someone kills him then ure shot hits

  35. Day 3: asking Phly and his friends to fight Bo and his friends

  36. it looks like something I build in crossout

  37. Hey @phlydaily when do you think war tinder will get proper swing wing aircraft like mig23/27’s, f111,f14s or GR1/IDV tornado’s


  38. This is a 3.7 vehicle IMO. I don’t even play it and just spraying them down from 500m away with a german MG is so easy xd

  39. phly play the Ru 251

  40. your in game name. I requested that you do that

  41. Phy, i wonder is it possible to pick wich aircraft you want in airbattle support in ground arcades?

  42. I knew it was you, 11:54. I should have been shooting when you pass in front of me before…

  43. when i have see this ” thing ” in the battlepass, ive laughted so loud. Wtf is this

  44. “90% of you are experiencing hairloss” why you gotta call me out like that?

  45. I think War Thunder should Add an XB-70.

  46. i thought the thumbnail was edited

  47. Please tell me that was you

  48. The battle of three cancer cells

  49. Ooo😂😂 realy sand truck with cannon

  50. Phly the Mig28

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