WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS | U-SH 405 Rocket Tank (War Thunder 1.97)

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WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS | U-SH 405 Tank ( 1.97)


  1. have a good Saturday phellas! liv u

  2. T117: “Am I a joke to you”.

  3. That ricochet and sound was awesome!

  4. I don’t play WT anymore now that im at uni, and what’s more I dont give a single shit about the swedes, but i watch because phunny phly make brain do happy juice

  5. why does this sound like a tardis?

  6. The Tank Commander

    PHLY. The German WWI tank was the Sturmpanzerwagen A7V. Not the AV7. Be careful, man. History buffs will give you a mixture of frowns and laughs.

  7. this thing looks like something isis would build in a shed

  8. If anyone actually wonders, this is actually a Landsverk Unimog 405SH (that’s the designation of the chassis) prototype armed with two 8cm Oerlikon rocket launchers. The prototypes actual name is Landsverk S-50702, if you want to find out more information about it.

    Apparently it was built as a prototype to be actually offered as an armament option to the Landsverk Unimog 405SH, but there was no interest from buyers.

    The same chassis was used with an M20 Recoilless rifle by Ethiopia.
    And there’s evidence that at least six of them were used as SS-11 ATGM launcher platforms in India, but those looked completely different since they had a different hull.

    Other than that, the Unimogs in service with most countries (and mercenaries) were usually just armed with a machinegun.

    It might be of interest for some that the weapon system on this was actually put on other afv’s too. At least I’ve seen them mounted on MOWAG’s and the HS-30 in pictures.

    • Hallo Oddball E8,
      Ich bin Historiker für Unimog-S Fahrzeuge und kenne alle SH mit Ausnahme derer für Indien. Welche Beweise gibt es denn?
      Gerne lese ich deine Antwort.

  9. TheOriginalRejvik

    Phly! Impossible challenge attempt 2! Flares have pen, get a kill with a flare!

  10. Hey phly sence today is my birthday can you give me a present by playing the t-34 or asu-85

  11. The fuck did they making Mouse Droid from Star Wars stick two rocket launcher?

  12. Phly my birthday is coming up and it would mean the world to me if you used the IL-28 With rocket pods in Tank RB.

  13. Do thaïs tank amphibious?

  14. Everything I’ve shot has been a one shot… except the helicopter…

  15. crazy engineer with a tank

    Aggressive cybertruck

  16. I’m from Switzerland and we had the exact same weapon system in the past, but we had it assembled on a chassis with tank tracks.

  17. It’s a damn Mouse Droid!

  18. This thing going to frustrate american T28 and T95 players.

  19. Hey phly how about the good old B-17 phlying phortress? Attempt #12

  20. Frans Van Der Merwe

    Hey Phly mate can you please play the t 34 57 Stalin is a little sad to see that there is not a vid about it on your channel 🙁

  21. LOOOL!
    “Svenska Bageri” makes little sense.
    The closest i can translate that to would probably be “Americans bakery” but thats not really true either.

  22. Czesław Wiesław

    They added jets to 5.7 br now they adding rockets to 6.3br …. its time to dump this shit game 😒😏

  23. Swedish R3 lol now we could racing cars in WT! Nice!

  24. What hans doing in ze Russian tank?

  25. I’ve seen the vid on which you showed the tanks in the Sweden tree
    Plus this tank it’s like Swedish katusha

  26. 3:45 That One Bouce :v

  27. its basically a car with RPGs

  28. It looks like the Fiat 6614 and the T114 had a kid and made this

  29. Get a tiger H1 and a panzer iv /70 in a squad. Have the panzer iv/70 go in front of tiger. The iv/70 hides the tigers upper plate including driver port weak spot leaving only the turret exposed. Ultimate combo you can decimate enemy team with

  30. The Devildoggamer cameo killed me dude. “What’s up guys?”

  31. OP confirmed

  32. Bagels loool

  33. j …. L …. what … its a PL-3 j goes the other way …. well done phly well done j is now L

  34. 6:00 Forza Ferarri XD

  35. 8:49 Speirs?

  36. but can it float.

  37. Those aren’t twin rockets, they’re twin railguns.

  38. Phly! Try out the French Etendard IVM. Is it worth?

  39. yo lemme get some of that GE son

  40. That vehicle should be at 7.3 it just pens t44’s front plate andled like its nothing and tiger 2 H that is 6.7 cant even not angled from 10m

  41. Harold Weaver Smith

    The rockets are Swiss 81mm SNORAs made by Oerlikon. They’re mainly used as air-to-ground weapons for both fast jets and helos, but Oerlikon also came up with the turret system (8 cm Zwillings-Raketenautomat Oerlikon Typ 3Z 8DLa) and test-fitted it to a range of vehicles. The only customers, as far as I know, were Chile (a usual suspect when it comes to oddball weapon systems) who used them on Swiss-built MOWAG Piranha 4×4 APC chassis. The vehicle in the game is, as far as I can tell, a Unimog SH, which is basically a German Unimog off-road truck chassis fitted with an armoured body. Oerlikon trialled the turret on this chassis, but there were no sales as far as I know.

  42. Rooikat: “If I fits, I sits.”

  43. The chat at 8:12 XD

  44. I don’t know if you pissed YT off or something but Jesus. I’m 9 min in the video and I’ve seen 7 ads

  45. 6:00 xDDD

  46. Adjö, lilla Pippi, Adjö.

  47. Weaponized mouse droid

  48. A phly can you do a bf 109 video

  49. Michael Constantin

    Yes we can.

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