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Source: Circonflexes

Abbey is WILD.


  1. I just got brain cancer after watching those dingleberries

  2. Uploaded 1 minute ago… Oh yeah…

  3. the only contact i still have with wot is watching circon

  4. Rip that Rhm tho almost number 1

  5. Epic!!

  6. Love the t 44! Used to run a wn8 of like 500 with it, but past week I’ve been running super unicum with it; and I am by no means a good player haha

  7. Right now if you’re playing anyteir except 10 you’ll be okay but other people are trying out their new cheiftains from the campaign

  8. I’m glad your ranked battles were better. Mine make me want to chew on rusty razor blades.

  9. Amazing game, so many hillarious moments. Mostly thanks to your quick witts both in gameplay and comments.

  10. boi dat was good

  11. Your Mom said you have to take a time out now due to you playing with your food 🤣🤣🤣

  12. Wooow,you can see you map from the moon.

  13. The “look at me” skit gets me every time.

  14. Just a typical Abbey game. Nothing to see here folks! *PSST HEY*

  15. Why does he play when he could a singing career?….so ehmmmm…good voice…

  16. wrong gun tho. stalin gives more rasha blyat rng with the 122mm

  17. the guy from Youtalk tv is really annoying and his spanish accent is really bad.

  18. where do you get your aim reticle , its the only one ive seen that i like and i would like to use it

  19. I hear EBR 105s are so hated in ranked they caused even Circon to rage. That’s when you know a class is utterly broken!

  20. Bullying Rhms is a fun pastime

  21. Abbey makes sense now.

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