What IS going on?

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  1. Nemanja Narančić

    How you call dead IS? WAS! hehe

  2. Awesome video u rock I’m big fan and big fan of wot

  3. “In the headlines today, 8 idiots were successful in committing “Suicide by Circon”, news at 11……..

  4. If you would have carried that one the enemy team should all have their accounts perm suspended.

  5. why not the 390 gun tho?

  6. Erwin Rommel – Playing in KV 1 XD

  7. Is that just me or what lately i have been getting very good mm in my tier 8 tanks I remember playing 0 games against tier 8 last month this moth i already have played against tier 6 and 8 a lot of battles

  8. That title?

  9. 3 5 7 is still cancer and what’s more, the gold-spam is unbelievable.

    Fuck you WG.

  10. Feels bad man… Been in this situation a lot lately.

  11. The most hated map

  12. why no 122mm?

  13. Facepalm ……… Ty for the vid

  14. Still get called a noob carrying hard. lmfao.

    • A Dz m8 I don’t even play the game anymore xD it’s been a few years already and I don’t plan on going back but watch this dude play and from my point of view this game has gone to complete shit so suck a fucking cock you piece of shit gtfo here with xvm bullshit.

  15. What are these numbers you get under the reticle, at 3:28 233/166

  16. Foo-Foo Cuddlypoops

    Best team 2k18

  17. yeah rng got your ass good there. couple misses and bounces and like you said the lo rolls or not burning out the kv1. still makes me miss the is. fun tank.

  18. What a team … i mean noooo nothing dont want to be disrespectfull there is probably kid watching ! ?

  19. Funny thing is that KV-85 has LITERALLY the same gun stats on 100mm and Is-3 has still fucking old trash stats… DA comrad balanced game blyat

    But srsly I rather play the IS-2 and derp the shit out of everybody with 250 HEAT

  20. It’s like I once did 4500 dmg in Rhm and 2nd after me was… Cromwell with LITERALLY 800 dmg…

  21. I think that even with 15 kills, somehow World of Tanks would find a way for you to lose.

  22. I like it.
    “8 kills isn’t enough anymore”– that made me laugh.

  23. Wow…. I thought that this mm problem was more frequent only on Na server…… wtf!

  24. What a shit team you had, great attempt to carry..

  25. do u have another job ?

  26. you will love the is

  27. noob using 100 mm. dpm same on 122.

  28. Circ, which gun are you using on the IS? mine takes a lot longer to reload than yours!

  29. and they still recive the xp ..fucked up game

  30. Classic 1 vs. 29 MM

  31. That zoom-out mod tho

  32. BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india

    cant blame the stug 4 it can barely pen tier 4s

  33. If only I had more hitpoints…

  34. Drone view, armour indicator… Meh.

  35. Circon serious question, why the 100 over the 122?

  36. that brawl i was thinking “what a fucking badass” lmao

  37. Have to say, the friendly kv-1 did pretty well considering the game and the matchmaking. Atleast it wasn’t steve

  38. I though WG said the new Russians are branching off from the KV-13…

  39. Just saw video from WoT Express, IS-M is going after KV-13 actually.
    And T-10 will start another micro-branch of Soviet heavies.
    Pointless to play IS, i think. 😀

  40. http://dezgamez.wot-record.com/replay/45542/poorcoyote_what_else_can_you_do_4_minutes_and_its_over_jesus

    Not quite as horrible but pretty fucking close, so fast game anyway… Fun teams

  41. Is New tier 10 Soviet heavy not coming from a branch off of kv-3 ?

  42. Camperoftehintrowebz

    Unrelated (sorta), but now that the Caravan has been buffed with a 32 pounder, are you gonna revisit the tier 8 shitter?

  43. New Russian heavies? Good thing I still have my T-10, even after buying the IS-7

  44. Lmao Erwin Rommel KV-1!

  45. ラー油美味しいチャーシューめん

    First time I saw you lose.

  46. Do you suggest the 100mm over 122?

  47. If you’re a professional player, don’t put down other players, they don’t play for a living, so of course they are not as good as you, and if they were then you wouldn’t have a job.

  48. Just Another proof that E25s and T29s are one of (if not THE) best tanks tier for tier ingm atm…
    Not even the almighty Circon, on favorable map in powerful Soviet Iosef Stalin tank couldn’t stop them!!

  49. Gotta love those teams, gg sir

  50. Clickbait!

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