What Is The Best Tank In War Thunder?

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Source: Spookston

About a month ago, I made a video with this title and premise. Since it makes more money when event vehicles are extremely powerful, every I talked about was an event tank. A lot of you guys wanted to know what the best tech tree tank in War Thunder was, so I decided to redo the video.

Check the channel “About” section for the link to the creator of my profile picture.

Songs used (in order from first to last):
Subnautica – Into the Unknown
Halo 3: ODST – Rain (Deference for Darkness)

Sound mods:
Epic Thunder (Pre-release)
Gunner HEAT PC Voices Mod (Personal, go play the game: https://gunnerheatpc.com/ )

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  1. l3 33 best tank

  2. Haha mouses

  3. L3/33.

    Your video is redundant.

  4. i think the first kv is the best not counting op tanks that arent balanced like the r3 but i think its 1 off the best i get 4-5 kills in it and im a below average player in my opinion so its op and even more if you have a brain and angle

  5. Official king tamo

    Now make a series called: ‘the best tanks’ and go over every country and name the top 3 best tanks 1 lowtier 1 midtier 1 toptier

  6. Hey Spookston, what is your favourite German tank?

  7. I think you’ll find the best tank in Warthunder is the Churchill heavy tank, with its 6 inches of frontal armour (two more than a Tiger).


  8. Jagdpanthers and king tigers are in good br.

  9. Su 122 and stuh 42 are best, you top-tier maniacs.

  10. Having recently unlocked the USH in the hell that is the 76-57 tier, it’s an amazing vehicle. Yes the ammo rack is small, but the rounds are great. You average 4-5 kills on a good match.

  11. I disagree that the tiger 2 is under brd, overall this was a very god video. Honestly in my opinion it’s the panther a, a great mix of armor, mobility, and firepower.

  12. *JBD*Galipso fvckn cheater scum radar and aimbots scum pos bstrd cheating AH

  13. I think something like a tier list video would be good if you wanted to do a bit longer form videos. Like ranking tank destroyers from best to worst or something and giving a few sentences for each vehicle and why you put it there.

  14. T-72AV TURMS-T, the most Ba’ased tank

  15. I wish all U-SH 405 enjoyers a lovely fiery demise

  16. The mighty Tetrarch

  17. Im surprised that you didnt mention is 2

  18. Just here to let you know that the plural of Maus is Mäuser (pronounced “Moizer”)

  19. Spook why you don’t talk about how Gaijin is setting players like you with 10h a day play and players like me 10h a week in same math? Or is good for you eho that you play with noobs? You play with level 10-15 players. This is the real bullshit.

  20. I absolutely adore the obj 906

  21. One of 5 of the videos he makes I agree with.

  22. Bmp2 is my favourite

  23. Nah, M4A2 is hands down the best tank in the game. At it’s br the main gun can one hit almost anything without aiming that hard. It’s pretty fast, and it’s frontal armour is pretty good.
    Get wrecked T34s

    oh I forgot, I play WT with the volume very low to listen to yt or bs in the background and the M4A2 still grapes anything on the other team.

  24. Hm, I mean I agree with these being the top 3

  25. Hstvl will always be Spook’s favorite

  26. Olivier Kleinbekman

    Def the panther

  27. The IT-1 is the most enjoyable tank i’ve ever played and the strongest, it is extremely under-rated for some reason by the players and content creators.

  28. Ush jumpscare

  29. The 75mm Jumbo might be good if you are a top percentile player. It’s basically unusable as a relatively new player who doesn’t have so much experience you have every enemy weak point memorized, the skills to always hit them, and so much positioning experience it borders on precognition. Put simply it’s glacially slow and has a very bad gun. But sure it will bounce some shots before it gets flanked, immobilized/barreled, or just shot by something big.

    My point is that I think someone like Spook might be right. But also this video might be completely useless to an inexperienced player who wants to know what tanks to grind for.

  30. Wow it turns out the best tank was the friends we made along the way.

  31. Honestly I think you’re highly overrating the current jumbos. Previous jumbos at lower br sure, but now they’re not hard to kill if you’re not new to the game. This doesn’t mean I think their bad, it’s just there’s a few more tanks I would rate higher.

    • The jumbo is terrible against a long 88 that can penetrate it almost anywhere, which the first long 88 TD is at 5.3 so…

  32. I really like playing 5.3 with the 75 Jumbo, It doesn’t have and penetration but it dominates in armor. I have come across 4 panthers and tigers at once before and I killed them all just by putting a bush on and weaving back and forth towards them shooting their barrels out and then get right next to them. Sad but the tank is good. An absolute monster at a complete downtier where everyone it 5.0-4.7, noone can pen you anywhere except for sides and you can pen them anywhere. Point and click adventure, soaking up rounds..

  33. BT-7 is the best tank in the game.

  34. dude can’t handle criticism so he deletes comments. GG my man, keep pumping misinformation out there. Jumbo is trash.

  35. For me are the Lorraine 40T at 6.3, obj906 at 7.0, FV4202 at 6.3 and so on

  36. I honestly thought the T-14 was gonna be on the list. It’s a mini jumbo at 4.7.

  37. Am surprised that one of the BT series isn’t on this list. You can use it at any tier and it will be effective

  38. That’s a weird way to say flakpanzer 1

  39. Lector-Dogmatix Sicarii

    Strv103 at 7.7…
    You can take the USH, Bandkanon, lazy Ranger IKV, L7 Centron, SK60Broken and the Premium Strv103 with it and absolutely fun suck every match.

  40. Actually its the Sturmpanzer II

  41. The M22 is godly with full mod for its tier

  42. I will keep defending my personal favourite, the Centurion Mk.1. Nobody on YouTube seems to share my sentiment (at least none of the big players seem to ever play it), but I am sticking with it. Even now at 6.0 it still has almost nothing to worry about when it comes to most enemies. Panthers, Tigers, Tiger 2s, IS-2s and so on are all doable, even at long range. The APDS allows you to engage quickly and confidently even at around 2km, and often you will hit the enemy way before they got their shot off. Mobility isn’t great but alright for it’s BR, survivability is decent, turret traverse is workable and the reload is awesome. I hope it will someday be discovered again by more people.

  43. Bro i was the is-2 u killed in the USH in the first clip, and i remember not hearing a sound from where the first guy was shot, just shows how the sound problems in war thunder affects game balance, great video btw

  44. for me. i like the bmp’s all of them especially the bmp2-m

  45. No OP swedish vehicles in the list? Odd.

  46. 2:55 I learned it from experience

  47. 0:59 “It may not be extremely versatile” while putting down a Cobra like a ZSU

  48. Bt5 cuz funni

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