What Is The Most Fun Vehicle In War Thunder?

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  1. >”FV4005 is good”

    >Gets, like, one kill in it

    • Exactly the sort of stupid and terrible tanks I love most, a reflection of me and how I perform in game tbh.

    • @TheAllMightyEgo bah, who cares what’s conventionally considered “good”, the most fun I’ve had in the game was way way back, about 1000 hours ago, when I played in the KV-2. Big, dumb, with a reload that lets me take a nap after every shot, but boy was it fun obliterating some poor random schmuck from range with the HE shell.

    • Its not GOOD, its FUN

    • @Stinky Monke in the video iirc he specifically says that the FV4005 is a good vehicle

  2. Breada 501 is fun even at 11.7

  3. Nothing absolutely nothing is more fun than the Type 87 RCV sitting at 8.7 br

  4. I hate warthunder with a passion but I don’t stop playing, help me

  5. bro was using british tanks wrong man 😥aint no way he when full apds at 5.3

  6. whats the music when he plays the tanktorpedotank?

  7. I have a soft spot for the Class 3P, and I lovingly call it The BUS, and I love BUSting all over people rushing at them with 80 km/h.

  8. The conqueror, Centurion avre, m728 is pretty fun for me and the typ 10

  9. can you pls play some swedish bias like the ikv 103 or the ikv91 that both have 400 mm of pen

  10. You forgot a few tanks
    2C bis

  11. 5.40 shell shattwred? Lucky

  12. 5:40 shell shattered? Lucky

  13. The B5N2 is a really fun vehicle. Its get a huge bomb for its br and its flight performance is ABSOLUTELY CRACKED

    Like, ive only ever been outurned by some versions of the I-15

  14. M22 locust

  15. The Maus has one more hidden feature – it is so heavy its mass appears to inhibit brain functions of nearby players. Everyone seems to go full stupid when a Maus is around.

    As for my personal favorite “fun tank” its the BM-8-24 (in ground AB). What it lacks in firepower against anything not open top or made of tinfoil it makes up with its sheer ability to absolutely infuriate enemy players with repeated barrages of tiny rockets. Constantly detracking them while they can do absolutely nothing to you in return because you sit behind cover lobbing rockets over it from safety.

  16. In my opinion the BMP2M is pretty fun too because of the 30mm with 102mm pen and the 8 atgm

  17. Fuck the m51 me and the homies use: ikv103 (also 400mm of pen but at 4.0)

  18. 1:45 how did you get those optics

  19. Now here’s the funny thing, the most fun vehicle in WT would be the SU-122, you may ask why? Well, T-34 armour at 2.3 (basically unkillable), very speedy, funny overpressure and HEAT if you really need it and you can pair it with the next most fun vehicle in War Thunder – Yak-2 KABB, which is supposedly an attacker but has the agility of a turn fighter.

    Also iirc you can pair it with the ZiS-30 my beloved tractor tank which is totally not a tank that can still handle itself well at 6.7

    Oh and also the meatball launcher from 1.7 is pretty fun too for same reasons as the SU-122 (but planes are the bane of your existence)

  20. I’m a new player to war thunder and just through knowlage I knew it had the Maus, but didn’t realise it had been taken out, so now I’ve spent many hours and afternoons saving for a nonexistent vehicle, and don’t know what to do now? Is Germany still good?

  21. In my opinion the most fun tank is the kv 1 c because of the trolly armor

  22. Puma Pak defenitely

  23. The sturmtiger shown in that video is in Münstern in north germany. I went to the museum there a few weeks ago. And it is huge indeed

  24. I’m in a video 😎😎😎😎 (I’m NoobGotPro)

  25. Jesus Emmanuel Cordero

    I gotta say that the M3 Stuart is quite fun for starters.

  26. first time I’ve ever heard him swear LOL😄

  27. ASU 57 every puma variant and the m22 are my favorite gremlin tanks and the hs129 and f5e are some fun planes to use

  28. AB 43 from italy 2.3 br

  29. The bt-7a(f-32) is the most fun vehicle in war thunder

  30. In my opinion

    The funnest way to play wt

    *is ignore suffering grind and pain*

    It isn’t about winning

    It’s about the 🎉*FUN*🎉

    But actually nothing as satisfying as killing a kv-1 (l-11) with the StuH 42g’s best heat round

  31. Christopher Vanoster

    In terms of fun, my favorite tanks include Sturmtiger, brummbar, sturer emil, Wiesel 1a4, begleitpanzer 57, m3 lee, and b1 ter

  32. M56 or m50 simple

  33. The Swedish starter helicopter

    ok i’ll see myself out now.

  34. Why is that you,ve Been Hit in German

  35. e if you wanna shoot down a peashooter go for yak-1 it will make it peastak or aka put it on fire

  36. Magach hydra

  37. 7:17 Did you just overpen someone *_using a HESH round?_*

  38. Charles Lee, the son and father of Nathaniel Lee

    6:15 How’s the music starting here called?

  39. how to have fun in warthunder:

    Step 1: delete warthunder

  40. Ns q ponerme de nombre

    The bt 76b is super fun

  41. Sav 43/ m ( 3.3) with his heat shell ( 280 mm pen)

  42. 5:17 British tanks are the best in the game, especially at that br

  43. The T-50 is such a fun vehicle to play because it is obscenely fast and has decent armour with a good gun. You can literally race across maps and flank vehicles and they will struggle to pen you if you don’t angle.

  44. M42 contraereo>>>>r3(r3 is fucking shit

  45. Imo auto 37 mm and aphe on sdkfz 6/2 are extreamly fun considering its on 1.7

  46. Lancia 3rd my beloved

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