What Is The Worst Premium Tank In War Thunder?

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Source: Spookston

The video on the worst tank in War Thunder was pretty fun to make, so doing one on the worst tank was a no-brainer. It's hard for Gaijin to make money if a vehicle is bad, so finding it was a little bit more interesting this around.

Check the channel “About” section for the link to the creator of my profile picture.

Songs used (in order from first to last):
Subnautica – Into the Unknown
Halo 3: ODST – Rain (Deference for Darkness)

Sound mods:
Epic Thunder (Pre-release)
Gunner HEAT PC Crew Voices Mod (Personal, go play the game: https://gunnerheatpc.com/ )

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  1. Can you do the best premium tank for its br if you havent already

  2. ZUT-37 was cancelled because of the slow turret traverse

  3. i’m curious that you didn’t mentionned the Japanese 1.3 Ro-Go, have you tried it ?

  4. You can still buy the BM-8-24

  5. I had it since it came out though wouldn’t recommend it

  6. Ah yes, when you think buying premium helps you escape the suffering.

  7. will u make a vid about the hstvl being found?

  8. Surprised that katyuszka (or whatever they called it) isn’t on the spot. It’s literally a truck with rockets which cant fire at either long or short range

  9. A “Great” selection of Really “BAD” tanks – Well Done! = Two thumbs up from me!

  10. what about a worst tank/plane per nation?

  11. What about the Ro Go (the Least played vehicle in the game)

  12. You would be the kind of cry baby to request a refund of a vehicle you purchased

  13. Did you mod the audio to those of that very realistic tank game?

  14. The ZUT-37 may suck, but it is still a hilariously funny vehicle to play, and you’ll still get a fair few kills if you know how to play it 🙂

  15. Sherman calliope if we look is at from a price perspective compared to what it can do in a battle
    Rockets are good because they create a big smoke when explode so it’s harder to fire back for the enemy
    And a sherman is not that bad
    The weight is really at the top (the rocket launcher) so it’s easier to roll over
    If some machine-gun are hit the launcher it will damage it so you can’t use it and it’s has a chance to explode if the enemy is good at aiming
    The rockets are good for light armor but it’s didn’t to anything with the bigger armor
    And it’s makes the tank taller so it’s harder to get in cover
    And the tank as I said isn’t that bad but because it’s 4.0 it has a chance to be in 4.3 (which is often happens) and in that tier the rockets are useless (for the armor) besides the smoke that generates on impact

    And the best thing:
    Overpriced compared to the capabilities and the tier itself

    It’s good for trolling but besides of that is useless

  16. would have thought of one of those japanese low tier premiums

  17. worst is the black prince imho. When they introduced the heatfs at that br, and lowered some bigger tanks, that thing is pretty useless. It should be 5.0

  18. Churchill Black Prince

  19. PieWithMoustache PWM

    I mostly use my BM-8-24 as anti-air against low flying planes at low BR.

    It has worked way more times than it should have…

  20. why didnt you talk to me 🙁

  21. Me and my friend where playing 2.0 Japan and saw you playing the independent
    You died pretty fast (understandable) and then we smashed the other team after that

  22. Could you do a best of in every nation?

  23. Counterpoint to the zut being bad: it has a bucket

  24. It should be noted the event with the tank was back when it had 29mm of pen making it comparable to the performance of the Panzerwerfer 42 these days in firepower and for its former BR of 2.3 the majority of targets you saw had that much or less front armour and everything else the side.

    It is 100% bad now. But I feel your mention of it in past events skews its history. Back then German tanks were a field day. Now a Panzer II is unkillable.

    Furthermore I feel like you avoiding higher BR vehicles may have left out some good contestestents for this like the Black Prince which is widely useless these days and only useful on a max downtier while the ZUT-37 can compete while even uptiered. Or some may argue the Cobra King due to the state of Jumbos in general being dead

  25. I remember killing 5 Abrams on advance to the Rhein in the Panzerwerfer lmfao

  26. now i’m curious about the best one

  27. I swear to god Gaijin is trolling based on this video. Yesterday I recieved a 50 % sale from a battle trophy for the BM-8-24 and now I can buy it for 1925 (yes, nineteenhundered and twenty-five, no typo there) GE.. Not even kidding, it is 50 % off of 3850 GE…

  28. this needs to be at least 20 minutes video :((

  29. Celere Sahariano is veery good!

  30. I’d really love to see a “best premium tanks to grind with for each nation” video. It’d make the slog just a little more bearable.

  31. now this idea is fun. right then spooky ill give ye a challenge.

    pick the worst tank for the following roles:

    Heavy Tank
    Light Tank
    Tank Destroyer
    Medium Tank

    Infantry Tank
    Cruiser/Cavalry Tank
    Specialized Tank [this can vary from a complete glass cannon to a support vehicle like the Centurion AVRE]

    if you decide to take on this challenge i wish you the best of luck

  32. Can you please change the background music? There’s this weird “heartbeat” sound and it makes me feel like i have an irregular heartbeat

  33. Yeah i didnt think there was a YouTube that did make war Thunder content this is so cool

  34. ZUT-37 is a beast. Love it to death in my 2.7 lineup.

  35. My channel features a vid where i kill a panther with the t-60 rocket tank from accross the map, still don’t know how that happened… go check it if you don’t believe me

  36. i love the subnautica sound in the background lol

  37. ハンバーグ喜田

    Ro-go is best worst

  38. People are saying the BM-8-24 but are completally forgetting the BM-13, which is litteraly just a katyusha. 0 armor, fixed turret and doesnt have any depression.

  39. I use my ZUT to bully Centauros but okay.

  40. I know it is a bit off topic – but for me the worst premium is the Pz.Bef.Wg.Pz.IV Ausf. J.
    Taking the worst long-barreled tech-tree Pz.IV (pretty bad MM and slowest turret rotation) and turning it into a premium with 100% the same “meh” performance is the ultimate waste of money for the players IMHO.
    I seriously feel bad every time I see one in battle. These things really have no justification to exist.

  41. Can you do a vid talking about as20nord nerf and inaccurate pen calculations

  42. Like the subnautica music in the background

  43. Zut 37, AA? What a laugh comrad, is meant for sneaki breeki anti tank

  44. the panzerwerfer hat once a pen of ca. 127mm. I could kill leopards with ist. They massacred my boy 🙁

  45. My friend actually does really well (in arcade) with the BM-8

  46. Bet it’d be the ZUT-37

  47. your music and you tone makes me sick, pls dont come back to my front page again or im gonna snap

  48. Add cobra king jumbo in us tank premium armour is like light tank and shell never penetrate.

  49. 2:20 What? Independent is a CAS magnet? CANT BE! We put an AA turret on it!
    Also, I actually do love the ZUT-37, because I play it more as a light tank. Its pretty fast and nimble, and the gun is still kinda lethal to most things around due to the 5 round bursts.
    Turret traverse is an issue, but only if you dont use foresight and dont use the hull to help, and to me the only unforgivable sin on it is the ammo count, as the gun eats through it very quickly, especially when youre like me and still carry 2/3 HE just in case a Stuka flies head first at me.

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