What Tank History Can Teach Us About Clone Wars Armored Warfare

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Source: Generation

We take a look at what tank and doctrine can teach us about Star Wars armored warfare.

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  1. Allen, you’ve made us here in the 41st Millennium very proud with your Humanity First movement, it’s amazing that even before the xenos exploited our weakness during the Age of Strife, people like you were hating them.

  2. Thanks for the info. More material for a fan fic.

  3. One of best videos yet!

  4. Hey where is Ben???

  5. Angry sw fan Jeff Bledsoe

    Give me a juggernaut and send me back to ww1 and Merica would rule the universe

  6. What are the names of the ww1 movies in the beginning except 1917?

  7. 10:22 One could say…they used the high ground to defeat the tanks.

  8. To be honest I’m not a fan of the history of the clone wars videos, but I am a fan of tanks ( my interest coming mostly from modelling them) and I found this really interesting and entertaining.

  9. Centurian tanks could easily take out a T-55, Centurians were good tanks that could beat any tank until t-64 came around.

  10. I think an important aspect of the AT-TE that’s left out is that the mass driver of the AT-TE can have an arc and is shown to be capable of acting as artillery, plus it can carry multiple kinds of ordnance, making it capable of dealing with multiple scenarios. The legs aside, it’s probably a tanker’s dream. Long range cannon, anti-personnel protection on front and back, and can carry its own infantry escort. It’s slow speed is almost completely made up for if maybe a tank in the column have AT-RTs for recon. The one thing I think is missing is side hatches. If infantry were capable of fighting from inside the walker, then it would be the ultimate medium tank in Star Wars. Especially if it was possible to mount Z-6’s from these hatches.

    • I agree, the AT TE is amazing. It had six anti infantry and small vehicle cannons and some versions could carry an AT RT. It could also be used as a mobile command base and a medical station.

    • @Gaius Wyrden Yeah, but then again I feel its true potential is held back by not enabling infantry to fight from within the vehicle. Then it would be essential a mobile strong point.

    • @Hornet C Hm, I think the six cannons are enough and infantry could be deployed very quickly, but they cant shoot out of the AT TE, thats right. There is actually another walker, the AT OT (All terrain open transport), wich carries more troops that can shoot from above the tank, but it has no roof to cover them and has only four anti infantry cannons.

    • @Gaius Wyrden The reason I would want infantry to fight from inside is the side pannels would allow them to shoot targets out of the laser turret’s sights.

    • @Hornet C Maybe they wanted stronger armor plates instead of small holes.

  11. The republic and empire always had the cooler stuff it seemed. I have to say for the most part the separatist had practical ground vehicles. Now a days tanks and ammunition could take out any walker with ease, especially DU rounds that’s some nasty stuff right there..

  12. iamtheoceaniamthesea

    Big thenk for using metric!

  13. The republic also had the TX -130 what about it?

  14. Renault is pronounced Reno

  15. You do not need more effective armour if your gunner is able to blast enemy rockets out of the sky like this guy on Saleucamie ^^

  16. * *_angry Saber tank noises_* *

  17. I love the prequel era vehicles, but all the other OT and sequel vehicles often are completely dumb, especially in the sequel trilogy.

  18. SageofIrrelevance

    Youtube: Historical Content? Demonitize!

  19. This video lacks Bob Semple tank. I do not like the lack of Semple tank.

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  22. Big_Brain_Kai’sa_Main

    “Avoiding tracked vehicles” *cough cough persuader tank*

  23. I would caution; screening tanks with infantry, to protect against enemy infantry, is a great idea. But the idea of an “independent” tank that could use multiple gun turrets to “screen” itself was shown historically to be a failure, such as with the Vickers Independent tank and derivative models (such as the Soviet T-35 or American M2 Medium Tank, or the various British multi-turreted tanks (such as the Cruiser Mk I.).

  24. Paul Daniel Almenana

    Have you done a video about what if the rebels captured the death star

  25. If you wanna beat Chechens, you gotta get a good interior decorator.

  26. I was in 1st tank battalion. Tho I wasn’t a tanker or a mech. I can say M1A Abrams are a bitch to maintain. Everytime tanks would go out to the field and shoot ranges 1 tank will end up catching fire or breaking down in the middle of the Mojave.

  27. Sister Lilia's Armoury

    the problem with the first tanks was they also had armour that was about as effective against a bullet as a sheet of paper is against an arrow

  28. Sister Lilia's Armoury

    um didn’t the atte actually have armour that dispersed the energy of attacks that hit it and was damned hard to actually penetrate

    • Yes, weak points were the joints of the leg. However if you go into the lore, the republic’s vehicles were designed to be replaced by better versions with the coming of the empire. Sidious want to make sure in the event of clones resisting the data chip, that his new army would have better gear to more easily take them down.

  29. Good job

  30. Do a crossover with spookston

  31. Tracks are Chad.

  32. The key to using tanks correctly:

    Know what doctrine they work best in. AT-TEs work well when deployed in combined arms warfare, especially with AT-RTs, gunships, and infantry providing additional support to help screen the enemy and enable for the AT-TE to take out enemy vehicles. It’s more akin to the Bradley AFV and would work best in that role.

    The AAT works best as its own assault tank. It is designed to be used in units consisting mostly of other AATs in either mass assault or blitzkreig style tactics where they would lead a thrust behind enemy lines and be used to take out enemy armor. The MTT and the other armored vehicles would then be used as their own units and function more along the lines the AT-TE filled as a part of the combined arms of the Republic army.

  33. The republic also had saber tanks, which were repulsor craft and lower profile.

  34. Daniel Duntavs Saunders

    Hello there

  35. WolfDiamondShadow

    Me, before playing FOC the first time: *There is no tank in Star Wars that has treads like real life counterparts*

    The MZ-8 Mobile Pulse Cannon Tank
    It can one shot an AT-ST, which is a light vehicle…
    And not only does it have treads, it seems to be based on the M18 Tank Destroyer…
    As it’s classification is a ‘Self-Propelled’ Artillery Tank…


    • Actually it’s based on the T95/T28 and StuG series that don’t have a turret unlike the M18 which does have one.

  36. Your intro looks like a PSA intro from the 90’s

  37. William The Huntsman

    Funny you mentioned the persuader class’s fixed guns. In the 2005 star wars battlefront 2, you could maneuver around it and be relatively safe as you slowly chip away at it’s armor and health

  38. Maybe one on “what fighter plane history can teach us on clone wars dog fights?”

  39. Potato the YT show

    I almost fricking started drooling XD

  40. Jonathan Pickelsimer

    What about the Republic’s TX-130 Sabre tank?

  41. Have you ever heard the tragedy of King Tiger the Heavy?

  42. Fixed Gun ‘Tanks’ are actually called Assault Guns or Tank Destroyers, depending on use. The Assault Gun is used in direct assaults on fortified areas in support of the Infantry. While Tank Destroyers are self-explanatory in their purpose. Though both were often pressed into each other’s roles or into roles meant by the Tank, resulting in the Assault Gun falling out of favor and the Tank Destroyer disappearing until about 40 years ago, after a 40 year hiatus.

    Though there were always some kind of attempts to keep Tank Destroyers in service or make new ones, it was just that Tanks had evolved to the point where it wasn’t necessary until reliable Anti-Tank Missiles arrived and suddenly, anything you could mount a Missile Launcher to, was a Tank Destroyer.

    Still, a Missile-armed TD won’t be of as much use as a Tank.

    I do believe the last major use of Assault Guns was in either the Six Days War or the Yom Kippur War.

    Also, I will point out a pet peeve here:

    The Israelis didn’t just have Centurions. They also had Shermans, dammit!

    The Israeli Tank Forces were equipped with a variety of Tanks actually. They had M48 Pattons, M60 MBTs, Centurions, M4 Shermans, AMX-13s, and even had captured large numbers of T-54/55s and other Tanks from just about every country that produced Tanks.

    The Israelis often modified their Tanks and gave them localized names due to modifications, the Centurions modified by the Israelis were called Sho’ts (meaning Whip). Due to their engine and for reasons unknown to me, they became internationally known as the Sho’t Kal for the Continental engines the Israelis dropped into them. The Israelis had also further modified the Sho’t with more armor, new transmissions, and the Modele F1 105mm Tank Gun, also noted as the CN-105-F1 in some sources, which was a French version of the British Royal Ordnance L7 105mm Tank Gun.

    Incidentally, the M4 Sherman was able to accept the CN-105-F1, because the US Army had briefly used M4 Shermans with 105mm Howitzers in place of their 75mm and 76mm guns as Artillery Tanks.

    The concept actually worked and worked exceptionally well. The drawback was that dedicated Self-Propelled Guns (SPGs) simply did far better. So the US Army converted all of their 105 Shermans into normal Shermans with 75mm and 76mm guns.

    The Israelis, who bought, stole, ‘borrowed’, leased, and captured large numbers of Shermans decided to tinker with the American Tanks. The Sherman was capable of many things, the last Sherman derived vehicle in Israeli service wasn’t retired until a few years ago.

    The Israelis did a program to swap the Turrets of Shermans with some French Tanks they had taken, post-WW2 developed ones, but they also had some Pre-WW2 French Tanks they captured from the Arabs (don’t even ask why they were in use, I haven’t a clue). They put the French Turrets, with a better gun, onto the Sherman hulls and oddly, put Sherman Turrets with Sherman guns onto the French Hulls. Don’t know the story behind that one honestly, so I’m not going there.

    Anyways, they couldn’t keep doing that for a number of reasons. So the Israelis simply took the French Tanks Guns, 75mm SA 50, also known as the CN-75-50, Tank Guns based on the German Panther’s L70/7.5cm KwK 42 (the French had previously used two Regiments of Panther Tanks in their service), and mated it to the Sherman’s Turret using the same techniques and developments as the British did with the 17-pdr. and the Sherman Firefly.

    Incidentally, all of these Shermans, called M-50 in Israeli service and the Super Sherman internationally (again, no idea how), used what was called the ‘Old’ or Early Sherman Turret seen on the M4 Sherman original onward.

    Then, later on when they had the CN-105-F1, the Israelis used the later Sherman ‘New’ or Later Turret vehicles. They installed the 105mm guns in these later Shermans, often easy to identify due to the difference in the back of the Turret. The vehicles were re-engined with new running gears and transmissions and were again up-armored. The Israelis designated them the M-51, but internationally, again, they were known as the Isherman which was short for ‘Israeli Sherman.’

    The Israeli Tank forces were mostly made up of either M-51s or Sho’ts. Then there were the M48s and M60s, Magach 1-5 for the M48 and Magach 6 and 7 for the M60. The AMX-13 was withdrawn from service for having a weak gun and thin armor by 1970. There was an attempt to acquire the British Chieftain, but the British withdrew from that deal, leading the Israelis to eventually develop the Merkeva Mk1.

    As for captured Tanks? Well it’s a list of who and what of just about every Tank there could have been, even some WW2-era Italian Tanks and Tankettes, too! The ones that lasted the longest were some Soviet designs, the T-54/55 being the chief vehicle, but due to their small size, as you noted, they were extremely unpopular with Israeli crews and their safety systems left much to be imagined by the Israelis.

    As such, most Soviet Tanks were either scrapped or phased out into other service rather quickly, such as APCs, where they were still complained about due to their small size, or into other areas of use. Eventually all of these converted vehicles were also phased completely out of service altogether.

    Israeli forces captured a number of Soviet T-62s in the Yom Kippur War, but never seriously considered keeping them as they only kept operational enough, for the amount of ammunition and spare parts the Israelis captured during the war.

    (It should be noted that a platoon of 7 Israeli Tanks fought off about 100+ Syrian T-62s, destroying or disabling most for the loss of 5 Sho’ts. The Sho’ts entire Company was facing almost 500 T-62s. The Israeli Company lost much of its strength, but nearly destroyed all the Syrian T-62s on its own.)

    Likely a number of short comings with Soviet Tank designs. Too small, Gun Elevation/Depressment was poor, safety failings (T-62 apparently had a notorious reputation for ripping men’s arms off with their autoloaders in just Arab service alone), difficult to upgrade, and were typically subpar to Western Tanks as a general rule. That last one was mostly because they were generally the ‘Monkey Units’ or weapons that were intentionally designed and built to much lower standards and would have cost too much to re-engineer into First Rate Vehicles.

  43. But to put it bluntly… Join the UNSC Army or Marines instead of the Grand Army of the Republic or the CIS Army, got ya.

  44. The tanks in WWI were slow because they were initially intended to have infantry keep up with them.

  45. I hope we see the TX-130 tank in this last season of Clone Wars

  46. You always talk about AT-AT and AT-TE when talking about tanks but I never hear anything about the TX-130, or has that all been thrown into the forgotten unknown region of legands?

  47. Correction: Centurion tanks are Cold War era; they did not exist until after ww2

  48. The problem with any of this is that many things in Star Wars, and a lot of other Sci-Fi franchises, is that things like walkers are supposed to be unique and stand out for the entertainmentof the audience, not be logically fleshed out.

  49. I cannot imagine an AT-TE moving at 60kmph

  50. Chechens: It’s over Russia, we have the high ground!

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