What Tank? // Tier 8 Premiums / “Shake your moneymaker”

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In what is probably my longest ever single uploaded video to date (mostly thanks to how well footage can compress), I take a look at an oft-asked about class of vehicles Ó the premiums. In addition to the ones you can buy right now, I’ve thrown in a look at the KV-5, which is usually available to buy once or twice a year, and a very preliminary glance at two upcoming premiums that you can view in the client files right now, the 88 (German medium) and the Scorpion (US ).

– 08:38
-3 – 15:01
FCM 50t – 18:42
JT 8.8 – 23:55
Löwe – 28:55
Super Pershing – 35:15
– 40:49
IS-6 – 45:10
KV-5 – 49:36
Panther 88 – 58:36
Scorpion – 1:00:48



is a free-to-play online, multiplayer tank battle game – you can sign up here: http://play.any.tv/SHL9q

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds


  1. there is no 1080P:-P

  2. earned a new sub mate

  3. Sorry Jedi, but 1h long video of “garage review” is simply too long to
    watch(not enough action to keep the attention for prolonged time). Maybe
    you should split the video and make it into 3-4 separate vids, or just make
    a separate vid on each vehicle?

  4. 1 hour long video. That’s impressive.

  5. No 1080p option Jedi, why you say there is?

  6. Wtf that scorpion 1mm of armor??? Lol and i thought renault ue’s 6 mill was

  7. Have the Type 59, i dont need more T8 prems :D

  8. When it comes to premium teir 8’s. I stick with preferred MM tanks simple
    b.c you are to over match in a lowe or t34. Then comes to armour the only
    one with effective armour is the Is6. Then it comes to guns the best Pref
    Mm gun is the FCM. Then it comes to credit making type 59 owns that but
    then its the 8.8 then Its the kv5 then is6 and dead last is the FCM. Lastly
    the ability to carry a match you throw out the kv5 8.8 112 t34. Kv5 to many
    glaring weak points. 8.8 the kack of mobility. The Chinese tanks prone to
    fire lack of armour with mediocre mobility. The is6 is kinda slow but you
    can carry a match with its troll armour, decent gun and ok health pool. The
    FCM you play more as a large med kinda like a 40t, using the great gun
    handling and mobility to keep out positioning the other team to carry. I
    have the FCM with 100 or so battles at 65% wr and my is6 62% with 700
    battles. But I had to choose one it would be the is6 just have more room to
    make mistake. 

  9. You forgot about people driving the KV5 backwards to hide the weak points

  10. Both Pershing tanks, in my opinion, are tiered at least one and possibly
    two tiers higher in WoT than they should be. Too slow, under gunned and
    under armored to be effective at tier 8 and just barely useful at tier 7. I
    owned a SP for a while (my first premium tank) and realized within only a
    few matches just how much it sucked….so I sold it for gold when given the
    opportunity and never looked back…..Wait….I think I heard that
    somewhere before….Great video as usual and, I think, dead on the money
    for every tank covered. Take care and keep ’em comin’!

  11. TOG II, the best T8 heavy!

  12. Wen are we getting the panther 88 in Test Server and i think WG shuld make
    it only t8/9 🙂 

  13. Poor scorpion, even Tier 1’s that will pen it easily every time, rule 1 of
    that thing , never ever be spotted, if you do get spotted, run very, very

  14. Lowe is so heavy because of the archaic technology german printing press
    that prints the credits.

  15. Kristoffer Bergstrom

    I have the T34-3, I love mediums and I rate my self as ”one of the better
    players” in wot, and god this premium med tank is really good! 

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