What Tank? // WoT vs AW / “This is not the Hype Train”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

Now that Armored Warfare is chugging ever closer, I thought it high time to take a look at three particular topics – areas where AW is doing things a little differently than of Tanks, and how those same changes might potentially be good for WoT if Wargaming were prepared to make them. All, naturally, via the medium of Train Simulator 2015, because of course; what else would I use?



  1. l started playing WOT with 4 friends. I’m the only one still playing and
    the only one having a tank above Tier6.
    I guess wargaming has an issue with players leaving the game early. In my
    case, my friends lost the interest, because they got constantly beaten by
    higher tanks and game mechanics. You need to invest a lot of time to learn
    the tricks to beat the game. Many people are not willing to invest so much
    in one game. And I guess that should not be an aim for wargaming. But they
    should listen, what the players have to say. Especially the people playing
    WOT a lot.

    I have no problem with the +2 matchmaking. Even at tier 8 you can have
    decent results in a tier 10 game. Any way, I understand the people
    complaining about it.
    But consider this. A grind through a tier 8 tank would take longer, because
    you get less xp. You can get some much more out of an tier 10 game, if you
    play smart.

  2. Definitely in favour or reducing the MM to +/- 1. The two tier spread
    worked ok in the past but there are a lot more tanks now and far too many
    of them are totally ineffective when bottom tier against tanks two tiers
    higher. When you find yourself in that position where’s the fun playing?
    You can outplay the other guy, out manoeuvre him and get the drop on him
    and generally be a better player in every way but what’s the use if you
    can’t penetrate his armour and he knows it.

  3. “Hope that with this competition, WG will seriously consider some of these

    Yup WG seriously considered the issues, and decided that pen nerf was the
    thing to do.

  4. *I’ᴅ ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴛᴏ sᴇᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ᴄʀᴀsʜ ᴀ ᴛʀᴀɪɴ ɪɴ ᴛʀᴀɪɴ sɪᴍᴜʟᴀᴛᴏʀ, ɪғ ᴛʜᴀᴛs ᴘᴏssɪʙʟᴇ,

  5. So many things wrong with WoT.
    Biggest one War gaming do not listen to players.
    Second one is that they are successful and had no competition for a long
    So they believe they do not have too, “We must know what we are doing look
    at our success”

    Best thing that happen to PGI with MWO is that the players got up and left.
    The where not listened too.
    Such a niche game required their small(er) player base to be happy.
    If other games can have a better MM why cannot WoT?
    What are they doing? They are not making many more tanks.
    MM should be +- zero to start with.
    Then +- one, no greater spread, except for light tanks +-2
    Hate playing arty. I only do it for the missions.
    It is too random, games of fail then games of owning the other team.
    Balance is the key.
    Obsidian listened to the players and gave them closer to what they asked
    for in AW.

    BTW medium tanks are the best tanks. They are called Main Battle Tanks now.
    With the advent of HEAT rounds super armoured tanks where redundent.
    There a videos on YouTube of a HEAT round going through a metre of steel.
    So they should be the best. They are, Wargaming got it right but are
    thinking of changing it?

  6. I got outplayed by a 200 wn8 Hummel who was xvm sniping, he hit 5/6 times
    and he was the only one to do damage to my Lowe. Fair and balanced 

    • But I need the $$$ 🙁 I hope they realise its the gold ammo thats more of
      the problem than the standard, especially apcr, I find it has poor overall
      performance at medium to long range compared to standard AP rounds. Owning
      both the Maus and E100, I know the pain

    • +jambo636 unfair plane 😉 that is what happens if you drive slow Tanks. If
      i am in my Löwe (or T28Prot or TOGII or … ) i am an Arty Magnet! But if i
      play my ELC, T71, Walker Bulldog ect. Arty will not aim for me. Oh, they
      will … but only if i am 100 Meter in Front of them. If i drive straight
      towards them, i am dead. So drive at an Angle of 45 degrees or more. 1 out
      of 10 i am dead anyway, 3 out of 10 i have another Pascucci’s Medal. The
      days i enjoyed slow Heavy-Tanks are long gone. Not only because of Arty.
      Get in your E100 or Maus and 9 out of 10 Shells fired at you were
      Gold-Shells. I hope for the upcoming Pen-Nerv! Won’t help you with your
      Löwe against deep red Tomatoes, but hey … if you can’t take a joke you
      should not drive slow Tanks 😉

  7. Pointed haired Jedi, I agree 100% with all you have said, I have played
    like 24K WOT, and a bit with AW. I know a lot of my clan friends have
    said, they only have time to play one game and AW might be it, so they
    would drop WOT. I will never drop WOT, but I do believe the AW devs have
    played and know WOT very well, and have addressed the major problems there,
    with Arty, and matchmaking one up, one down. Those two alone are enough to
    make me want to play more AW.

  8. I think you hit most of the main points, especially the part about grinding
    stock tanks. I would add that the game has some balance issues. Not enough
    to make me quit but enough to find it frustrating.

  9. I, like so many, dislike arty in WoT, and breath a sigh of relief each time
    I see there are no arty in the battle. It would be interesting to see what
    would happen if players were able to select battles with or without arty in
    the settings window. I suspect there would be a lot of arty only battles.

    But if arty must stay there are two simple fixes I would like to see

    Firstly, reduce the maximum number of arty in any battle to 2.

    Secondly, they need to rectify the flight path of the rounds fired. The
    trajectory should be in the form of an arc but most of the arty has a
    flight path that more closely follows the silhouette of a pyramid. To be
    able to drop a round on the far side of a building or rock that some do
    means that the flight path would be so high it would have to go around the
    moon (slight exaggeration).

  10. I am a primarily a medium tank player. I played japanese tank line until
    the end, then took up heavies and TD’s (US and German). I have
    temporarily?? stopped playing WOT because of three reasons:
    1. Arty
    2. Russian bias
    3. Debushing the maps

    1. Arty is unfair. I know war is unfair, but this is not war, it is first
    and foremost a game. Games should not be unfair. Sitting on the back with
    God eye view clicking and doing sometimes 1500 damage to somebody who
    cannot see or avoid you (see point 3 below) is unfair to me. So, I would
    like to remove arty alltogether from the game. TD;s camping are not a
    problem after removing most of the bush cover (which I deplore).
    Furthermore TD;s have some balancing factors. Arty is just RNG. If
    Wargaming would retain arty (which I deplore) then I would remove the God
    eye view from the game for arty. It is impossible to play against arty in a
    slow tank.
    2. Russian bias. Russian tanks generally are OP, I will exxagerate a bit
    for clarity here: Tthey have steel made of diamond, grenades like atomic
    bombs. Their balancing is a crappy radio and a long aiming time
    (supposedly). Not balancing at all.. They have a spread of shots within the
    aiming circle of 0 as well as terrain resstance. I used to load gold ammo
    every time I spotted something Russian, just because I needed to.
    3. The maps are in my view too small, the games too short. The maps
    generally have 2 or 3 chockepoints that you have to take. It is boring.
    More of the same. The only way to go through that in a lighltly armoured
    tank is to play second line and snipe. Most tanks are lightly armoured. So
    we need lots of bushes. There are very few left. Detrimental to all
    non-Russian tanks, all medium tanks, and all light tanks. So, detrimental
    to the game. I would like to have much bigger maps, longer play time, less
    chockepoints and more bushes so I can play it as a tank, instead of a
    mobile cannon.

  11. It is interesting that you raise the topic of reducing MM to +/- 1 at a
    time when WG is going through the process of removing any Premium tanks
    that have limited matchmaking.

    It would seem that that proposition is not on their books right now.

  12. PHJ, what’s your take on skill-based Match Making (MM)?

    I’m asking, as I play on the SEA server, with between 3K and 20 K players
    online at any time (I’ve NEVER seen more then 30K players online), and as a
    result it is very rare to get matches with a 50% chance of victory due to
    the imbalance in player ability.

    For example, today I played a Teir X battle, where the other side had 5
    unicum/super-unicum batchat players in two platoons (yes – platooned unicum
    batchats – the perfect storm). We had a 23% chance of victory, and looking
    at how the game ended, even that was being generous!

    So, as you often only have a couple of *really* good players in a match,
    all too often they are on the same side – and so the win percentage is
    skewed to favour them.

    This makes for very frustrating games, as you are either handed you head on
    a plate, or you are left running around after the good players trying to
    get a shot off before the game ends. Very frustrating.

    So frustrating in fact, that after playing 5K games and *nearly* getting my
    first Teir X tank, I’ve stopped playing (today was an exception – due to
    your video’s sparking my interest).

    So, what’s your thoughts on this
    – would skill based MM help, or is this frustration normal?
    – Is this due to the relatively small number of players online at any point
    in time? (And would I benefit from going to a different server?)
    – while I agree with the idea of closing the MM spread from +/- 2 teirs,
    would this work on the SEA server (with such a small player base)?


    Later, Matt

  13. The problem with rng in WoT is as following: Aim shot @ weakspot, rng says
    Inside or outside reticle, rng says low/mid/high pen, rng says
    low/average/high damage roll. Thus, when we want to be funny there are 5
    parts, equaling out, this makes a shot 20% skill & 80% rng. Now, I’m not
    stating that as a fact, but because it highlights the issue: When you
    shoot, of all the factors on you doing damage only a fifth is skill. Thus,
    while I agree as to why they chose rng I do think skill is less of a factor
    then rng. You can win more if you are a skilled, tactical and allert
    player, but rng can still cost you a win on pure chance.

  14. Mallard. That only train you could call pretty.

  15. Arty players are the scumbags of WG.

  16. Really enjoyed this video jedi, you should do more in depth analysis on
    game mechanics

  17. On a WoT note, I’d also love to see the matchmaking spread change, it’d be
    the first thing I’d do if I was given almighty powers. For me though I’d
    have +/-1 for HTs, MTs and TDs but +2 for SPGs and LTs with them not being
    allowed to be top tier.

  18. Passing whistleboards without sounding? Tut tut, Jedi.
    I also bought TS 2015 in the sale along with the English Riviera pack cos
    my grandparents lived on the route, in Dawlish, while I was growing up and
    it was like a second home for me so it’s nice for the nostalgia factor
    (plus it’s a bloody gorgeous area).

    What’s funny is that one of the trains that comes in the game, the Class
    170, is the train my dad will be driving soon because the company he drives
    for, London Midland, is replacing some of their current fleet with them xD

  19. i think WoT should add some bots to pad the tiers, like maybe a max of 3 in
    agame, zero at minimum. i mean they have bots in WoWS

  20. just wondering if u have played arty in AW?
    defending yourself is impossible in AW

  21. Richard Gustafsson

    That’s a sexy hole on the train you got there.

  22. Sorry, Jedi. I simply couldn’t listen to what you had to say with that
    infernal train noise in the background.

  23. Nothing wrong with arty in WOT! Lock it at 3 per team, and keep moving! It
    exists, DEAL WITH IT!!

  24. Interesting and useful Jedi, thanks. Have started playing AW and I am
    enjoying it and can see myself playing both. It’s nice playing modern
    tanks and I’ll be interested to see in the higher tiers how reactive and
    chobham armour are modelled. The other interesting difference is the use
    of a commander which you can move between tanks. Have not played enough to
    work out exactly how that works fully so would be interested to hear you
    understanding and pros and cons.

    • +Ralph Taylor Well last weekend the EA servers were available full time for
      48 hrs.

    • +Edy Eduard Thanks Edy what I had surmised but hadn’t really investigated
      properly. Sadly the times that the EA server is available don’t quite fit
      for me so I only get an hour a day if I’m lucky but will persevere.

    • +Ralph Taylor You can’tchange crews between tanks , only commanders.

    • +Ralph Taylor Simply : Each comamnder has a special thing , some can only
      command MBTs and they get special abilities for the MBTs , some can command
      any tank and have less good special abilities , each commander is special
      in his/her way . I chose to use one commander for all the tanks and level
      HER up to the max.

  25. Although it’s more DLC- if you want better loco sounds (for diesels and
    electrics that is) then try Armstrong Powerhouse. They have a channel on
    YouTube that showcases all their sound packs. :)

  26. I also would like it if they could change the ring on no dmg penetrations.

  27. Tomas Gustafsson

    Match making and rng sucks. I have lost up to 10 battles in a row (lot of
    times) and its not me playing different, Somtimes you cant se the red team,
    you cant pen, you miss, somtimes the enemy have 3 times the wn8 rating.
    It¨s frustrating to dont know what im doing wrong. I think that one third
    of the matches my team get crushed and one third of the matches my team
    crushes the red team. One third of the matches are challenging to play….

  28. When AW gets the initial release, two things happen:
    1) As much as I like WT, Gaijin will lose the rest of the playerbase.
    2) WG will try to copy the artillery of AW, but clicker scumbags begin the
    usual whine and WG listens – thus nothing happens.

    +PointyHairedJedi, my darling. Has there been discussion about premium ammo
    in AW?

    • PointyHairedJedi

      +Laatikkomafia It looks like they’re firmly against it, it’s somewhat
      closer to WT in terms of that.

  29. I think that +1/-1 MM would be beneficial for WG, though not sure about
    light tanks, not that there is a lot of static scouting being done due to
    WG removing bushes a scouting points in am attempt to halt camping. But why
    does there need to be any RNG on penetration? if your pen is 198 then you
    should be able to pen tanks with armour values of 190 (flat not angled) why
    does it have to be “as long RNG is on your side”?

  30. as a trains enthusiast that combined power handle is absolutely sickening

    • +spacepirate369 You can have all that in cab view, this HUD is a general
      easy mode for when you have the external camera and as most trains in the
      game will have a combined power handle then it makes sense to use that.

    • +Mister Okami modern

      A4s do no use combine power handles
      If you’re in to driving a shinkansen express great pwr to u but I want my
      air brakes, I want my regulator and most of all I want my reverser!!!

    • +spacepirate369 Why? It’s almost exactly what is used in modern trains.

    • PointyHairedJedi

      +spacepirate369 I was using the noob-mode controls, I believe you can turn
      off that interface and do everything straight from the cab (if you have any
      clue what you’re doing, unlike me).

  31. while i dislike the WoTs RNG spread one thing it helps aside from balancing
    player skill it also helps even out differences in ping and frame rate, i
    play on a very fast computer and i usually have a ping of around 30 so when
    i face someone who is on slow computer with a 200 ping i normally would
    have a pretty huge advantage and the RNG helps a bit to even the field in
    that aspect

  32. Although rng helps newer players I think it’s better to help them with more
    general purpose tanks that have no fatal flaws. Less rng in a way would
    also help newer players because you know you will pen and more importantly
    you know that pen will be kill shot. Now rng can and will always screw you
    over but -25% on a 900 damage gun like the jägeru can come down to a 200 hp
    difference in damage! Thats way too much. Also high skill cap isn’t a bad
    thing as long as the learning curve isn’t too steep. So ye, less rng in
    general including aimcircles and damage would benefit all players not only
    the skilled players exclusively.

  33. A very calm and rational analysis of what goes on and wrong in WoT at the
    moment. Without the usual butthurt and (to some extend understandable)
    frustration that makes a discussion like this to big black/white-whinefest
    most of the times. Thanks for that, Jedi! I think, everyone with some brain
    cells between his ears and enough fondness for that game to make him care
    about WoT can agree with the points you made.
    Oh, and by the way: I LIKE TRAINZ!!!

  34. I think AW could kill WoT if wargaming is very stupid about it. If WoT
    stays the same and keeps pretending it’s perfect then it will die, gets a
    kick in its backside it will be a much better game for it.

  35. Really enjoyed this PhJ. I hope arty gets more firing option types of fire
    as well as ammo types. Barrage fire is being modelled now in strongholds
    but as a gimmick not something real arty players can do. Rng is crippling
    to arty and needs to be removed for arty as it stands. I recommend the map
    view remove real time updates. There needs to be a 5-15 sec lag depending
    on range, that would be a better solution.
    I remember how arty was used in combat mission with presighted positions
    which isn’t used at all in wot. They could model that for assault. 

  36. The RNG could be tightened up somewhat but then the problem is that
    experienced players that know all the armor thicknesses, weak spots and gun
    penetration values on all tanks would be even more dominant than they
    already are. That in turn would turn off new players even more.

    Regarding stock grinds, the problem is the huge spread of the gun
    performance on some tanks. There are tanks where the stock gun is almost
    useless even when top tier so you have to grind the tank forever doing
    almost no damage at all in every game before the tank becomes playable.
    Upgrades to a tank should give marginal benefits, not the huge leaps you
    sometimes get.

  37. The AW arty model would NOT fit WoT well (showing up on the map part)…
    AW arty are ALL pretty mobile, so when you know you show up to arty on the
    other team you have at least some chance of avoiding the incoming arty fire.
    A lot of WoT arty are slow and not mobile at all, meaning once you show up
    to enemy arty you are 100% dead.

    There are also arty in WoT that have only one thing going for them: Their
    rate of fire.
    Making them move after every shot makes massively hampers their
    It’s fine for something that fires a shell with huge alpha damage every
    20-30 seconds. But when you fire every 7-10 seconds and have very low
    alpha, it simply wouldn’t be worth playing if you have to move after every
    couple of shots.

  38. I like trains! … Really, its a nice concept watching the ride while
    talking trough things. I would agree on your statements too, especially the
    lowered rng on penetration! Sooo keep up showing off pretty trains and
    insightfull commentary ;-)

  39. Ugh, stock grinds. The bane of every player. Tier 8 game, 110 pen, crap for
    speed? Jooooy.

    • +Mister Okami
      I think I just Free xp’ed the VK P.
      AT8, however, was terrible.

    • +Appletank8 Having only just finished the stock grind on the T-150 with its
      119 pen and negative top speed I know that feeling.
      Same with the 30.01P, I seem to remember hating that grind as well, but it
      was the very first line I went down so it might just have been me being bad
      at the game lol

  40. Also regarding the tier spread: you are not supposed to stand face to face
    taking turns shooting at each other. You are supposed to adapt your play
    style to the advantages of your tank and disadvantages of the enemy tanks.
    In some tanks that means camping in a bush, in other tanks you try to use
    your mobility to get around.

    Now here is a problem with Wargaming and their maps, they keep removing
    bushes and making corridor maps so that these play styles gets more and
    more difficult. That in turn makes people go commando style and forget
    about everything else. This is then where the +2/-2 can become a problem,
    if the only thing you can do is go face to face. So basically, Wargaming is
    ruining the balance of the game by their constant map changes.

  41. The tier spread is not much of a problem in WoT, the problem is that the
    matchmaker doesn’t take player skill into account. This often results in
    matches with one team full of tomatoes versus one team of excellent
    players, with the obvious end result.

    I would say that player skill is more important than the tank (s)he is
    driving. A good player in a bad tank is more dangerous than a bad player in
    a good tank. The tank does have a significant impact, a unicum in a Sau 40
    is still going to struggle against a bad player in an AMX ELC but I don’t
    think it would be so one-sided as one might think.

    The matchmaker should consider player skill as well, at least as a second
    pass in the matchmaking process and move players between the teams to even
    out the skills.

    Having said that, it wouldn’t be bad if Wargaming added two more tiers and
    spread out the existing tanks over 12 tiers instead of 10. That could
    possibly fix the worst cases of the problem of people meeting tanks that
    are very difficult to penetrate.

  42. AW arty is obviously much better than WoT, however it’s still annoying to
    take damage from something you cant do anything about, often times you can
    find a good agressive spot where you can fight off two enemies and take
    cover, but then arty takes a liking to you and every 10 seconds you lose
    200-300 hp, it’s still frustrating

  43. Train Simulator is a nice game but the problem with it is that many of
    their scenarios are broken and the developer refuse to fix them. One
    example is in the North East Corridor DLC where an AI train runs into
    another AI train terminating the mission. The player cannot do anything
    about it. The developer was told about it several years ago but nothing has
    happened (although I haven’t checked in a while).
    In another scenario in the Isle of Wight DLC the scenario instructions is
    in the wrong order. If you follow the instructions you end up waiting for a
    signal that will never change (deadlock), if you don’t follow the
    instructions you fail the mission.

  44. You should not be pro-RNG change, because if WOT were to change the RNG
    then the KV2 wouldn’t be doing 1100 damage, for example to rhm.-b WT.s
    every once and a while with a decent roll.

  45. Hmm if all the tier 8 tanks had the BL-10 then the ISU would have to have
    the Death Stars L4 gun…

  46. NA east has less people, NA west, at a good time has 30000 people on

    • No, east has more, 30,000 people is the total of both servers total, its
      usually about 10,000 on west and 20,000 on east.

  47. Regarding arty, I play arty and played against arty. I hate both ways. If
    you play against it, it sucks, if you play it it sucks again. I agree that
    arty in WoT should be something close to AW arty. Also, I would limit 2
    arty per team per map in high tier games. Cuz lets say you got a platoon of
    2-3 french tier X artys… Nuf said…
    Regarding RNG, a perfect example is what happened to me the other day.
    Driving my M103, stopped, fully aimed at a side of Type 61. not even 200
    meters. I shoot, it dings…
    120 mm shell dings off of paper thin armor…ok, itcould happen.. once?
    twice? nope, it happened 3 times in a row, hull side, turret side,
    comander’s hatch… Seems legit…

  48. Qwizzat Qui Ludos

    I’ve taken a break from WoT – being bottom tier in any +2/-2 battle is not
    fun. I’ve been playing WoWs instead because when you are bottom tier you
    are still able to have an effect & do damage – you are not as impotent as
    you are in WoT. In WoWs I’ve seen tier 1’s (fail patoon) in tier V & VI
    battles, but they are still doing damage and helping the team…. AW –
    having a mixed time with it, still having one team steam roll the other
    with close battles being very rare (in my experience).. Nice Vid – keep it

  49. Too many games too much alike breeds boredom….Which is why I uninstalled
    two of them and haven’t played WoT since just after last Christmas……I
    returned to an old and far more entertaining and varied hobby….Reading
    good books on multiple subjects.

  50. alius indentitas

    For anybody else whose curiosity was peaked, here’s a short “Flying
    Hamburger” video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8VJmHq3YTo

  51. I want more train sim if you drive it through a city and crush everything.

  52. The Mallard is in the York Railway Museum. Pretty interesting place. Got
    some trains royalty used to go on and stoooof. My local City – As well as

  53. I don’t think the range is an issue for arty, but I would like to see
    shorter reload times which would be a balance for the inaccuracy of the
    shots . they could also make the area of affect bigger to allow for the
    lower rolls on targets.
    one of the biggest problems I have found with arty (playing it that is) is
    that you wait for 30 seconds aiming while waiting for the reload …. then
    fire your gun fully aimed on target….. and while you shot is still in the
    air……. someone else runs in and gets the kill. you then see your own
    shot smash into the targeted tank for nothing and you then have to wait
    another 30 seconds before you can try again on another enemy vehicle.

  54. Mmmm, dat engine. A4 goodness.

    Yanno, I remember when I started playing WoT I noticed the problem of the
    matchmaking spread, and I told people “it really should be +1/-1”, and the
    automatic and vehement response was “stop complaining it used to be worse”.
    Apparently as much as +4/-4 for every tank, not just scouts? Not sure, but
    because it used to be worse, somehow that meant it couldn’t get better. Now
    guys like you are starting to advocate it and I can’t help but feel

    And it’s US West that has the low sever population. Mainly because most of
    the players that are on West are legendarily moronic. Seriously, we’re
    talking SE Asia server levels of derp. If you want even half a chance at
    getting a team that knows which end of the tank goes forward you play US

    Honestly, I think the RNG spread needs to be reduced. I’m not so sure it
    helps new players, other than it teaches them that getting good at the game
    isn’t as important as whether or not the RNG program is rolling in your
    favor or not. I know that my incentive to play the game has died more than
    a few times when I get ridiculously low rolls on my damage or the
    fantastically obtuse penetration mechanic refuses to allow me to actually
    HURT an opponent. No, non, nein, nyet, can’t allow you to do that Fox, we
    must keep that Russian heavy tank on the enemy team alive despite the fact
    his side is broad on to you. Because Russians… I mean, reasons. Mmmyes,

    Anyway. Arty right now is just frustrating. People can lay out reasons for
    and against all they want, but ultimately what it comes down to is what
    players are experiencing, and 9 times out of 10, you ask someone whether
    they’d prefer a match with or without artillery, they will go sans SPG.
    Lord knows my most favorite games in WoT have either been arty-free
    matches, or ones where their ability to derp people was limited by being an
    urban map (or the main fighting taking place in an urban portion with lots
    of artillery cover).

    And arty wouldn’t even be that bad if Wargaming didn’t design some maps
    with strategic chokepoints that you HAVE to hold or take if you want to
    keep a flank from crumbling, and then making those points open to all kinds
    of artillery fire. I’m looking at you, Redshire. So basically it’s either
    “lose the game” or “go out, get shat on from above, and you still might
    lose the game anyway not because you got out-played, but because the RNG
    had a real hard-on to rape your ass using the enemy as a proxy penis”.

    And then the cactus men come out from hiding and IT’S ALL OVER, MAN, GAME
    …Right, I’m up too late, time for some sleep. Cheers, mate.
    (Not actually British, just fun to use Britishisms from time to time.)

  55. Any kind of spread (pen, damage, MM) should be made smaller, I’d rather
    lose because of being bad than win cuz of some random luck. They should
    also remove ammoracking.

  56. That was Jingles who said that about old arty days xD

  57. I literally just stopped playing AW for the day before watching this video
    because the “fast firing, relatively low damage” artillery shot my Patton
    and took off more than 2/3 of my health (single hit).

    Getting hit by arty in AW is just annoying and, in my case, kills the mood
    completely and I lose the will to play. Especially in cases with more than
    one artillery, you get shot, take ~150 damage, and before the smoke of that
    impact even settles you get hit again.

    • +Darko Velkoski There is another famous WoT Player who says that Arty in AW
      is more OP than Arty in WoT. Maybe it depends on the Tank you play. Driving
      a Maus in WoT with Arty in Game means “you will have a baaaaad game!”.
      Driving an Obj. 430 and you won’t notice Arty. But Arty in AW is dangerous
      for every Vehicle in Game. You missed a shot? No problem, wait a few
      seconds, next shot is underway! My opinion: let Arty in WoT, give the Game
      a Checkbox in Global Settings like “Only Matches without Artillery”. And
      open the Matches WITH Arty to a maximum of 15 each Side! Will result in
      happy Players on one Side (those who want to play World of TANKS) and
      hilarious Matches on the Arty Side of Life 😉

    • +Gary Bromiley I’m not sure why you keep comparing AW to WoT, I never even
      mentioned the other game.

      I’m judging AW on its own merits, and in my opinion, artillery ruins the
      game. In a game where ATGMs exist (also slightly annoying, but part of the
      “modern warfare” aspect of the game), where (extremely) fast vehicles can
      flank entrenched enemies and even a tier 2 armed with a 25mm auto-cannon
      can do substantial damage to a MBT from the front, there is absolutely no
      reason for artillery.

      But since you’re comparing WoT to AW, in more than 28k battles in WoT I’ve
      never stopped playing because of arty, I might get up, get something to
      drink or stretch my legs before going back to play some more. In contrast,
      with less than 100 battles in AW I’ve already lost the will to play on 3
      separate occasions because of artillery.

      And by lost the will I mean I finish the battle (usually because I died to
      artillery focusing me, and in the case of the Patton battle after we won)
      and quit out of the game for that day.

    • Guess it was a lucky hit for the arty but to be fair to arty in AW if that
      had been WoT in the early days a tier5 arty could one shot a patton in WoT
      AW arty is better balanced from what i seen but i will reserve judgement
      until i have actually played AW but from what i seen in various streams its
      a big improvement on WoT

    • +Gary Bromiley All AFVs were on the opposite end of the map and I’ll say it
      again, according to the game, I wasn’t designated.

    • Was there any tanks in the match like swingfire or other ATM vehicles


    I’m honestly fine with +2 matchmaking, but i feel that it could use a
    tweak. i often get 60-70% tier 10 battles in tier 8 tanks. actually
    counted. its broken. (NA East) increase chances for same tier battles and
    deal with the occasional +2.

    at the same time, scouts with only +1 MM would rule the game.

    and well. arty. remove it. plz thx. i have no desire to be pecked apart
    from any position for 3-400hp per completely accurate shot either. i’m not
    sure if i’d rather have a 10% chance of being hit for 1k+ damage, or
    pestered by a fucking bert for 12 minutes.

    the current bushicide combined with TD camo nerf has essentially completely
    removed TD dominance. in my experience, arty doesn’t break the stalemate.

    • afternoon. afternoon whiskey is fine!

    • +tigerpr0n Hamburger? Whiskey, this morning? U have a problem.

    • +PointyHairedJedi feel free to use it, can’t afford a copyright.

      on the arty note, i did pick up an s-51 this morning. first arty battles in
      about 10k games. so RNG based that it’s not even funny. win or lose the
      game for your team depending on if 3 fully aimed shots hit or miss. i did
      manage to eat a hamburger and afk to pour myself a whiskey while playing
      though, so i’d consider it a win.

    • PointyHairedJedi

      +tigerpr0n “Bushicide” made me chuckle.

  59. Good points…I play neither AW or WoTPC but play WoT Blitz

    In WoT blitz the enemy is coloured yellow orange or red (sounds naff but
    its a sort of translucent shading that overlays the tank…. Yellow = pen,
    orange = sometimes pen (ie when pen RNG is calculating) and red = never pen
    . It works fine and there is no researching weak spots.

    But in blitz you can change shells without reload (no penalty of time) so
    if you see red you can go APCR or HE.

    With AW +/- 10% on dmg rolls…it does seems to promote skill and less
    luck(RNG). But is it balanced by the fact that you are rewarded for your
    efforts more and a loss can still be a good game (in terms of credits and
    xp earned)– less heartbreak!….????

  60. Jedi train fetishist confirmed?
    I vastly prefer the arty mechanics of AW over WoT (for a start it you
    actually use more than one hand to play it)
    I know I’m usually put off every time i buy a new tank in Wot when i
    realise i then have to grind a stock tank again, it usually puts me off
    playing for a few weeks at a time!
    I definately prefer the reduced RNG spread.

  61. Although I’m on a break from WoT right now, AW does not (yet?) float my
    boat. At least based on what I’m seeing on Youtube or Twitch. “Back in the
    days”, I could come back in the evening, turn on Circons stream on Twitch
    and watch it for hours.
    But since he moved over to AW, I’m getting bored after a few minutes.
    Looking at the viewer counts, I’m not the only one. That poor guy lost
    about 50% of his viewers (IIRC). I think, AW is not as entertaining to
    watch. From what I’ve seen there is much long range sniping on target
    outlines and very little close range brawling. Boring.
    But granted, they have some good ideas. And AW is still not open for the
    public. So…meh…I’ll come back later…maybe…

    • +yah5o I agree as well. I tuned in to Circon’s 31 hour AW livestream and
      tried to enjoy it for a couple hours but it just wasn’t as exciting, the
      main reason I stayed is because I find Circon funny and he managed to make
      it entertaining enough for me.

    • +yah5o i agree. not interested it watching it. that alone stops me from
      wanting to play it.

  62. Top train choice, Jedi. I can’t see myself ever playing Train Sim, but now
    you’ve driven the A4 so I don’t have to. 🙂

    As for WoT, +1/-1 tier spread absolutely needs to happen. I honestly can’t
    see a downside to it. Playing tier 6 heavies in a tier 8 match is not only
    boring and frustrating, it’s also totally unnecessary. The one downside is
    that preferential MM will become standard MM, but that isn’t going to make
    the TOG, AT-7A, E-25 etc any worse off.

    A limit of the amount of premium ammo a tank can carry also needs to
    happen, but given the economic model of WoT, I’m not going to hold my
    breath waiting for that one to happen…

  63. That is a nice-looking train.

  64. Since the reduced camo values for TDs i have not seen camping on any map
    without arty. But put more than 2 artys per team in a tier 6+ battle on an
    open map and it will mostly be a big campfest. Especially on maps without
    any arty cover like Malinovka, and worst of all Prokhorovka.

    Prokhorovka with arty is the one of the worst WOT experiences you can have
    if you ask me.

  65. BSM Iron (Panzer) Lawl


    Good choice :3

    Also welcome to our humble world. You’ll enjoy it here :D

  66. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man


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