WHAT THE F%$& IS THIS THING | Loss for words (War Thunder Italian Memeballs)

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WHAT THE F%$& IS THIS THING | Loss for words (War Thunder Memeballs)


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  2. i HAVE to call this AA vehicle boi. it’s so ridiculous and i lmao when phly made that 5/5 360 jump

  3. It is true, the italians had this high tech vehichle back in WWII, and thanks to this design, the Bradley and all the other brother born, true story.

  4. Italians are weird with their designs

  5. ITs at the wrong tier.

  6. This thing is a low br seal clubber. 40mm armor penetrating round and out maneuvers and out shoots everything at 3.0



    Looks like a fuckin riot control vehicle.

  9. The fuck did you say about my pizza boi

  10. Uhm… Modern day’s APC ?

  11. brand new GTA game ?

  12. dont worry man…NORMAL humans wont be that successful with that thing.

  13. 6:27 italian laugh

  14. I am going to get this tank and all the similar ones and listen to some good old Command and Conquer music while playing!

  15. Im not sure if this is where to comment, but Phly you have completely overlook a vehicle added in this patch, overshadowed probably by the Bradly and the T72. France has a new tank as well. The AMX 10RC wheeled tank destroyer that i believe actualy drives like a tank instead of the Centauro. I garentee this meens we are getting the Stryker soon. Also you forgot to show the 2 new italian premium tanks in your overview. the Semovente 105 M43. LUL Keep on Tankin Phly and happy holidays.

  16. Rizwandi Awalludien

    Insert Guile handshake meme for 11:06

  17. Every map people hate, I like (italy, Kuban), every map people like, I hate (Berlin, Cologne).

    Sorry but I will exit if I draw Cologne.

  18. They look like the box droids from Star Wars

  19. One of your best videos man lmao I laughed my ass off the whole time

  20. Hey brother would you be able to do a vid on the a-26 b-10 .

  21. Alejandro Abellas-Seitz

    When I see this all I can picture is a Mouse Droid from the Death Star

  22. Give that thing an ATGM with 300mm Pen and make it 6.7, you cant let this Dog go with early ww2 Tanks

  23. Inverted V12 Powerhouse

    Idk why tjhe player base is decreasing when the meme potential is exponentially greater

  24. It’s look fking fun 🙂

  25. It’s literlly an italian APC

  26. Hilarious how whenever this thing rolls over on its side, it automatically rights itself.

    I suppose the designers realized it would get flipped by the recoil of its own gun, and compensated for that?

  27. You need to get a full squad of these and all roll together

  28. 15:10 the first drive by ever (1944 Colourised)

  29. ZdrytchX -{Reference

    There needs to be a top gear episode race on the PO-2 versus this

  30. it just deletes stuff from the battlefield

  31. Wow, the new “Phorza: Daily” gameplay is amazing!

  32. To me, it’s got 80’s Lamborghini written all over it.
    Not surprised in the slightest by it’s design… Am I alone here?

  33. A real crap troll mobil 😀

  34. That’s what I would call a rape van.

  35. Now mount an 88 on it.

  36. this at 5.7 are you mad?

  37. No way in hell could that thing go that fast, YEah they modelled it way way wrong it’s REAL top speed was 40 MPH

  38. This needs WirbyWin ammo loadout and it could easily be a tier10.

  39. when you teleporting IFV using Chronosphere but ended up in another game

  40. the speedy flippy stitchy boy

    i wonder how it feels like to get assailed by several while you’re in a plane though. just imagine flying peacefully and suddenly all the bullet whooshes and your plane just disintegrates under the sheer volume of fire

  41. Seeing this I only think to myself: “Gib MK20-Wiesel at 3.0!”

  42. Its a Ferrari in disguise also with a modern spoiler in the form of a 20mm gun

  43. Awesome choreography at 11:06! 😉


  45. dat song tho

  46. Image if this thing exists in WoT

  47. My thoughts during the test range – “When the tank is a rockin, don’t come a knockin”.

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