What The Heck is The “New” STRV 81?! | World of Tanks Strv 81 Premium Tank Gameplay

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With the latest Twitch Prime package, WG introduced a tank called “STRV 81”. This is a tier 8 premium medium tank from Sweden and since then I am getting hammered with questions about the tank. What is it? Is it good? Is it anything special?

Well, let's talk about that today, in this episode with yet another as well, of course! 🙂

Happy Holidays!


  1. Happy holidays, keep enjoying your time off (if you can take it off). 🙂
    This is the “skinless” P. Vicotria aka Strv 81… Many of you wanted to know what this “new” tank is all about. It’s actually quite an OLD new tank. 🙂

  2. strv s1
    eu server EA_Poe

  3. username: faros78
    server :eu
    answer: Kranvagn 🙂

  4. Ign: Spodoba1106
    Server: eu
    My fav sweed i t10 udes medium tank… Crazy armor angles and fun tank to play

  5. My favourite swedish tank is the Kranvagn just because of the bullet stuck in the turret

  6. Username: Razopukka
    Server: EU
    My best Sweedish vehicle would probably be the STRV 103 B

  7. My favourite Swedish tank is the Kranvagen because he look so dominant in hull down

    Server Eu

  8. STRV 103B I love it 🙂
    Username : PsyBRAS
    Server : EU

  9. Name: knol_filip
    Ikv/ikea 103 im marking this tank and it is the best swedish tank from my opinion because it has the derp gun and it is so fast

  10. Username: Hammer_Of_Gods
    Server EU
    My favorit is STRV S1.

  11. Answer : strv 103b
    Username : Don_Oussama
    Server : Eu

  12. That going to be heavy tank line, Kranvagn definitely
    Username: kiza555_hero
    Server: EU

  13. This far? STRV 103-0 grinding to the 103B.

    Drakk0 – EU

  14. Q: Kranvagn because it has an autoloader and very good dpm and it has a weird name
    Name: DerEnthusiast
    Server: EU

  15. Username : capitanprezzo
    Server: EU
    I love strv 103

  16. Name: Trol1er
    My favorite swedish tank is the Emil 1951

  17. Server :eu
    Username : fx90snow
    Answer : strv 103

  18. Strv 74, the tier 6 tech tree med. That gun depression!


  19. HiTZz
    Eu server

  20. Hmmm my favourite Swedish tank, that’s a hard one as I have only just started that line. I am looking forward to unlocking the Emil.
    Asia server

  21. username: MISAKA12580
    server : NA
    Strv 103 good DPM, nice gun,fine armor

  22. Username: E4syboii
    Server: EU
    Q: STRV S1

  23. Username: tmxxl
    Server: eu
    I dont have played yet any swedish tank. If i do the emil 1 would be hella fun i think.

  24. Username: htconeplus2012
    Server: EU
    My favorite Swedish tank is the kranwagn

  25. Im ok with my Prima VICTORIAAAAAA!!!!!!!

  26. Kranvagn

  27. Benjo11
    Strv m 42 57 according to the Games played

  28. Username : kent10_warrior
    Server : SEA
    my favorit swedish tank is Lansen C & Strv S1

  29. Strv S1
    Server EU
    In-game nickname: naskon

  30. Server: EU
    Playername: joachim2005
    My favorite swedish tank is the udes 03 because of it’s good gun and if you’re standing in the bushes the enemy find it hard to spot you

  31. Name: alidad
    Server: EU
    it has to be tier x tank destroyer, because I am like a sniper player sitting back and chilling and sniping like a boss

  32. username: BlackBloodBandit
    server :EU
    STRV m-42-57 Alt A.2 is my favorite Swedish tank. I got it as a rental some time ago and really enjoyed the auto-loader gun, which people don’t expect around that tier, because the heavy tank line starting on tier 8 are the tanks people expect to have an auto-loading gun.

  33. Think mine is Strv74, but didn’t research tier 8s yet.

    EU server

  34. Nickname: ZAUROPODS Server: EU
    For now my favourite Sweede is tier V tank destroyer Ikv 305

  35. My favorite swedish tank?
    Havent even played them. But the s tank seems cool.
    Username : RoheSilmneLohe

  36. Ingame name: QuickUnforgivable
    Server: EU
    My fav is Kranvagen

  37. Username: Klickinator
    Server: EU
    Answer: Kranvagn

  38. Honestly, my highest tier Swedish tank is the Leo, so I would say that it’s my favorite tank in the tech tree so far. I drive it with the 75mm gun, and that makes the tank a fast, mobile sniper with good gun depression.

    Username: Ville67
    Server: EU

  39. Username: rappekef
    Server: EU
    Answer: I do not own them all so at the moment it is strv m/42

  40. Username:thomas200820923
    I dont got a swedisch vehicle but i think krangvang

  41. Name: killer_576_2016
    Server: EU
    Answer: Kranvagn

  42. username: TotalnoModeran
    server: eu
    favourite swedish tank: emil 1

  43. username: war_shaming
    server :eu
    answer: in your ass

  44. I really like the Strv 74, the Tier 6 medium tank, simply because of its gun. For its tier it has high pen, is very accurate and has good soft stats as well, together with its high gun depression it is a really nice tank to play with!

    GammaGecko, EU Server

  45. My favorite Swedish tank is Strv S1only “high” tier that I have played.
    Username: DeathRave
    Server: EU

  46. Username: EickhardtSr
    Server: EU
    Answer: My faworit Swedish tank is the Strv S1

  47. Server:Eu
    Favorite tank is strv s1

  48. LEO

  49. Favorite tank Emil I
    Server: EU
    Name: Provisus

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