What The… HORNS and HOT TOG IIs in World of Tanks 10th Anniversary 2020 – ACT II

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 10th Anniversary ACT II – Tank Horn, Hot Dog II Style and Special Styles. WOrld of Tanks 780. World of Tanks Update 1.9.1 Patch Review – New Customization World of Tanks 2020 10th Anniversary.

I think today’s news episode is one of the weirdest, or covers the weirdest topics… Like Horns tanks making its way to World of Tanks together with Hot Dog special skin for The Legendary TOG II.

On the top of that I am going to look at World of Tanks 10th Anniversary ACT II + many other styles coming with update 1.9.1.

Enjoy the video and your weekend!


  1. Marián Markovič

    I would newer did this to my belowed TOG,….

  2. once you get the tier 3 tanks it go easy

  3. Clown horn on veeled whehicles???

  4. As an old Togger I definetly want such a paint job for the ole boy

  5. Søren Pedersen

    What will be the next? A turn signal..

  6. all the shit wrong in this fucking game and they actually PAID a salary to some idiot to put horns into this game ? how about making only 2 arty max per team as well as 1 fucking clown car per team? there should be NO clown car toons … with very few exceptions everything wargaming comes out with is absolute shit .. I ground my IS2 shielded for free as well as my bounty ventilation so I have time to play neverwinter before the next episode of stupid shit is introduced.

  7. they do not show the style for the T30 because its going to be stupid looking as fuck and they do not want people to ignore their missions to gain a style they will never use

  8. Is this a TOG against BOT tanks?

  9. Alexander Gmuca


  10. I am on the SEA server and the Asian drivers are terrible enough without adding horns

  11. I used to own a Toyota Yaris, the horn was a little ‘meep’, sounded like a sick kitten

  12. Clown Horn+ maus = win

  13. This game is becoming a god damn clown fest and the player base is 100% proof of that.
    Soon its time to uninstall and delete my account.

  14. While at first the idea of horns and tanks sounds ridiculous, I think there is a useful purpose, right now when someone wants to get your attention they usually ram you or shoot you or type something into the interface, however having some other faster method could prove useful. I think the concept could be made more palatable by changing the horn sounds into loud revving of the engine sound. There are times like when one of your teammates is about to be taken out from behind where making a loud sound to get their attention could be beneficial. But overall I think the main complaint is the idea of having a civilian sounding device on a military machine, replacing this with the sound of a tank revving it’s engine loudly would probably make a lot more sense.

  15. I think it is time for one more ram god episode, a horny ram god episode

  16. Pasztor Gergely

    OMG where is this game going?
    Then comes the alloy wheels, neon bottom tank, nitro pack and air deflector kits ….
    This game has become very frivolous, its a shame …. :/

  17. plastic waterbottle

    its a day to stop playing wg wot

  18. Luca the chappie

    Welcome to world of more stupid

  19. is 2 is easy ro grind, i get it afret 4 days for free…

  20. Lately I wanted to play my KV-2. The ammor I put on this tank was gone. Is this a bug in the system?

  21. thx men for the hot tog )))

  22. I love some TOGs! Even aftr they nerfed them so bad.

  23. Stefanos Kyriafinis

    when is 4 and e100 will be buffed?

  24. The PolishBadger

    What we want: A fair and balanced game.
    WG: Let’s give them horns because that’s what the game needs right now

  25. Will we be able to buy something special with the anyversary tickets and not just stupid decals?

  26. anotherknight75

    Berlin grind was pretty easy in the end. Get your 3x 15 boosters and play 3 games daily.

  27. Wee need horn and all chat just a little went for EBR-s

  28. 8 Bit foghorns. Wow……..sounds mord like a seventees kids keyboard

  29. 2018 : HD Graphics
    2020 : *_H O N K S_*

  30. Seahorn approves the horns…………….

  31. Make spooky skeleton horn into the game!😉

  32. Rebecca Black’s version is better. Sure it’s pitchy and annoying but her hair isn’t stupid. Side note I got the IS-2S but not the last tier. It doesn’t bounce anything lol. It’s still a good tank though.

  33. “No one is buying old premiums!”
    WG: “Give them fancy hats!”

  34. For free: IS-2S achieved after around 20 rounds all with the x15 orders from the missions.

  35. the toot toot was the only reason to play WoWS….now coming to WoT. Can we get screaming flybys in WoWP next?!

  36. I want the tog style


    This means he hates england and the royal navy

  38. So much potential to add for the 10th anniversary and we got horn… And a tournament in which you can win spaghettos…

  39. Don’t have a t30 will probably never buy the t30.

  40. Do the aniversary point you got now stay when act 2 starts?

  41. I wanted a mexican horn for light

  42. I took the su 100 Y as reward instead of the tog, I’m starting to regret it

  43. christoffer blomdahl

    hit the horn before ram in e50m XD

  44. So glad it’s not just me who is unimpressed with the 3d Superconqueror style – the Strv one is infinitely better

  45. Prathamesh Prabhu

    I am FTP already got the is2s and also the 1st moe …..🙂🙂🙂

  46. Is the strv style actually 5k gold. I love the strv and the style looks so good. Even if it was 1k gold i would pay for it
    but whyyy 5k gold. Or is it some placeholder until wargaming figures a good price out. I hope i can use the anniversary coins on it. Someone with more info please reply

  47. I love the horns. I actually hope wargaming heeps it cozz i think its kinda fun and people can navigate around the battlefield easier. Like at the start of the battle if some moron gets in your way, don’t shoot them, just press k and all your problems are solved. lol 🙂


  49. Oh shot horns!

    Looks like the party bus is coming
    Nooooottt noooootttt

  50. Whats that camo?

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