What they doing with Object 780? | Battle Pass Marathon | Cobra Buffed and More | World of Tanks

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Object 780, Cobra, Shptk TVP-100 Buffed, K-2 Nerfed, New Battle Pass Season 7 Marathon. World of Tanks Update 1.16.1 Patch News. World of Tanks Patch 1.16.1 Update Test Server.

00:00 Introduction
00: Battle Pass Marathon?
03:00 Cobra Buffs
05:25 K-2 Nerfs
07:02 Shptk TVP-100 Buffs
08:30 Object 780 Buffs

Information from:
Update 1.16.1 Patch Notes: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/updates/1-16-1-CT1/

Update 1.16.1 has couple more interesting changes hidden in … This time let's talk about couple tanks which received some changes from .


  1. What do you want to see in the Battle Pass “marathon”? Where should Object 780 end up being?
    Let me know, stay safe and have an absolutely fantastic day!
    Here are timestamps for your viewing pleasure, if you want to jump between topics:
    00:00 Introduction
    00:50 Battle Pass Marathon?
    03:00 Cobra Buffs
    05:25 K-2 Nerfs
    07:02 Shptk TVP-100 Buffs
    08:30 Object 780 Buffs

    • I am thinking the 780 will be the next clan wars reward tank. The Cobra looks a bit more appealing, but still kind of meh. Excited for a new TD line though. And as always, thanks for another great news episode!

    • @Stuka87 WG has literally told us that it would not be a CW’s reward tank. I don’t understand why more people don’t believe it could be the next ranked reward considering the last ranked season we’ve gone through.

    • @LazyGamez I agree, just confused why people think it would be a CW’s reward when WG has explicitly stated it wouldn’t be. Also find the prospect of a new campaign being in the works quite unlikely.

    • @Joey Hamlet I guess all of us missed this official comment from them?? Do you have a link?

    • 780 will be a CW reward tank
      K2 will be the secret BattlePass tank

  2. The armour of the K-2 needs to be nerfed hard.

  3. i mean if u have a 703 II u have the best russian t8 heavy of all time
    K2, Kirovets, Is3a and is5 are not on the level of a Defender
    and Is6, K4 krexaksmfklg are the biggest shit 😀

    ahhh wait there is a obj 259A which is again a t8 russian premium heavy but with t9 armor from 259 and speed of 260 … THIS IS BALANCED

    • You mean 257 probably, btw I also have 703 and still I don’t mind buy something what impress me by look or one specific stat. Playing with 1 best tank would be extremely repetitive, literally I enjoy kirovets almost twice then 703 just because the speed and that you must use brain to get a nice game what makes me satisfied

    • @Shibito no 259a, its like a is7 at tier 8

    • @Ama Tmc i think it’s more obj. 257 since it has weakspot on the turret it’s little bit faster but it could has terrible terrain resistance values and than the top speed won’t matter

  4. Russian tanks should be the worst in the game? Maybe they need a morale bar that affects the crew? If it gets too low they surrender or run away?

  5. wg is trash

  6. I realize I watch too much WOT when I can recognize the t95 replay from another video

  7. I like to get 780 it be better to get in personal missions

  8. Retropaintball clips

    How do you even get cobra? I have chapter 1,2 and extra crew complete and then battle pass is done its 21 markers and cobra cost 24

  9. Why make a mediocre tank as CW reward, we saw how that turned out with Carro, lul.

  10. Ah yes the object 780. The next step from WG to make a russian tank without any weakspot especially the lower plate.
    1st step: Object 252U Defender, trollish lower plate
    2nd step: Object 279(e) lets replace the lower plate with tracks
    3rd step: Object 780 lets remove the lower plate!

    • VioletStetPedder -

      @Descartes 323 Not the size of the lowerplate of an E-100 sure but easily pennable lowerplate nontheless.

    • @VioletStetPedder – its 140mm at 60 degree angle. If u facing it straight forward it will be around 250-270mm depends on how tall ur tanks are. Tier 10 high pen gun might have decent chance penning it. But what about the tiers below. Its either dab the 2 key and hope u lucky and hit it, or just run away from it

    • Though ironically best way to deal with it in close quarter is just to face hug it bec its upper plate while even more extremely sloped is actually only 100mm thick. An E75 can easily pen it on face hug distance. But oh wait u are still fucked. Why? Bec it have the same damage per shot as an E75 but 2s faster reload.

    • VioletStetPedder -

      @Descartes 323 Why are you comparing a T10 heavy to lower tier tanks? Of course lower tiers are going to have a hard time against tanks on higher tiers.

    • You are lost. All T8 can pen the lower plate. And if you can t you can pen the upper plate

      The front turret is a weakspot, with other.
      IS7 is better than this tank

  11. Martin Macháček

    As Czech I would love to see new Czech TD in the marathnon <3

  12. The 780 would certainly seem to be a candidate for the final reward in a third campaign. It was claimed by developers it would never be a clan wars reward tank but things can change. I do likes the looks of it for sure.

  13. Campaign sezon 3?

  14. ohh.. another marathon… = no life

  15. Im am guessing the chapter 4 premium tank will be a Russian Heavy.

  16. Rainier Pomeranians

    Hmm… maybe the 780 is the reward phase of Battle Pass? Would love to see Czech TDs!

  17. @MrDesmund how can you tell the tank would be mediocre just from these few stats? For all you know it could have the dispersion of a M60 and the accuracy of a leopard 1. I tried to think of a tank that can be good without being brain-dead, that only has armour when used properly, that has the speed to get into position without taking damage but can’t just turn around and run away at any moment, that gives you a gun to hit your shots but you have to hit many of them, that doesn’t allow you to get 3k dpg just from trading, in short: a tank that REWARDS skill, just what a reward tank should be doing imo (*cough cough* 279)
    If WG thinks making tanks stupid is the only way they can stand out and be desired then that’s pretty sad but I beg to differ, carro failed because it did nothing differently than progetto and that thing was already dead and deseased when carro came out, but look at tanks like t22 med (the nerfed version), it’s hot garbage unless you’re kajzoo, yet so many people wanted it solely for that unseen sidearmor wich is even more remarkable considering there’s already 50 different russian mediums that almost all are stronger.

  18. that Object will go to Clan Wars it allready begins to feel like a “Russian Chieftain”.

  19. viperrecordbreaker

    Just what this crap game needed, another object and broken tank

  20. Love to know where they are finding the contortionist crew members are located in the 780. Are the radio operator & driver prone plus the commander & loader sitting with legs stretched forward?

  21. The specioal Battlepass stage interests me as I hope its a new style of marathon perhaps having some similaritis with BP itself.
    If its the standard Missions for Mastery Missions for commitment type we have already seen then it get a big yawn from me and whatever the reward tank I will probably give it a miss.
    I really dislike our current marathon style.
    If they added some bonus progress points like you have with BP then count me in daily missions for extra points bonus points from reaching the points limit of a vehicle and so on.
    I doubt they would do that but it would be an improvement over the play high tier and hope to get lucky or play lower tiers and grind for days and days to get a 50% discount which allows you to buy the tank for pretty much its full price.

    Buffs to Cobra sounds good, nerfs to K2 yeah probably needed though it did not seem that amazing in tanks GG.
    Too much armour too little penetration sounds like the Chrysler all over again.
    New TD with possibly a line of Czech TDs to follow also sounda good.

  22. SPTK-TVP 100 looks a very good sniping tank but stats doesnt mean all, maybe its like the grille 15, all the stats shows a great Sniper but most shots just bounce or dont pennetrate.

  23. @Terrorbrot Agreeable in a way, It would be nice to get some unique tanks as CW rewards and stuff (tho, this tank IS unique in the tracks part), However a Russian Tier X heavy would feel really stupid with low armor and a small gun…the tank doesn’t even look like one at that, what you described would be a heavy medium tank at best, but this tank just wouldn’t be that tank. Also we have a tank called for that, It’s the 907 (same stuff you said, just 5 gun dep)

  24. i want Japanese tank destroyers that they have been promising for a while now

  25. great vids!” as allways

  26. Am I really the only one who could see the Obj. 780 as a ranked reward tank? We know it can’t be a clan wars reward vehicle as they said it would be and I find it somewhat unlikely to be a new campaign reward as there’s not been any lower tier tanks announced that could accompany it in a three or four stage campaign. I find it much more likely to end up as a ranked reward at this point considering we’ve already had one tier 10 reward from the game mode and there hasn’t been any new and interesting tier 9’s announced which could be potential candidates.

  27. I think you still haven’t talked about “New Vehicle Outlining” announced on 25th. It’s the biggest change in recent history and I am super excited about it

  28. Good thing I’m almost done with the 3rd stage

  29. @MrDesmund Yes and no, 907 has camo and viewrange which this tank would trade for more firepower and hp as it’s a heavy, also it has a v shaped/ rounded hull that makes it hard to sidescrape (except in reverse). I think that alone are enough factors to result in a notably different playstile. I know this tank won’t look anything like my hope obviously xD but I would generally love to see more unique tanks

  30. Jean-Philippe Morin

    Is Cobra aim time still like sucky 4 seconds? If they have not improved this, it will still be pretty bad… whats the point of buffing reload and intraclip if you have to aim forever between shots?

  31. They had so much chances to put 780 as a clan wars reward in but my guess is the personal missions 3.0

  32. A new MARATHON, you say? I can hardly wai-zZZZzzz

  33. Am I going crazy or is the background footage a replay that quickly babby also featured

  34. I will say that it’ll almost definitely be a TIER 8, as wg did a survey (that I took part in) that asked players what reward they would like for the extra chapter, and the only vehicle options were a T8 Premium or a T6 premium, along with other non-vehicle items. I chose the T8 obviously, and I’m sure most everyone did as well. So, personally, I would guess the TVP-100

  35. Let me know if the 780 is coming

  36. Are Japanese tank destroyers ever going to get added to Pc World of tanks? I am itching for them to be added. I feel we mist start talking about it so it grabs their attention to add them. It will be a tech tree that hast had love sense the addition of the type H line.

  37. Sounds like they’re still doing stupid crap. Glad I gave up on WG a few months ago. If they ever fix MM I may return. Until then it’s other games for my family as we all got sick of the BS, but we still like yer videos Dez! You rock!

  38. RIP T95

  39. obj 780 is probably going to be new ranked reward

  40. Damn I hate the point limit on each tank for battle pass, nice to get “punished” for playing tanks I’ve bought and enjoy when I reach the limit.. It’s so stupid imo.

  41. Obj 780 ?
    Tier 9 premium

  42. Getting seriously tired and annoyed with all of this Russia impenetrable tanks. And since all supertest is un Ru only and they kinda hate entire world now – we will never gonna get good non Russian tanks. Not to mention Wg is Belarus and seemst to be only interesting in milkin EU to oblivion almost every news on EU wot site is buy this buy that overpriced tanks etc that cost the same or more than full AAA game.

  43. I think this will be ranked reward (obj780)

  44. They should make GOOD maps (not those corridors we have nowadays in the game. And also rebalance tier 10 tanks (Kran, Chief, 279 and also Object 780)

  45. [Twitch Streaming Channel] Q

    They need to fix matchmaking ! Or…Premium vs Non-Premium Tanks option !

  46. 780 in the tec tree would be cool

  47. It is a tier 8 tank, they announced it in Battlepass FaQ

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