What Tier 10s I’m Grinding in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

These are the T10 tanks I'm grinding to have the best of World of Tanks!



  1. Wow I thought the VZ-55 team was garbage… Conqueror team saw that comment and was like, “Hold our beers.”

  2. The conqueror looks like a tier V Heavy (very fat hull & small turret) I know size has nothing to do with tier but it just looks like a tier V to me lol

  3. Quickybaby, you have PhD for blooming’s sake, you are as English as Englishmen come, and still you use that horrendous grammar trend that is spreading like cancer through all of social media.
    “What Tier 10s I’m grinding in World of Tanks?” This is not a valid sentence, is it? “What Tier 10s am I grinding in World of Tanks?” would be better, I think? Or “You asked what tier 10s I’m grinding in World of Tanks!”. Or, “Today I’ll show you what tier 10s I’m grinding in World of Tanks!” But those last two are statements and not questions, therefore don’t warrant a question mark.
    I am so sad to see that some of the most basic grammar rules are down in the dirt already and still being kicked. And I’m not even a native English speaker!

  4. ME: I’m an OK player
    QB: I’m an OK player
    ME: I’m a trash player

  5. Am I the only one who didnt get the free experimentel equipments yet?

  6. Amx M4 54 has good armor yes , but it gets penned easily but most t10 gold through its mantlet

  7. I still feel like the CS-63 only has such a good win rate because people don’t realy understand the turret has no armor. It looks soviet, it looks hard and well rounded, it just… isn’t. It may not look like it, but the turret is not that much better than a Leos…
    It is a good tank, don’t get me wrong. Having a medium tank that can get into positions early is amazing, but the amount of times where people tried to snipe my cupola or waited for me to expose the hull while they could simply go right through the turret is way too high… It’s only ~130mm ffs >.<

  8. where do you get gold on free to play account ?

  9. 32:23 The games I recognized were extremely fast from 2 weeks ago. A lot of 2:15 finishing battles, it wasnt that bad in December, but after New years, the games started having a lot of fast games. It’s like WG reverted something

    • i know it makes t6/7s almost unplayable with all the bz-176s and calibians driving around…i get 1shot and 2 shot from them…i even try to go fight the lower tier tanks — but somehow they find a way to shoot me from some wierd angle through stuff.. and BOOM .. back to the garage…

  10. ONLY QB can say 3k dmg is a bad game.
    I don’t play Onslaught BECAUSE of the dmg and assist. It’s boring getting trounced by players on end who just rush in and compete with own team

  11. Udes has a better grind than STB, Leo has a great gun, t8 is decent at ridge lines and udes 16 has unpennable turret if played correctly but still gets shot a lot, so it feels good.

  12. Keep banning , I will make sure your a Zero.

  13. I am currently in the process of getting the Rhm Pzw. I am a light tank enjoyer and got to the Ru251 and its quite nice!

  14. Using the fast track bonuses, starting with the Skoda T24, I’m now working on the last field mod for the vz55 when I type this. What’s funny is I’m also grinding the Udes 15/16. I’m at the 14 5.

  15. QB, every tank can traverse that water. I do it regularly in all of my somewhat-mobile tanks, even the small ones. You just have to periodically roll up the cliff to catch air

  16. imagine being a dumbass and using vents instead of hardening on amx m4

    or vents instead of damn rammer on type 5
    jesus christ you dont even have hardening on the first slot because youre jerking off to vents

    and youre wondering why people are laughing at you

  17. i’m 100k exp short to get strv 103b, minotauro next i guess

  18. este juego es una mierda y todos sus tanques de fantasia juego asqueroso

  19. Drowned tanks still have hit points you can farm drowned tanks

  20. hey QB, just wanna know if you think the experiment equip will only be available to players who buy the improve battle pass reward

  21. Honesty I hate the CS, the leo IMO is just a better and more fun tank, sure the cs is a little bit faster, and has a little bit of armor, but the gun on the leopard is just WAYYY better. Plus the armor on the cs hardly ever actually bounced things anyways.

  22. Everytime i watch this joker play, I learn what _not_ to do

  23. What I really want is a shot at the Concept 1B and the Kpz.50t…

  24. You can damage a drowned tank

  25. No need to grind Tier X.. Everybody must get BZ-176. Bcoz it is controlling the game.. Its so OP…

  26. Sure you get to the position first but your team is just gonna sit in the back and wait to lose 7/10 times unless you win the fight single handedly.

  27. I’ll say it again WG didnt “BUFF” amx m4 54 top speed they just purely “Nerf” it form 40>35 so now the only thing that get buff is it gun.

  28. And again pushing pixel tanks that will not preform with you the same as they do with these you tube pushers who get payed by wot

  29. I’m glad you didn’t pick your best games with those tanks so thumbs up.
    New and relatively new players beware, I know most of you watching QB! Skip CS-63 part of this video, it is for veteran players.

  30. This brainwashing “competitive” meme slowly and surely kills the purpose of playing A GAME. It’s not a job ffs….
    Btw, I saw players with 45-46% wr per account, doing over 60% wr on a tank that the brainwashed majority consider a “crappy” tank, forgetting it’s all about fun.

  31. I got an ad for a WOT boosting service when clicking on this video…

  32. you are supporting this russian game while ukranians die – fucking shame on you !

  33. drowed tanks still have unused hp. . you can shot drowned tank even dead

  34. The 121 wasn’t actually driving bad the IS-7 just pushed him into the wall

  35. anyone know when Steel Hunter will enter the game? I only play WoT when there are game modes like this and Mirny lol

  36. Actually about amx, they didnt buff the speed at the beggining (on amx m4 54)

  37. @QB you haven’t done any reviews about the next Chinese Heavies!!

  38. Why dont you discuss the fucking mess WG made of this game. A decent battle is hardly possible. Or is it all about the money?

  39. Yes, we make a decent wage here in Norway but we also pay out the nose for everything.

  40. Falcon14 Blessed is the mind to small for doubt

    How can you go wrong with Chuck Norris, in your tank.

  41. 1st game wasn’t unlucky. You not going in the city meant your team was weaker there and your lack of presence allowed for enemy to break through. The flanking move was a bad idea

  42. Amazing video QB, your patience knows no bounds especially considering WG’s bs.

  43. 10:08 nice joke, QB.

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