What To Do When Your Team Are Morons

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Source: LemmingRush

This is a reupload! Im bad at editing xD


  1. When an enemy Type 5 does more for you than your own team…
    Yeah, the only thing that this match was missing is couple of camping heavy tanks…
    GG Lemming 😀

  2. ___
    way better now 😛 10/10

  3. What is your opinion on MM and it’s propensity to be a pendulum of either win or loose big and what would seem to be the inability of any one player to affect the outcome.

  4. You remind me of Tom cruise in really nerdy glasses

  5. I love your attempt to “stay calm”!! ?

  6. @lemmingrush can you do a video comparing all the LTs? Maybe talk about strengths and weakness by map?

    • No he does not do that. There are so many who do allready. Please let Lemming be Lemming and do his thing this is where he shines, no other tuber does this kind of narating.
      Lemming rules!!

    • @thatsnotmyname he is a big boy. He can answer me himself. Thanks.

  7. I just feel like we’re getting less for our money here without the blank video parts. LMAO

  8. Simple uninstall the game. I did and I haven’t felt better about not playing the game anymore.

    • Admiral CoffeeMaker

      Just play for fun and not for winrate. I just play kv-2 and t30 lately because I like doing big damage

  9. You know your meds retarted when when one camps redline in a fockin 430U, that TVP as well… oh god, how common is this I still can’t believe that

  10. Love these types of vids. Thanks for the stats & content

  11. Playing light tanks not according to their perceived role drastically increases the chance of being team killed… Hard to stay alive sometimes 😉

  12. Ambassador Somewhere

    I used to teach a lot of combat leader courses to young officers and NCOs. SOMETIMES the right answer is to wait. It’s not the default. Ask yourself what’s happening, how can I add to it and what do I have to do to add to it.

    Related to moron teams, I had to finally switch off assault & encounter battles because when moron teams struggle with a 15 minute match, there is no way they are going to cope in a 10 minute mission. Guess what? My win rate went up. Too bad though because I enjoyed the variety.

  13. And then the bad player in the back of the field yells at you because you left a losing situation where you were about to be run over by 3 or 4 enemy tanks.

  14. Shannon McPherson

    What was the setting at the bottom of your screen for MOE? How do you set it? or is it a MOD. Great Video Thanks

  15. Title of vid should be….when your unicorn sucks lol

  16. My CDA105 I have a 38%win rate in it but average 3.5k dmg in the tank also over 100battles idk what’s wrong with the thing almost every game the team melts instantly

  17. Actually there are 2 hungarians 😀

  18. Lucas Van Roemburg

    Like skill i only got love for this guy. No bullshit.

  19. Lol, Lemmingrush’s “shitty win rate” and “shitty consistent games” > 99.99% of the WoT playerbase! =P

  20. bad teams…. ever since 2018 christmas ive had bad teams consistently. thats why i dont play anymore Ive just had enough but i’ll still watch your content

  21. Why is ur ping so high?? Lmao do u live in Anchorage?

  22. How to experience a team full of morons? Play at the Hong Kong server.

  23. ….and arty ruins the day as usual

  24. You mentioned the poor team you had and ineffectual teammates, but I am pretty sure you were dealt a great hand. That Type 5 teammate was glorious.

  25. ok one tipp-if you have morons in team pls dont tell then that they are morons retard camper shit debils ,becouse you wile be baned

  26. OCD surely not ADHD? Just lost a game because of that house corner play.

  27. At the start of almost every game you laugh and say “fuck” xD

  28. This video’s tittle has been changed to: what to do with your team every time you play with them

  29. Aw man the last 5 minutes of the last video were my favourite.

  30. You’ve got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know… morons. (Blazing Saddles)

  31. Every time lemming goes into a game:

    Ahahaha… fk

  32. trying to 3 mark BC 25t could use some advice lemmingrush

  33. Hey lemming, i struggle with knowing when to play for wins(use HP for example to make plays) and when to kinda just farm of your teammates. i can do good dmg but i wont be influencing the game much. but when i do try and influence the game, it becomes harder to still end up with good dmg at the end.

  34. weird play for the mediums.. I personally don’t like that bush position in the corner, even in TD’s because unless you have a .30 dispersion on your gun you wont hit at 1/2 the map away from target. I’ve had some good games in the 704 right in the first position you played, but again having the BL10 gun everyone is afraid of it and wont push unless they know you’ve fired so you can easily hold position unless 10 tanks rush you. Good job either way

  35. Looking for my name in the team lists.

  36. What do I do when I’m having bad RNG??? Monday night I played frontlines for 2 hours and made around 300k creds a match. Last night I missed / bounced over half my shots and 25% of the hits I took were crits…. made like 150k credits for a couple matches before I rage quit lmao

  37. You could hear the pain in Leming’s laughs.

  38. The first thing you said about tanks that just get bad teams, 100% true. 51% wins with FV4202, 42% with Obj 430. Did okay with 430 but teams quite often just evaporated in the first few minutes. And now WoT is trying to force me to sell T54-proto, probably 5% win rate in last 30 games.

  39. I wish i could predict when I have a Moron team and just go afk. Oh wait Thats what xvm dickwads do nevermind. Keep calm and carry on

  40. LR: loads into game
    LR: *chuckles* fuck

  41. Elisei Dumitrescu

    Hi LemmingRush. Great vid! Keep on the great work! You’re awesome!

  42. WG actively handicaps based on skill MM regardless of tier…it’s a major piss off when they do that

  43. The regular Obj 268 always attracts idiot auto-loss teams when I play it.

  44. It’s titles like this that really make me reconsider watching your channel. You’re good and we all know you’re good. Try being more humble because nobody likes an arrogant ass.

  45. TheBestRed Player

    Must be fate just started your video and a match and low and behold RUINBERG

  46. I don’t blame the team…I blame the advertisement of war gaming and the rappid growth of a new tanker from tier 1 to tier10 in a few months of game play….idk how long u have played but I have played for over 6years and it take alot of time to understand the game.

  47. Lemming is the ultimate farmer 🙂

  48. re 0:50 yes doing what everyone else does is pointless, you’ll get blind fired by knowledgeable players & double & treble up on the job better done by a single tank. Better to find a unique approach. Ignore the mindless who might berate you in game & go ahead with a new individual plan. A good approach is to try something different each time you play a map… even when you find a great play, just note it & try something else, as every game is different & maps have more than a singular method. The only thing that remains the same is the lemming train. Hence the blind fire. ADD yes falling back; staying alive is key in lights, if nothing at all lights are awesome at endgame moves.

  49. you are not usefull to any human interaction puppy boy. if the world wasn’t recorded your neck would be snapped

  50. This is so relatable, I get bad teams when I play my T110E5 all the time. I am about to 3 mark the tank but I only have a 48% winrate with it. I cry every time.

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