What to do when your Team goes TD Alley on Cliff

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  1. Same thing you do in every game. Camp and snipe. XD

  2. I like how you skip the easy farming parts. Makes the video way more interesting and compact.

  3. Allstar - ROTMG and More


  4. Love this thank you lemming! Xx

  5. Woo lemming loves me 😉

  6. 0_0 never thought youd be the kind of guy to play project cars 2

  7. We want Minecraft gameplay

  8. Good job, I’ve used that spot before, good one. Like to see other good spots on other maps too. Different spots depending on type of tank. Tnaks

    • I like playing that spot as well but I worry about being a “canper” despite having a real chance to carry or at least contribute

    • Bryan Kienlen screw them, you play your best game for the team. My feelings anyway. Just let them see how well you did at the end of game.

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  10. When TD’s sit in back, it’s “camping”.
    When Lemming sits in back, it’s “sniping”.

  11. Ambassador Somewhere

    Episode 2: what to do when your team pushes valley on Lakeville.

    Episode 3: what to do when your baddie top tier heavies push beach on Overlord.

    • Lol overlord made me laugh ?

      What’s even funnier is when 5 of your heavies go beach and only 2 of the enemies go beach and your 5 heavies take way too long to push through the beach, by which time you’ve lost map control everywhere else

      Like I seriously develop brain damage when it’s 5V2 on beach and your team doesn’t steamroll the enemy in seconds

    • Ambassador Somewhere

      @Sam Kent yes, it does cause brain damage. Because you know you are down thousands of heavy HP up top are will have to fight like a madman for 10 minutes until, and if, these morons surface again. During the countdown, I try and warn them. Try and chide that only shitlords go beach. The worst is when they survive and say I was full of shit. 1 out of 100 times it works. It’s validated as the new meta…

    • snowisthebestweather

      When your team forms a lemming train, regardless of the map, you have two options: get to the front and encourage them to push, or stay back and camp base. Getting to the front often means you die, so you don’t see this very often, and even then, it often doesn’t work, and your team still doesn’t push. If you’re in something really slow, you don’t have any options. You have to camp base.

  12. You da Bomb dot com. Love your videos. 🙂

  13. now all idiots will go there:)

  14. I think it is a common thing in the game, at least 2/3 of the team go to one spot. Usually they come across a small number of enemy tanks, panic and stop. Clearly none of them have a mini-map because they don’t see that they are being flanked. I have been searching for a good play to make in this situation and never thought about taking up a TD position so this video is really helpful.

    • i have been in to many games where the lemming train goes one way and then stops for most of the game till flanked, its so annoying, especially as your trying to the lemming train what is going on and they only noticed when attacked from the rear, i play TD`s alot and those position`s are filled up fast with med`s and heavies and then for some reason the TD`s are supposed to go spot

  15. Fruity Loops!! COOL!

  16. I see you have FL Studio. Interesting how I came here for gaming content and I end up advertising my music lol. Keep uploading man, I love your videos

  17. Great replay. You got also lucky there was only 1 arty and you are in an Obj 140. That thing shoots every 5 seconds, so it’s easy to deter enemies with that rate of fire. Thank you. Keep up your great work!

  18. he ha he ha he ha

  19. 2 vids one day☺

  20. Felt like a ‘Cliff’ Notes version of WoT, but thanks!

  21. Could we get a video on how to go about being a support heavy? I have a hard time with the concept, I’m too aggressive.

  22. Deformed_xD_Is_Banned

    Lemming taking HE?! Who is this imposter

  23. Totally agree played a huge part, defended a whole side flank, fun shots!!!

  24. I saw csgo on your Desktop, any Chance of seeing you play it and explaining your strats in a Video? U have a really chill way of explaining stuff and maybe u have a second channel for that?

  25. I think your best product has become, “How to handle ____ situation when your team is FUBAR”

    • this is the famous ‘anvil technique’ – you just let the enemy outflank and then over-stretch themselves onto a solid fire line – this happens often on Arctic region ;oP

  26. i watched the adds, you’re welcome. now play the fing kt

  27. Next level gameplay.

  28. Good video, it’s helpful to see game videos for specific maps when greens don’t go where they are “suppose” to.

  29. How does he get the damage counter next to his tank display? Is it in settings? If so where?

  30. I’ve done the same thing many times and never can pull the win out.

  31. Whatd you do if you were these guys?

  32. Best defensive position on this map. I played it many times even if you lose you can always fall back and I almost always had great dmg at least.

  33. I have done this and it works well

  34. I had this same situation but it was literally 11 tanks going TD alley and me all alone to middle. I was hoping our arty would get me tons of spotting but they totally ignored the middle where the red team had about 7-8 tanks and focused TD ally where the enemy had two tanks. Game was over in 3 minutes.

  35. I was sitting on that position with my T67 and ran out of ammo 🙁

  36. Bru the object 140 is such a nice looking tank.

  37. Console players? That’s how my games look like, then a seal clubber with 65% win ratio starts sending everyone hate messages (keep in mind I have a 57.8% win-ratio while grinding the centurion 1 and KV 4).

  38. Good advice, I have often the same problem: the whole team camping. I’ve said for years if I could get one euro everytime my team is full of camping retards that guard the lines 1-2 and get flanked, I would never have to work again. Actually I’ve said that if I could ban one camping everytime the team is full of camping retards who camp, there wouldn’t be camping retards in the game…

  39. Thumbs up.

  40. give us a cs go video and surprise everyone.

  41. 80% of 15 is 12, FYI

  42. This is always 97% of random games..

  43. Another WoT YouTuber! Sorry I found you so late

  44. From now on, there will be 5 top-tier medium tanks in that location every game

  45. Thanks again. I appreciate your “lessons” and look forward to many more.

  46. I just had a game like this today, this is great, keep the vids coming lemming?

  47. Last time when I went there with my 140 because our team was camping and there was 3 spgs on both sides, my own ally pushed me off the cliff because he didnt want me there ?

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