What To Do When Your Team is Full of Idiots – World of Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush

Bit sick, hence the voice. Hope it’s not too annoying 🙂


  1. I just had a battle on this map with a scout from your clan, chat got toxic of course, and I literally typed in chat ( what would lemming do ? ) 40 minutes ago. ?

  2. Hey guys hey guys!

  3. 3:36 you missed your opportunity to say “look at the lemming rush in the west.”

  4. I find myself in these positions frequently. I do not exploit them nearly as well as you. I also have a tendency to keep trying to support my team long after it ceases to be viable.

  5. use xvm if at all possible.  It’s additional useful information.   If you know your team is outmatched, you can adjust much more quickly….

    • Baron von Limbourgh

      You should act on teamates actions not their stays .

    • I do both.  Stats give me a pretty clear initial picture, but you always follow up with how they are actually playing.

    • Baron von Limbourgh

      +bikebudha01 it really doesn’t. Play for a while without it. You will see you will start to make better decisions.

    • Nope.  I was having trouble with xvm for awhile (several weeks), I found not having it to be less effective.  It didn’t rock my world not having it, but it was harder to gauge a team ‘early’.  Obviously, 2 minutes in you could get a sense of what kind of team you have.  But with xvm, you know in the first 20 seconds.

    • Baron von Limbourgh

      +bikebudha01 ahh well. If it makes you feel better keep going.

  6. Why is a Canadian video 50fps???

  7. Great content as usual, keep it up !

  8. I have a different style of playing. I’m always the first one to spot and face the enemy, my teammates can benefit from that, but in most cases I die and I get shit scores because my team is an idiot.

    • Shit teams….whats new?

    • A fish with incredibly long legs

      Yeah same here, i think i stay alive 1 out of 7 games, but i have 55% winrate so its not that bad, only thing i hate about my playstyle is that if youre the one who gets spotted first, then every arty looks at the first red dot in their minimap and instantly shoot at you

    • Problem sometimes with spoting is that you spot enemy team and people just stop to shoot them and then camp.And best part is that they barely hit something.

  9. 1stTime (Yes I'm Global)

    how the fuck? you god!

  10. please more videos like this

  11. WoT is like a cat trying to hide:
    mish we see your legs outside the curtain.-
    No you don’t.-
    Actually you’re right we don’t.-

  12. Well you send them hate messages and call them scrubs and make sexual references to thier mothers

  13. In a situation like this you will get team mates bitching at you in chat about you doing nothing, being a coward, being useless, etc., etc., People tend to blame the last man standing because they are dead and you are not. I see it a lot. They’ll even send you a message after the battle. I love the game but it has one of the most toxic communities I have seen.

  14. James The Archaic One

    The number of your teammates that did under 500 damage . . . wow

  15. Stat packer, waited to get involved in the fight , run the field to left stayed with the pack and spot , the out come of the game would of been in your favor ! Shit happen after the fact Law ! Bah bah bah >

  16. I prefer to call them “creative”

  17. I was guilty as an xvm user, oh 6% chance to win, yolo time, delete xvm and try hard every game, good vid.

  18. I usually just scream in the chat, blame everyone, then alt f4. Good strat.

  19. Lol perfect timing on this topic

  20. 0:00 “Hey Guys Hey Guys”

    Is this a new style of editing?

    *Or is this a dialect of Canuckese?*

  21. There are WAY too many players in this game now that have 10k+ matches, sometimes near 150k matches no joke, that have 40% wr, tier 1 average damage an exp. WAY too many of these now. Playing daytime is a cesspool and completely unfun in this game now that HALF the teams are filled with potatoes like this. How in the FUCK can you play 50 THOUSAND matches and never improve? HOW??????????????? Dont believe me? Play daytime an check your team after each match. Half of of them will be typical day cancer as I just described. WG has to stop punishing players in thier games that are victims of their rng mm shitshow, at least make the top 3 or 4 players on the losing team get winning xp. Least it will incentivize potatoes from camping spawn, well some of them.

  22. I had a lucky game on this map in my lttb vs tier tens were they were all shit and were rushing me trying to kill me but all that happened was my jpz e100 farmed them and my meds so i came out of the game with 10k spotting

  23. Awesome video lemming, it’s always very education to watch your videos. I like how you’re always very involved in the game and don’t camp the red line to get higher wn8 (like some would suggest is the right way of 3 marking tanks)

  24. I must be understanding your process and strats a lot better…. I was checking out the mini-mapped thinking WTF… time to get out of the middle well before you said it haha! Great video, as always mate.

  25. How to be a uniscum use your team to spot sit at back. Farm damage amen

  26. DrasticPurpleHippo


  27. I hope your chair is doing ok Lemming, cheers! xoxo

  28. That waffle had some very interesting things to say after he died lol

  29. There’s only ONE rock on that field and you rammed into it lol. But really nice played tho.

  30. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Ah so 60% of the daily games played ^^

  31. 0:00 new meta?

  32. this is very useful content. Thanks for the lecture.
    But it is for lt only. What should we do in this 0-15 team if I am a HT or a mt?

  33. I do this a lot when I’m not dead. Good job.

  34. And what to do when you are in your low tier heavy and the score is 0-5 befor you are at the Frontline?

  35. More lemmingrush driving at 10:10

  36. My problem is that I’m in this situation with a BDR in tier 7 games and 3 cancers, with friendly team rushing back to hide at the red line including the spotters. Yeah.

  37. Speaking of bad teams/players. How not to delete the game which looks like it’s used as theraphy in some mental institution?

  38. *Hey guys Hey guys*

    I like the new intro. ?

  39. Hello Lemming. Yesterday I had a great game on Emperor’s border. Or Empire’s border, idk. Anyway, I had a really good game in obj 140 with 1v1s and carrying the end of the game. 7k dmg and 5 kills. Would you like to watch it and maybe feature it on your channel?

  40. very good result, and it was nice to watch it too 😉

  41. Standard battle on new Prokhorovka: a lot of line 1 camping…

  42. Hi LR, another fascinating insight into your thought processes. Every right to rage after that battle.


    well being the MM is rigged, you are a IDIOT TOO…quickybaby’s mod pack, proves this through each players stats, all in the RED on one team and all in the GREEN on the other team…50% hit rate and below on one team, 50% and above on the other…his mod proves this…NOW why did you end up on the IDIOT team ? your not as good as you say you are … you use stupid players to do your dirty work, with out them … you are nothing

  44. Thibault Giesbertz

    can u link the wallpaper again? <3

  45. Alexander Melnikov

    its just the way it is

  46. Many evenings this is problem n1 in WoT ! A lot of “push and die” and “rush and die” idiots. Thanks for focusing on this problem !

  47. “Hey guys, Hey guys its lemming rush.”

  48. you lost

  49. Arty: “Lemming_Rush, reported. Why you not spot?”
    Holy fail teams. This was just one of the many reasons why I stopped enjoying the game. There are challenges and then there are facing impossible odds. Great effort on the save, but it’s unfortunate that a loss is still a loss. Great team there *rolls eyes*.

  50. That rock killed you! 🙂

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