What To Do When Your Team Is Terrible in WoT

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. First even though it doesn’t matter.

  2. LemmingRush, what do you do if you end up in a bad match in a vehicle that cannot relocate. (Superheavies)

  3. Lemming what happens if your team is bad and its a city map in a bat chat
    am i just fucked

  4. 6:50 Well I know what spot I’m using from now on when I lose that flank…

  5. lol, 3rd video on bad teams in a year XD

  6. Great insight as always. Thanks

  7. Heres what i do to maintain my 2700 wn8. I go fuck myself in a bush sniping.

  8. What shall i pick First: t100lt or obj 140

  9. how to leave in a tight city map though, that’s more difficult in my opinion. Less time to judge the situation and usually less distance, perhaps a future video about that? How (when) to leave a flank in tight city map basicaly

  10. You played excellent Lemming. No need to feel bad about what you could have done. You did what you could, which was play amazingly well until your death.

  11. I seem to be running into a lot of that style of game play/teams. I do the same farm, farm and farm some more. Results are WN 8 jumped to 1458 over the last 3 months. Tons of TD’s on each team lately.

  12. What about a fast game? On console… Our games go WAY WAY to fast. So carrying is rare.

  13. your team lost bc of your bad play. uninstall the game and play Tetris instead!


  14. I just try to rally my team to gang bang lemming when he’s on the other side. Good way to do that is ask if the 100 gold bounty is still in effect….

  15. Well I would just pray to RNGesus for miracle when this happens XD

  16. what happend to the rng +25-25% vid?

  17. Some days, you can get 4-5 games in a row with such teams. It’s hard to keep a good mood and continue playing longer.

  18. LemmingRush,what do you do think is an optimal amount of aggression for a TD?especially at tier 10? (IE advancing slowly vs camping vs being right behind the heavies/mediums)

  19. I recently had a match on fiery sailent where half my team went hill (and died, trading a tank for an enemy tank) and the other half just went to k3 to start the founding of Tent City. What I did was to gently probe from mid at f3-4 for spots in mid and at the 1-2 line in an Oni. Was that the right move? Honestly, when it comes to driving a heavy tank and I find myself on this map I’m lost as to what I should be doing. I know I shouldn’t push alone, but at the same time I don’t want to sit in the back and be killed by tanks no one is spotting.

  20. Even though I know you don’t play heavies much, I’m more then half way through the British and Chinese heavys, which one would be better?

  21. This was a good game to analyze. The situation on the east flank was quite typical. Thanks.

  22. Cry about it at forums

  23. ??❤️❤️??

  24. On being lit: It’s 5 to 10sec RNG. Plus can be additional 2 sec. is a spoter hase skill for DESIGNATED TARGET
    So to be on 100%, its 12sec, or as a range from 5 – 12sec

  25. Hey Lemmig, I recently got the t55a, and the thing is that it carries less ammo than the t-54, 37 to be exact, how much heat and should I use HE? Thanks 🙂

  26. i spotted 1 bot and 1 afked arti, any one spoted more bot than I do? tell Mr. rush

  27. “Good luck performing when you’re angry”

    Literally me. I would’ve been so pissed if this happened to me. I hate losing Hp for no reason and I hate having to give up good positions because of poor team plays. I hate running away and I really hate getting hit while running away. But this video gave me a lot of insight into the course of action i should take when the team is trash. I appreciate this video, good job.

  28. M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo

    HOW to win at WOT.
    1: do not play (reccomended)
    2:spend a shitton of money on virtual tanks and stuff! (not reccomended)

  29. But all my teams are aids

  30. When you have multiple top tier tds, my instinct would be to emphasize spotting stuff in their range. So in this game, playing the left. How would that have padded out? I guess here the 9 line would have collapsed in 2 minutes then whole team in a cross fire?

  31. “You quit”

  32. Hi, LR, it is not the first time for me to watch your videos, all of them are great. I usually play wot in Asia server, sometimes there are bad games and teammates. High tiers don’t know what there should do and where they should go, sometimes half of teammates die at the very beginning of the game. So when I am in this situation, I don’t play aggressive and switch the line if I cannot win and stay back to give fire support. As medium tank, it is important to read the situation and find opportunity to get damages, aggressiveness depends on the situation. As a good TD player, do not keep yourself spotted in a good game, and keep yourself the last one to be spotted in a really bad game

  33. Easy team kill ur team…

  34. Thanks for this video. I am the man you talked about. I have 2000 wn8 and often i dont recognize when is the time to run. These videos will help me play more consistently. I am your big fan, keep uploading these videos.

  35. Ok, I think that the crucial thing that get you above 1000WN8 is instantly looking around yourself and on the minimap. The crucial thing that get you above 2000WN8 is reading and understanding the situation and doing the right thing in that situation. And the thing that you get above 3000WN8 is instant knowledge about what will happen in the next second based on everything from minimap through tiers and types of tanks to understanding the situation.

    Wish that LR will read this.
    Wish that might help somebody.

  36. great video!

  37. wot is a massive multiplayer game so like in real live u meet different level of experience and skill: i think its normal and u need to learn to deal with this.

  38. Hey lemming, do you have a discord channel or something? My recent is always between 2300-3k which I personally feel I could make a lot better. I really love your vids and they help a lot! I want to platoon with good players to learn from them but usually they don’t respond or act as complete elitist a-holes.

  39. You can talk about the situation sometimes but that very rare that they obey what to do….often they go other side when I tell them and when I dont tell to go they go that way I tell em …

  40. Hey LR, how I am supposed to play when I am bottom tier? I can’t force attacks, I can’t be aggressive, because I don’t have HP and DPM to do so. And when I am not leading attack, I just win with 1000DMG or less. When I try to somehow lead the attack I get myself killed in most cases…

  41. Playing light tanks has taught me a lot about when it’s time to fall back and when it is time to push. Still looking for that medium tank that fits me. Have yet to really find a good front line medium or heavy I really enjoy.

  42. Love this channel. What game plays you show here are practical and it really help me to learn how to play.

  43. wot is skill based
    you lost cause you just suck kappa

  44. the chance of losing when having toptier td’s is a lot bigger. They really have a bad influence on the battles, since they make it passive and loads of times simply wait for the flank to fall and then farm damage. So especially tier 10 clickers are trash, because of the 3 5 7 mm. Loads of times I get 2 td’s + 1 arty and already know the environment will be affected in a very bad way because of them being in the match.

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