What to do When Your Whole Team Goes One Side – A “Lemming Train”

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Source: LemmingRush

My kind are not actually the end of your winrate 🙂


  1. Very simple answer, you complain in chat and die in the first 3 minutes.

  2. Are you Canadian?

  3. bruh 2 vids a day, the grind is real

  4. Im the grille, mom I am famous on youtube now!

  5. If this is the first time you have seen all 15 tanks go the same way in a pub maych you are very lucky. I see it at least 1 time when i play more the 10 games in a row.

  6. Butcher_ Bird_44

    Its about damn time, I figured you would cover your namesake eventually!

  7. That was BS, 90mm HE shouldn’t have done that much damage

  8. GymLeader_Giovanni

    Stuck at work, can’t hear your soothing Canadian voice. The struggles.

  9. yha i have that 2 today first the tolk crap and lemming but 1win and 1lost 🙂

  10. Túrin Turanbar

    Man, loving all the quality content recently. Really like your stuff.

  11. It’s so ironic…a rush…of lemmings….

  12. Valentin Kovachev

    Next time you say “One Direction” say – “RIP Zayn”, its funny (no its not..)

  13. It's not what you think

    I got a little disappointed when you said you were worried about the O-Ho for a second.

  14. its like so easy when i look this but damm :). maak a video abou. t wz-132

  15. i don’t get the description

  16. 2 videos <3

  17. Hey lemming is the M48 patton worth it? Tier 10’s are on sale right now and I have been thinking about grabbing it. I also have the T-62a unlocked so I am having a hard time here choosing which to buy lol.

  18. lol so many vids

  19. The problem I find with this kind of games is that pubbies often pay too much life to break into enemies position. That’s offset by outnumbering them, ok. But then when they get to enemy base, like on this replay at A8 or around, they would’ve kept pushing into the open if that Patriot wasn’t there, and instead of taking behind the rails they’d go straight to the cap and die horribly there.
    So, to summarize, overwhelming is good at the beginning, but then it gets progressively worse by:
    1)ppl not knowing were or how to move to push, instead going into the open straight into enemy cover again.
    2)YOLO mentality which doesn’t let em defend the TDs/base/arty whomever is behind, and defend the strong positions they earned.
    3) the enemy also would prob do mistakes when they push so being in the right position on the flank ensures a good farming and benefit for your team.

    I guess the main reason for this is that men think defending is for cowards you gotta attack press W and die Like a MAN. Right?

  20. g1r please…

  21. Gotta luv that snapshot on the move by the SP @4:42.

  22. haha I should have been first If I didn’t watch the whole video before commenting 😀


  23. Great video

  24. I *R E A L I S T I C A L L Y* love you for posting to vids mang

  25. DramatisPersona

    LemmingRush=LemmingGeddyLeeAlexLifesonNeilPeart. Is that right?

  26. I am going to answer your question without even watching the video. Of course you can, for example if the 15 people from the other side all go there too, or they all go to the other side and you have the faster tanks in cap. And probably in a couple other scenarios.

    Silly question 😉

  27. I wish the chat on the EU server was as used for team work as the NA server…if only i could switch servers :/

  28. 2 videos in one day lemming? You spoil us!:)

  29. lemming train on lemming train 🙂

  30. Lol Meatheadmilitia was the Patriot.

  31. You have never seen a lemming rush in a pub game???????

  32. The only issue with lemming trains is that some times people refuse to listen to the smart players and don’t join the train. They will think they can hold the other flank and when they die they bitch about the lemming train. The worst thing you can do if you see a lemming train form, is not be a part of it from my experience.

  33. What this showed was the enemy being stupider than your team. It is so rare for a lemming train to succeed it is painful. Your team did the same thing that happens all the time. They stopped. You have advice that I heard from either QB or Jingles long time ago. If you see your team going one way and you are all by yourself, go with them instead. Don’t be the hero trying to hold one side alone. Unless you are in a Type 5 heavy with a good side scrape position cuz that scares the enemy to pieces and will stop their rush (done it a couple of times now). Anyway. If you do this in Clan Wars you don’t stop. But in pubs, they stop. It can be 10 v 2 and they will stop instead of overrunning the 2. Sad but true.

  34. Nice vid, will keep your tips in mind next time I encounter a lemming rush. I can see your reasoning for supporting the 9|0 push but would your tactics change if you were bottom tier?

  35. Ayyy Lmao nice vid man

  36. The meta lemming train on this map is generally to the other side which is way more difficult to recover from. If everyone goes this (like this game) way I feel pretty confident most of the time.

  37. Hey lemming would you do a “what to do when your whole team is camping” video?

  38. Well, when the Lemmings Rush ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) it works.

  39. 6 haters every single video.

  40. Always love your commentary! keep up the good work man!

    I used to like “guarding” the weak flank, thinking I’m doing some dirty works for my team. But then I realized there is no such position as “must hold” or “must rush hill or we lose”. The front-line is constantly changing when the battle progressed, and there’s nothing wrong with tactical retreat and relocating. Simply with this mindset I think my WR gained about 3% and wn8 increased by more than 500!

  41. fuckin x3 weekends

  42. Have you ever thought about taking viewer submitted replays and doing a break down on what the player did wrong// what they should’ve done.

  43. When more than 1 person is paying attention…. it works, but it fails just as much as it wins.

  44. Great video, please do more original content like this and stay away from the click bait stuff like your last video. Its disappointing and in my opinion unnecessary. Your opinions, tactics and reviews will grow the channel on its own merit with a much stronger subscriber base than cheap name dropping and click bait tactics… sorry, just my 2c worth 🙂

  45. SP in tier 10 game?

  46. 11:19 Grille 15 is using binoculars
    11:39 Grille 15 is using 2 binoculars
    *Good job WG, replays are working as intended!*

  47. Nice video, keep it up

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