What To Do When You’re Feeling Useless – World of Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush

A video on a topic that I'm verrrry used 😉


  1. One reason I love the T-34/85 is even bottom tier against IS-3s and T-28 prototypes I usually do well by playing with extreme caution and sniping. I’m never useless if I make the right moves and don’t screw up. The key is to play smart and sneaky. I once wrecked 2 Churchills in a T-60 and they never even saw me.

  2. i dont understand how u dont have many more subs

  3. Real stuff in majority of games. Thank you.

  4. thanks lemmingrush these types of videos are great! i like how you simplify things and put them on levels that are easy to understand.

  5. What do you think of the constant sub 5 minute games these days?

  6. fucking love these live plays lem, my game play in lights has gotten so much better since iv started watching your video

  7. Random Cat On The Internet

    “what to do when you feel useless”
    Me : go drown myself

  8. i went to city, saw a tank, left. drove red line around and saw other side. i dont spot center for team and leave, because thats what i do. if my team lights targets i can enhance my record tho they aren’t . im leaving because thats what i do! if my team does enough damage before they die at end and i save my health i can “carry” ,get lots of kills and medals again. there is no “team” in “i”, i looked and left them letters!

  9. I was expecting a more existential conversation. And then it was all about light tanks. 🙁

  10. Christopher Schultz

    I act AFK for a bit with my t49 derp just to watch how things are developing. Then I move around to see who needs help. I sneak around and pounce on low HP heavys. I’ve found that following your “just stay alive” light tank advice has really helped me have much more impact on games. Sometimes I don’t get much damage, but knowing I knocked out some guns to help win the game makes it fun and worthwhile anyway. The kudos are nice, too.

  11. Hella

  12. Jacob Macpherson

    Hella boring, where you from brooo

  13. Piotrek Trembecki

    Arty is the hardest class to play because every time I fire in it I can feel the knife get closer to my throat.

  14. Another strong spotting location is the bushes in G8. If you’re spotted, move behind hill in G7 and continue to get spotting damage.

  15. @LemmingRush – Thanks for the videos. Do you think it also would be great if you can tell the best locations from both spawn points, for the tank type and map you are playing?

  16. Very good demonstration how to be successful being a light tank.

  17. The WoT website says you have played 291games as Artillery (SPG). You must be totally hardcore to push yourself into such a difficult class for so many battles. =O

  18. “These are never gonna pen, eh?” So Canadians DO say “eh” after all!
    In all seriousness, thank you for this video. In the past, you taught us how it can be important to commit to a side that we believe is winnable to impact the game, but you showed us in this video the importance of supporting a crumbling flank that imposes a large threat to the team – even if doing so is painful and can seem thankless at the time. The impact you had on the game from playing off of both sides and playing to the advantages of your mobility demonstrated the importance of map awareness and thinking from the perspective of the enemy. I may have learned more from this video than any yet – other than you Tank Destroyer Guide, of course. =)

  19. That fucking Arty burn at the beginning! I’m dying ????

  20. Oh Jordan B Peterson uploaded a WoT video?

  21. Lemming sounds like jordan peterson the way he talks lol

  22. Great games, learned a lot. Please quit saying JC so often

  23. I’ve watched them all, over the years. Jingles, Kellerman, Quickybaby…You by far are the Elite of the Elite. I say this because you describe everything from the layman perspective. Awesome Job and skills! ……..Keep up the great work!

  24. What you don’t drive like an idiot straight to the enemy base and try to kill their clikers and cap in your light tanks ? (Obviously fucking not,but every single light in my matchmaking does this ?)

  25. what’s with the word “hella” sounds so… cringe worthy. Great show otherwise. Replacements you can use for *double plus Orwellian type of word “hella”; extremely, very, largely, nasty, dangerous, terrific, scary, & many many more. Use a thesaurus, you’re a bright minded man don’t allow yourself to fall to the lemming train line up, I mean to say, why the name if you’re not up to it.

    *reference to the book 1984, that these words are like the “double plus good” replacements for more creative wording. It’s worth trying that little bit harder to keep us from subservience, it’s truly a thing to be concerned about.

  26. there arty was asleep i play a lot of t10 arty id be focusing on you from the get go i always do go for lights as they are most threat to me and the team

  27. 4:11 “OH FUCK”
    Story of my life.

  28. Well. LT-100 is not a light tank. This is RUUUUSSSSIA!!! This machine is a wheele, rammer, sniper, bouncer and TD in 1. Defo not just a light tank. You pick up one of the strongest tank in tier X and how the hell you can feel useless?

  29. “What to do when you’re feeling useless”
    Simple, uninstall world of tanks and install war thunder.

  30. I enjoy your vids on WOTs. I’m a beginner and becoming aware that “tank types” have certain places to go on each map. I recognize that this is not a rigid program but other players seem to believe that “he doesn’t know where heavy tanks go.” Yes, I’m the “he” there. But in generalities should heavy tanks go there on one map and on another, somewhere else? The answer of course is “it depends,” but it would be nice to know since there is little or no communication between players and working on that premise it would be nice to know if there is a baseline? Obviously not but what the h”**l.

  31. Buata Red Devils

    Nothing is better than when a skill unicum player giving advice xD watching a 10k+ gameplay will not help with very much as there are 2 types of unicum ppl.. skill unicum and unicum in stat(i.e stat padder) ?

  32. Marcus Freestone

    8:04 wohw WG Drugs is see

  33. Great video lemming! Could you make a video on fast heavies playing K0 on highway?

  34. nice vid lemming check out my 7kdmg game in my obj 263

  35. I watch all your
    for a long time, I never comment. Sometimes I felt disappointed, because you ware outtalking just average games. But videos like this made me a better player in the past, and are making me now. Sorry for my english. greetz from Warsaw.

  36. Alexandru-Horia Hodișan

    Simple. You uninstall the game xD

  37. 2:31 Yes, it is still very possible! Just last week I went into a training room to see what’s the slowest tank you can do it in, I ended up doing it in a Maus! It’s harder with slower tanks, but you just have to know the right line.

  38. I think my matches would be so much more fun if my teams considered the fact they are being useless.

  39. LR you are such a breath of fresh air such positive energy. Always a treat to watch ur videos man. Good work

  40. I love your channel, because is base on real life scenario not at most ultra high damage replay wich be at top at tier and fight 2 tier below

  41. Hey Lemming, you said that you don’t like to show in your videos when you go to the one side and nothing happenedm than you have to drive to the other side, but actually I think that is the one of the most important things! The majority of players chose one side at the start of the game and if there is nothing they still stay there and wait until their team lose the other side and some nemies to come to them. That’s the main reason in over 50% games that I played and we lost because of that. It’s very important to know when to leave the flank you chose at the start of the game imo. Thnx for the video, keep up with great work! Greetings from Serbia!

  42. Yo you can scout on Mannerheim Line, from D, E, F 5. Just do it very quick and careful, if you don’t the enemy TD’s, lights and meds at G6 and 4 will shoot or rush you. To prevent that, look at the line-up before the battle (wouldn’t have guessed, would’ve ya?) to see, if anyone’s likely to rush you, if more than 2 are, then kep bush or do as you did. If not, then fucking sonic and don’t stop. Even if someone rushes you, you might not die cuz of allied fire from A5 and D7/8, and if you do die the fucker who rushed you ‘ll probably die too cuz of the aformentioned (is that how u spell it?) reasons. You better fucking read this or… i’ll think of something horrible. (Also please stop saying “hella”, it reminds me of that episode from Souh Park)

  43. Steve Freeland You’re a hypersensitive twat.

  44. Bogdan Bosiokovic

    I wait so long for this topic! Thank you lemmingrush for a good vid about it!

  45. I do admire your skill, but… The type of play you showed is the one I really dislike. Totally selfish, no team play, no thinking about other players needs.
    Instead of committing, trading some of your precious HP to help your allies, like keeping t57 spotted for strv and grille, or earlier helping on the field, spotting middle, WHATEVER.

    You were just driving like a maniac in an OP tank, searching for safe kills and easy shots. You left all the hard work for your teammates. You were lucky that this grille and strv managed to kill both enemy HT – if only one would survive, he would easily cap and stood safe – you could not approach him unspotted.

    Shitty, but lucky game by you. And shitty because of your decisions.

  46. gotta love me some lemmingrush

  47. I rly like your videos! You can teach people well and you tell what and why you do something. Keep up this and carry on with your vids!

  48. I notice he talks so much and analyse the game so well and playing it at the same time, and still able to win matches with ease. What a fucking guy. Big brain and an abundant amount of brain cells.

  49. the presence of fealuthical mammals on this earth troubles me

    tracking assist damage doesn’t count into the MOE stats

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