What to Do When You’ve Lost All Your HP 2 minutes In

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Source: LemmingRush

Im quite packed with recurring students lately, however if I have a spot IÙll respond with a lottery-type selection process.


  1. Real Good advice. Thanks man 🙂

  2. Now that was incredible.

  3. The way you think during the game is super micro management wonderful display of out playing ppl in wot

  4. Lol dude, talking about what to do when ur one shot, basically I threw away all of my hp on 3 games today and i was still playing frontlines and still did 2k to 3k

  5. The su didn’t have enough vodka

  6. Hot diggity damn!

  7. It took me 9.5k games to figure out how to not die.
    It’s harder than you think when you’re an aggressive player.
    Your vids have definitely helped.
    Side note – I’m a console scrub so doesn’t really apply to me but I’m wondering if your obvious disdain for ‘pubbies’ turns people off?
    That’s probably 90% of your viewers you’re unintentionally insulting dude unless there’s a more specific meaning than everyone who doesn’t play competitively

  8. So question if you’re not able to get to that position within 45 seconds what do you do?

  9. Dang I thought you carried with negative hp :/ Great video tho 😀

  10. Great video dude, whenever i lose heaps of HP i just lose all thought process and don’t know what to do

  11. Lemming please do a review on the t20 pls

  12. LR’s law of Air Field.  I’ll roll with it. considering its soo f’n true.  Keep up the great work. There may be rough edges that need some work but other wise you’re a pretty successful kid. It’s pretty cool watching it happen.

  13. How can you mentor me? Please? LOL

  14. You’re so logical – I love your vids

  15. Dude i was not expecting that nickname. Kek

  16. How did the SU-122-44 get set on fire by Lemming? I didn’t see him shoot, or did I just miss it?

  17. That dicker max must’ve been like wft…? lmao xD

  18. Yo lemming, instead of showing nothing but unicum stuff, show some battles where you die and suck, and give some insight on why you died and how you would fix it. These win with alot of damage games don’t show how to improve it shows how you do when you are good.

    Show the bad with the good. Missed your instructional vids. Keep up the good work.

  19. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    I always play the middle and Climb that rocky thing to spot through the bushes onto that heavy fuckery where lemming was and maybe some crossers for early shots. Works well with meds and scouts.
    U can farm OIs and shit cuz they take for ever^^
    But yeah my problem is playing well with no hp when arty clicks my Light at the start cuz i cant trade or do plays…

  20. Thanks for your advice on Malinovka to get to the hill first in a fast tank as soon as possible. I absolutely dominated from the hill even though the scores were flipping sides often, and I was mostly alone up there.

    I hope you continue to give sound advice in this game or whatever game you end up jumping into in the future.

  21. What to do when u lost all of your Hp? Go back go the garage cause with 0 Hp u can’t do much

  22. If you lose all your HP in 2 min, ur dead 🙂

  23. It's not what you think

    What do you do when you flip your leopard and your allies abandon you?

  24. @LemmingRush Hmm, I personaly find D-E line useless, because everybody goes there and E5, is most of the time overcrowded and I hate to poke the bush, get spoted and then some “ally” will bump in to me, preventing to fall back. So I usualy go in G line, there is lot of place for movement and less crowdiness .. also arty can be easy dodged if you change sides after every few shots. Maybe I lack skill of cooperation, but I really hate that those crowded points of map, where you take dmg only because some clueless ally doesnt watch where they drive/fall back.

  25. this is what u get for mentoring lesson? My sixth sense didn’t go off so I didn’t get spotted. this kid is a joke. Oh good job letting your student die

  26. Lol still not as good as getting down to 147 hp on mines in first min and getting 7k

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