What War Thunder Gets Right

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It's secret that I have some disdain for Gaijin Entertainment and how they handle Thunder. I have plenty of videos talking about problems in the game, and how to fix them. While I do have a lot of issues with the game, at its absolute core it is fun to play, (especially tank realistic in my case). Since a few people asked me for some more positive content, here is what War Thunder gets right about its gameplay, design philosophy, and public relations.

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  1. Forgot to mention that if you guys have any feedback you want passed on, leave a comment. What stuff works, what stuff doesn’t, that kind of thing.

    • We all know this game is shit but we all know that we love it .

    • This might just be a me thing, but specifically the fact that the T-95 and T-28 are literally not possible for something like the German Ferdinand to pen from the front. meanwhile the 95 being able to pen the Ferdinand from over 1500 meters away is a bit unbalanced in my mind. the 28 even has a lower BR. why is this the case? why is it that the Americans have a better armored tank with more pen that is unable to be killed frontally by anything but modern ammunition? the amount of times i’ve seen this thing in game and just known there isn’t really much i can do to kill it unless im less than 100 meters and in a good position to hit the cupola.

    • @YourShadowDani THIS! This is my most wanted feature and ill come right out and say it as a German main player 6.7 tigers and other heavys get tormented by the 7.7s they face and like you said the heavy armor is simply a liability when compared to the opponents ammo and stabilizers but on the same hand in real life these heavy tanks where defeated by swarms of lesser tanks and in war thunder teams are even numbers wise so this can’t be balance in this way unless smaller and medium tanks cost like half as many spawn points as they currently do.

    • Only ever had a negative experience with one mod, where on a couple of occasions they’ve blatantly denied/covered up ongoing issues with vehicles. One time informing an enquiring customer that the s tanks hull aiming had being fixed then closing ongoing bug report threads on the issue… Another time telling someone the lightning arrived in the game in a great state, intentionally ignoring the massive FM overhaul. I have little problem with stuff arriving broken or taken a while to fix, infuriates me when they cover up and lie about issues though.

  2. not surprised the video is 5 minutes long

  3. Will you talk about the dumpster fire that helicopter enduring confontation one day?

  4. I was just going trought all the M1, M1A1 and M1A2 modifications that exist and i got so disappointed. Why you are asking. Because gaijin adds new mbt’s to other countryes that are powerfull AF but they just dont care about America. Yes ia know they are going to add the Stryker but that just some paper car with a gun o top. I would like to see some other Ambrams variants like M1A1HA, M1A1HC, M1 Thumper or M1A1FEP. I am not gonna talk about the SEP kits for abrams cause that is to OP for gaijin to add.

  5. Finally, a positive video about war thunder

  6. its a mistress and no matter how hard she may beat us we still love her

  7. AND, except for all the things you mentioned. War Thunder offers FREE Virtual Reality that is absolutely stunning when it comes to VR.

    It is, in fact my most played VR game since first day, without competition. I’d say 60% of my time in VR goes to War Thunder, 20% to BigScreen and 20% to ALL others apps and games combined.

  8. 3:33 That’s an expensive match for him

  9. I would describe WT as an arcade game where the main mechanic is your ability to keep track of the flow of battle. RB and sim give you incredibly little help doing this and punish you harshly when you make mistakes, but when you manage to get it right, you feel like a god.

    I think its biggest problem is that this system is incredibly dependent on the software, graphics and servers being stable and consistent, because errors there affect gameplay much more than they would in a game like WoT. Players may also find it hard to tell if they got outplayed due to their own mistakes/because their opponents played better, or due to a failure of the game itself. In a competitive environment like online gaming, where people are already quite sensitive when things don’t go their way, this uncertainty can be very frustrating.

  10. thanks for the video man!

  11. This reminds me of a phrase that sticks with me “I dont hate the game I love him enough to say what’s wrong with him”

  12. I just wanna say wolfman is the worst mod in the game.

  13. I would personally like less grind, I know that is a frequently asked thing and obvious but the grind is what makes me not want to play the game, I dont personally like that you have to put hundreds of hours and not even max out a tech tree for tanks and air, i have 383 hours on the game and my collective playtime does not even result in enough rp to finish the air tree for america…

  14. My experience is: I pointed out M24 shouldnt have offroad top speed of 20km/h. One dev gotten to me directly, got really mad, had to report him, thread was taken down and tank was silently fixed few weeks later.

  15. 0:10 I ask myself this question every day….

  16. Wish I could say the same thing about the maps I’d rather have bigger maps like maginot line where you have open fields and sniperfest on c semiclose on b and cqc in a or sands of Sinai/Tunisia

  17. Only at Toptier I would be happy if there were more long range fighting maps.

  18. Im glad you have such disposition and can find enjoyment in it.
    However if the majority of the people could share your view we wouldn’t be having this conversation…
    Simply put People mind what is wrong with details.
    But they mind more what Broken promise’s are.
    Problems most long lasting Games including WoT, LoL, etc have.
    Yet the speed at WT progresses trough stages of betrayal is what stands out.

  19. Nothing like having a Panther duke it out with an IS 2 in berlin….

  20. Shocked at that second point – when matches go on 20 minutes or so in tank RB, rather than one team stomping the other in 8 minutes flat… that’s when I’m on the edge of my seat the MOST!

    Definitely agree on every other point, and I’d add one more –
    Gaijin does immersion to the level where if you want to, you can lose yourself in realistic enactments, but you don’t have to study up on manuals and guides to do well, like you would be expected to in a true simulator. It’s a niche that no other game fills. If I want a true simulator, I’m not trying to grind or compare stats, or talk about gameplay meta. If I want an arcade gaming experience, I’m not trying to reenact historical battles or provide commentary based in reality… In War Thunder, I can do either depending on whatever I feel like that day. That’s gotta be the number one thing keeping me coming back…

    Well, that and the excitement for every new patch… I’m like a kid in a candy store when they add new modern jets!

  21. 100hrs into warthunder here..

    Games good.

    But I’ve developed a hatred for the t-34s drivers hatch.

    It bounces 88mm flak with 150 mm pen with little angling.

  22. Feedback: Gaijin should rework on armour penetration because it can vary even tho on armour analysis it cant pen

  23. All your comments about what War Thunder does right is exactly why I want to play it.

    The grind, however, draws me away from it.
    I had a lot of fun in the short time I actually did play it.
    But I don’t have time to spend hours a day, every day of the week playing, and even then that would make me quickly burn out on it. If I only spent one day a week playing, I’d never make any meaningful progress.
    So I eventually just stopped playing and deleted it to make space on my computer, but if something was done to make progression for F2P better, I’d be happy to come back.

    The lack of friends to play it with also didn’t help. But that’s more of a personal problem.

  24. i’ve played war thunder for years and i’ve enjoyed every minute of it, my only gripes about it is all the lend-lease and captured vehicles in the researchable tech trees (i’m looking at you, china), the lack of naval maps, and the change from historical mode to simulator mode … the last of which kinda doesn’t make sense seeing how i play in realistic though i do wish there was a historical realistic mode based on years in service instead of BR but i highly doubt that would ever happen

  25. The Helicopter aspect of the game needs some more attention it feels like a beta feature they lobbed in just to get people’s attention.
    I’m not sure how they expect us to grind those things out atm other than dishing out money for a top tier Prem vehicle.

  26. WT has nowhere near the same cash grabby attitude of WoT. So many no weakpoint tanks. Blagh.

  27. Grinding is essentially a player selected activity. If you don’t want a game to be grindy, don’t make it that way for yourself. Getting more and better vehicles/items doesn’t truly get you ahead, as you will still be paired with other players with the same general power.

  28. Crossout is the best. Oh, your vehicle sux? Would be a shame if you were the one who built it 😀

  29. Sometimes I like to dream about how good War Thunder could be if it was ran by people who actually knew what they were doing

  30. I think War Thunder is so successful because they’ve managed to weasel into into a niche between fully historical sims which try to be as accurate as possible and more arcadey type games. No other game has yet filled that niche so well.

  31. It’s sometimes hard to realise that the best criticisms comes from people who care the most.

  32. I quit War Thunder in December 2019. The Bias of the T-34 at BR 3 is so annoying to me. I know the weak spots on most vehicles at that BR, but the issue is that it’s so random that I can’t even play anymore. Getting 1-shot from miles away. Getting 1-shot by a vehicle that shouldn’t be able to penetrate my armor. My tank not being able to take a single hit while I slam 75mm after 75mm round into the enemy tank, and somehow the crew survives all the shrapnel. I’ve had experiences where I’ve hit the driver IN THE FACE and he was fine. War Thunder Ground Battles are so broken I quit the game. I don’t expect I’ll reinstall in the near future.

  33. Another plus for me is that Gaijin constantly is actually trying to introduce new and improve existing stuff. Look how many new technologies we got since Gaijin opened on going further than Korean War vehicles: ATGMs, AAMs, radars, ECM, IRNV and FLIR ETC. Now they are updating the graphics engine (again!) and introducing VTOL aircrafts and new carriers

  34. i try to enjoy it but lets say we need some major changes before i enjoy it again

  35. “What War Thunder gets right” *5 minute video*

  36. Well i hate WT , but part.s very cool and i hate the way to Make cash and the way WT push us to spend Cash and i hate unfair Map.s and mm still is a Good game

  37. Erm which merkava event? The first one? if so your doing the same as me and will probs come back eventually.

  38. We DO need more moderator accountability. I’m sure a lot of the moderators play on a reasonably consistent basis, but there are some who hardly play at all and yet they maintain their status as a crowning achievement. They probably plateaued long ago, but they have their authority, thank you very much. The accusations against Wolfman alone make you question why they even have a moderator team at all.

  39. War Thunder is like an abusive relationship. It beats me but I always come back

  40. Id be honest, the best part about war thunder is the community. The community is just amazing from a year of experience in the game.
    Well there are some people who play competitive af and being rude as hell, but its part of the game.
    Communicating with your teammate and make small jokes in battle will surely bring some small laugh or smile to your team. Bring your friends and mess around with the physics to take a break from the grind

  41. lmao what is 1:10

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