WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE?! – War Thunder April Fools 2013-2016

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  1. The ponies were awesome. I’m shocked Gaijin hasn’t brought it back as a
    special event. They’ve brought Walkers back. #iwantmylittleponiesback

  2. phlydailyfan yeah

    phly u rock please make loads of vids their awesome bro keep them up there
    so entertaining

  3. Poniez Thunder 😀 !

  4. phlydailyfan yeah

    holy moly ponys =o

  5. ponies ftw ^^

  6. walkers was my favorite

  7. i started playing after the Giant gaijin one

  8. can you do a huge tank that has a lot of guns on it for crossout

  9. WAR THUNDER SHIPS confirmed!!!!! (or at least i hope so) :((((((

  10. Octavian Revolution

    The Ponies were easily the best.

  11. I was able to play the last three but must the first two due to life :(

  12. The most fun was KW-ST and Sail fleet :)

  13. The st-1 look similar to a cyclop stormwalker pls tell me someone knows
    what I’m referencing

  14. the every year April fools,matchmaking

  15. You can see how Phly got louder and louder over the years.

  16. Slugzilla

  17. C’mon! The ships! even though the walker was awesome, ships are better

  18. ponies were the best ones

  19. I coulnt play the april fools of 2016:-@

  20. my favorite is 2014 gaint snail

  21. Two Tailed Warrior

    My favorite was the ship one not only because it was completely epic, it
    also came with amazing music that I’m still listening to now. The walkers
    look like a lot of fun, sadly that was the day I couldn’t play War Thunder.

  22. ProblemOfficer3000

    Phly sounds like a serial killer whsipering into a camera in the first

  23. You should do a train with towing ropes in a custom battle.

  24. I just found your G+ seriously you’re from there my sister went to school
    there too and it’s awesome to find some home state people that really enjoy
    this game as well

  25. Anton Morgenstern

    I think 2014 was the best because star wars

  26. looking at all the xp gain and then going back to RP ingame is the april
    fools of Warthunder infinity

  27. Of course ponies were the best

  28. 2016 War thunder ships HYPE!!! (Also it was the only one I participated in)

  29. don’t you miss when baron and phly where friends what ever happened to

  30. Onward, Defrosted Tuna Team!

    I’ve only been around for the last three so my favorite was the walkers.

    But the pony event is what got me to start playing war thunder after I saw
    Jingles do a video on it.

  31. u got 100, 400 silver lines for killing a snake with your bombers awesome
    Phil. Silver lines are so hard to get.

  32. yo phly I’m a big fan and would love to make some special phly daily themed
    aircraft camouflages. If you’d like just let me know what planes and I’d do
    it ! :D

  33. Pot 8 oooooooos

  34. Steven Schnosenberg

    Phly make a half track in cross out pls

  35. I loved the Ponies! I just got into warthunder the week before (watching
    your videos Phly) and Boom! Ponies! It was great.

  36. Quinton Dombrowski

    Although I don’t think it was the most fun (walkers) I think the pirate
    ships was best as it was not only a proof of concept for War Thunder ships
    but also the biggest actual change in game mechanics.

  37. Dude cant believe i missed the mecs and Gajiila :D

  38. Totally the ships of the line, closely followed by the mechs. Also, I know
    its hella late, but the mechs could crouch.

  39. Rex ThunderGaming


  40. Rex ThunderGaming

    My little pony

  41. My favorites were: unrealistic warfare I.E. world of tanks and the kraken
    drowning your ship if you are out of the battlefield too long.

  42. Make some lines??? 2:56

  43. kv2 walker

  44. ChrisRod Gaming101

    my favorite of all April fools of war thunder is the bike powdered tanks.

  45. I was palying warthunder while watching this!

  46. Even though I didn’t get to try out the Pony one I think that’s the best.

  47. Phly please do a video with the new sapian. Thx.

  48. The balloon tanks are actully from a real battle to were a militery
    operation tricked german forces the ballon tanks were real D-day

  49. my favorite april fool is world of tanks it was funny but they never
    removed it …

  50. Ponies was the best. gaijilla was garbage

  51. The crackin surprisingly didn’t scare my and I didn’t know that was going
    to happen

  52. Ponyland airforce is the most stupidest for me. I am not a brony

  53. Ponie the best!!!

  54. Sad I missed like all of the April Fools save for the Ship one. T-T

  55. Ponies? Why did i miss this? ;-;

  56. cupof “cupofacid” acid

    Tier one game: American Pig Dogs vs Communist Vodka Drinking Bears

    APD: P26, P40, P36 kitty hawk

    CVDB: Yak 9T, Yak 1b, Yak 7

    “April fools!”

    (not really April, more like eternity)

  57. I really wanna see more of the tank request series. Do the T32 & F-84
    freedumb combo and make America great again ;D

  58. As much as I like MLP-related April Fools jokes, what with people getting
    fed up over hearing about it all the time 4-5 years ago and then a company
    turns around and stuffs it in all of their faces being absolutely
    hilarious, I gotta say, the Metal Gear April Fools in WT 2015 was simply
    brilliant. War Thunder knew about all of the excessive hype over MGS:TPP
    and took advantage of it and came out with something amazing.

    The rubber tanks with the potato and carrot ammo was pretty good satire
    given how people felt about the current status of the game regarding tank
    balance and whatnot, but I feel its execution missed its mark. Maybe they
    were going for something else like World of Tanks, as if they were making
    fun of it or something?

  59. Star Wars was the best! ;D

  60. Definitely The fucking mechs win!

  61. wow thats some nostalgia phly, i remember you having to wisper in some
    videos because it was late and you had roommates and that middle aged man
    you had as a roommate who was an asshole ahahaa

  62. Hahaha a pony cockpit? Why did u even ask? Haha

  63. Chayne Tyler Luczon

    it’s amazing how much the audio changed

  64. Phly what I think they should do is make the April fools things available
    for custom battles.

  65. Why doesn’t he play with baron or slick anymore?


  67. Phly’s sound voice is so soft in the pony April fools part

  68. Yeah we will never get a much RP as we did in 2014. Even in events.

  69. I started playing in october 2014 I’m soooo sad that I missed out on
    gajilla and I wasn’t able to get on for 2015 so I can m soo sad I missed
    out on the inflatable tanks

  70. Faultline (M2 Frowning)

    I still think they should do an April fools where every nation gets one
    modern jet fighter, Russia = mig-29, US = f-16 etc. and experiment with air
    to air missiles for April fools.

    I just think it would be sick seeing how war thunders engine would feel
    with much more modern aircraft :)

  71. OMG I MISSED THE PONY PLANE?!?!?!?!?!?! T-T

  72. Sadly, I’ve only been able to participate in one April Fool’s Event (the
    ships), but judging from others, here’s how I would rank them:

    5. Gaijilla
    4. World of Balloon Tanks
    3. ST-1
    2. Ships (also joke that WT got the Royal Navy out before WoWS)
    1. Ponies

  73. I loved the pirate ships the most so good:)

  74. would hav been cool to see pe-8 bomb drop on that monster snail

  75. Ponies man

  76. I loved the mech/walker april fool.
    That would be cool if we could play one of thoses events every months.

  77. Sidekicker Brohoof

    What Phly really wanted to say was his favorite was the ponyland airforce
    but he didn’t want to get called out for it so he placed it a second place.

  78. Gary Bromiley (Maddog2uk)

    Ponies was my favourite I pretty much stopped playing after grounds forces
    was released I didnt like the direction WT was heading in

  79. Mine was the pony. Too OP, plz nerf.

  80. “This is a world record ever on War Thunder” this is the future of America

  81. He thought 734,000+ (Insert overly-used meme here) lions from one match was
    a record. I’ve gotten 1,430,000+ from a single battle, without premium. But
    I believe lions where harder to get back then, where you would finish
    research but sometimes not be able to buy what you finished researching. I
    also remember the game before PBR, the meme -ories.

  82. my favorite is potato war

  83. think the biat one was best

  84. 2016

  85. how do you get so many golden eagles


    I honestly enjoyed the ships the most cause I really want ships to come to
    war thunder

  87. War Thunder Italian Channel “Mr. bombardier” W.T.I.C

    april fools of 2015 is the best

  88. My absolute favorite was the Godzilla snail XD

  89. why phly stopped playing with slick and baron?

  90. i love u

  91. ponys have to be my favorate

  92. Gaijin devs are bronies

  93. My favorite one was the Pirate Ship one….. SHIPS HYPE! Wait…

  94. Dick butt Nick butt


  95. Overrekt Asterisk *

    “Maybe we will hit florida?”

    Clearly going south on map.

  96. Woembat Kut google

    The pony’s were the shit ;P

  97. bullshit greedy devs ruined this game

  98. PhlyDaily do you think that war thunder will come to the Xbox one due to
    Xbox one starting to allow cross platform gameing

  99. no 2012


  100. I loved the warships event as it allowed me to quote snatch (the most
    British film to ever exist)

  101. Ponyland airforce!

  102. the best one is with potatos cause u r playing with baron and slick

  103. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    I never realized how creepy your whispering was in the pony air force vid.

  104. PrinceOfParthia74

    carrot and potato shooters were the best so far

  105. My favourite one was that one.

  106. that ship one looks epic

  107. I would love it if they did another mech walkers in this again

  108. Shepard Playz (D0GG1E)

    2015 was definitely the best for me

  109. Where is that russian aircraft in the game??

  110. Phly…that commentary tho?!? ???

  111. y don’t baron and phly play together

  112. Gaijilla. :D

  113. Yeah I was there for the ponies, so much memories, it reminds me of the
    alpha I had the chance to play…

  114. He sounds like he was fucking high on the first one xD

  115. And 1 year later from April 1st, 2014
    Phlydaily gets a better mic

  116. I hope they will keep the ship battle, it was insane!!!!

  117. Pew pew pew die Pony die

  118. *5. The walkers (2015)*
    *4. The WoT “tanks” (2015)*
    *3. The ponies (2013)*
    *2. Gaijilla (2014)*
    *1. The ships (2016)* – I mean come ooon! That was awesome! And I bet
    Gaijin was even testing how ships are going to work with WT engine. That
    means they could be soon! (end of the next year?)

  119. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    PhlyDaily give me credits and XP plz

  120. The good old days *sniff*

  121. they need to add flying pokemons next year

  122. mine was the one in war thunder this year

  123. I missed the 2015 and the 2016 ones because of school :(

  124. My favorite is the 2016 april fools with boats

  125. 1: Ponies
    2: WoT knockoff
    3: KV-2 Walkers
    4: Ships
    5: Gaijilla

  126. Damn I remember when you uploaded the pony video, damn 3 years have gone by
    so fast

  127. Out of content already? ?

  128. The ships absolutely!!!

  129. loool

  130. fetsmurff mc burger

    why cant they make a gameod in war thunder for like a week that makes it
    possible to play all these again

  131. Produit Vaisselle

    can you pls make same video for other games (like WoWs ect)

  132. listening to your 2013s voice was painful..

  133. You sound so nasally and quiet during the pony lol

  134. These are cool and all, but where’s my Dambuster Lancaster and mission!

  135. Cyber Wizard Gaming

    I just cracked up at last years april fools joke.

  136. The Ponies were definitely the funniest and most unexpected of the bunch.
    However, this year’s April Fools “joke” showed us all that ships are going
    to be flipping badass when they come out. It was actually really smart
    because it was both fun and hilarious while also hyping up ships for the

  137. Play with Baron and Slick again #tbt

  138. sekrit dokumentz walker is my fav

  139. 10500 RP and 373000 SL for killing Gaijilla. Holy moly that’s a lot. I want
    to bomb that thing with the 5t bomb

  140. I like how old ppl say ew i hate squeakers that whisper cuz their mom is in
    the room, but when they are like 18 they still live with their mom, these
    days 10 year old kids shot more guns that them and drove more cars than
    them, and get more pussy probably. And more than half of them are chubby
    and fat fuck who cant speak properly.

  141. pony force ftw

  142. I only got to play the pirate ships:(

  143. the pony airforce one was awesome.

  144. ships was the best because it showed that naval battles could be ready

  145. The matchmaking, extended April Fools

  146. during the first one you sound like a phone stalker

  147. WWII_Historianer153 Siler-Evans



  149. -KITN- KittilsVogel

    Love the Kraken, a cruel trick and still…so kewl!

  150. ponies it was so epic because nobody had something that fast by that time.


  152. Why don’t you and baron play no more?

  153. 5. potato tanks
    4. gaijilla
    3. ships
    2. Walkers
    1. pony bias))))))))))) gaijin fix pls))

  154. I was a little disapointed about This year’s april fools because tgey’re
    Just trying something they’ll add later so it’s not a joke as the others
    one. The ponies still the best

  155. can you please do more wings of prey :(

  156. Pelopidas Andreou

    make john cena great again

  157. HellHawX Omega (Lord Of Hellish Chrome)

    I think for April Fools 2017 they should allow you to fly the A-10 Warthog.

  158. For pony!

  159. Ponyland airforce, definitely

  160. The ST-1s were easily the best in my opinion, so I suppose 2014 (I think?)
    was the best because it had that and the Potato tanks which I found really
    funny. All the others never really landed with me. Ships was cool to see,
    but extremely boring to watch and play, but that’s just my two cents on the

  161. back then I never realized how shit the audio was on your videos Phly

  162. Ayeeeee

  163. What does the Pe-8’s nuclear bomb does to the Gajila?

  164. the ponies would have been my no.1 but I did not know how to play them at
    the time. unfortunately. :(

  165. The one with the ponies! Since it got a lot of new players to the game.

  166. my first one the ponies

  167. DarkSideSixOfficial

    Just add War Thunder Fleet’s already.

  168. Good game

  169. fifth

  170. 8th! this is a first for me ??

  171. joedeguma akilah789

    damn ponies

  172. my favourite was the atat

  173. second comment lol

  174. first the best sub

  175. Time for some throwbacks!

  176. Clancy ZeroTwoNine

    first comment kek

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