WHAT WILL MY NEIGHBOURS THINK?!? QuickyBaby Best Moments #11

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks.


“Hyperfun”, “The Builder”, “Marty Gots a Plan”, “Run Amok”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0



  2. You need to make wheel tanks funny moments lmao

  3. Piggybaby lmao

  4. Polish mediums part tho . I CAN’T 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Good strategy by the neighbor to get a few moments of peace — can’t cackle like a madman with a McChicken in your mouth.

  6. 9:52 when the game is so broken but the devs are too stupid to fix it….

  7. I luv this a lot!

  8. 3:26 is literally every game i play in the T69, that tank is literal garbage

  9. Jeroen De Vleesschauwer

    I’m An HE-100 player. 1000+ damage on fv4005. That’s why 😁

  10. The “Shoot Tent with HE” was in your last video, wasn’t it ?

  11. If you dislike this, leave…

  12. Stop making those stupid faces, or are your main demographic kids?

  13. this is what Im waiting for

    More videos pleaseee

  14. Cant believe WG havent fixed the soap rocks yet. So annoying

  15. 4:06 XD

  16. Big thanks to all those who contributed, really loving those best moments!!

  17. 13:11 yeah, this is big brain time 😀

  18. Im sorry QB. WOT are no fun anymore. I have seen all your videos for the last 5 years and given them thumbs up, but now its time to quit. This game isnt fun anymore. Campains are impossible if you are below 55% winrate and gametime are becoming shorter and shorter. The overpowered vehichels are just for the top players and it is ruining the game.
    Even you are getting further and further away from the red, orange and yellow playerbase.
    Thank you for alle the great content you have created and all the best

  19. Great 😉

  20. I don’t play wot anymore but I can’t stop watching QB. Gg, QB!

  21. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . “Map Design.”

  22. Smiles all round QuickyBaby!

  23. 13:28 happens EVERY TIME I shoot at 277

  24. Rng and balanceing is why i left world of tanks. War thunder is less of a pay to play than Wot and it has realistic armor statistics.

  25. I am new and I love theses. Vids

  26. God I love these videoes so much!

  27. 4:32 QB realizes what most of us have known all along
    This is why EU average is 45%, not 49%

  28. “My neighbours think I’m a bit of a weirdo”… And they are right, that’s why we love you!

  29. Is it possible that there is a bug that’s causing bounced shots to not register with a sound/spark graphic? There are so many misses where the circle is filled entirely by enemy tank that it’s hard to explain otherwise.

  30. yay there is new video of qbb best moments 😀

  31. Just wanted to make a suggestion for something I think quickybaby should try. AC 4 Experimental with a turbo. It does more than add 5 kph to the speed it makes up for the missing acceleration and the max speed is much higher than just 5 kph.

  32. 3:24 that is a normal game in T69

  33. i need moreeeeee

  34. Always great fun!

  35. QB gets Obj 260 mission and I’m there, can’t get the T-55 or the Excalibur…

  36. František Klapetek

    The best moment of video? How is he talking about writing ot him, what was our’s most favourite part of video (:

  37. Quicky baby one of the most wholesome streamers

  38. I love this series!!! Please keep it alive! 😉

  39. Ivan Alejandro Carreras Ruiz

    War thunder is superior

  40. Raphael Christofano

    the neighbours sent him mcdonalds to shut him up for a while lmao

  41. “i make better burgers than this” yeah right

  42. 1:15 530 blocked 703 whaf have ypu done wg

  43. The fact that your neighbors gave you a McChicken set instead of calling the cops on you for making loud noise is making me jealous as f… Last time I got loud, even tho it was accidental, neighbors called the cops on me. Luckily, I pulled an uno reverse and told the cops about them drinking every night, making loud noise in the process, having a dog that doesn’t shut up, making kids cry, smoking in the balconies below my flat and having the smoke go through the open windows, effectively filling my whole living space with smoke and much more, they got a fine serving of *KARMA* after I listed what they do when I am home alone. They got what they deserve and now really don’t like me or my family… But that happened some years ago, so yea, they kinda don’t care at this point.

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