What World of Tanks Could Become!

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Here’s what World of Tanks could become if crew 2.0 from the Sandbox test server comes to the game.


World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download.


  1. I haven’t played in a few months and well….

    the game is going to trash

  2. Jakub Czerniejewski

    This is disgraceful its way too pay to win and its still unfair as you loose soo much progress from your crews when exchaging them … lets make the top 1% even more op as per usual, very bad idea

  3. I’m so glad I left this game 1.5 years ago. This is cancerous.

  4. Easy to fix. Remove Mickey mouse cars et Voila!

  5. Isn’t there a huge disparity in crew already with people having 50 or 75% crews going against 120%. That argument is weak; however, I do think some of the skills are overpowered. I think it should be based off fully skilled crews with the ability to to increase something by up to 5% but reduce something else by 5%. Example, I can increase vision and camo by 5% but have to give up 5% in gun handling and DPM. It’ll allow specialized crews but they give up something as to not be broken. You could be a DPM machine but blind so you can specialize your play style or out spot the other team but need your team to do work cause you have an awful gun.

  6. wargaming need to introduce a John Cena crewmember for the EBR

  7. It’s becomes ” Pay to win”
    I will uninstall the game if this comes!

  8. The wheelies have ruined the game already. Crew 2.0 will just make it worse. A few smart changes to the wheeled vehicles concept and I think more of us wouldn’t have so much against them.
    PS! They could start by leting simple physichal laws have an influence on them as well.

  9. If you add the possible advantages to the ram damage QB did in his 268 V4 (I think it was over 3k before he even fired a shot) the game will be beyond broken and probably not so slowly bleed out all the FTP players and also a lot of the mediocre premium players, I think WG have shot them selves in the foot here this could easely reduce the player base by 30%+ in the 12 months after it is introduced unless there are MAJOR changes to it like being able to PICK what skills your “advisor gets” instead of the RNG convert him and see what he gets….QB had to convert 6 reward crew members to get 3 crew members with useful skills……….. his question was what does he do with them now, dismiss them because they are not useful now? WOT if we allow this to pass will become an even bigger “Gold Farming operation” for WG than it is now :-/

  10. Two players with maxed out crews on the same team in the same platoon could conceivably increase their win percentage by 20%. By nature gamers will exploit any and every glitch. This is a bad idea.

  11. I’ve left WoWS because of the Commander rework and CV idiocy, if this comes in, I’ll leave WoT, too, and I guess I’ll go to Elite Dangerous. I’ve spent a lot of money and time in WoT, and I’m not very good as is; this will finish me as a player. I have the good game once in a while and that will be impossible with this rework.

  12. All players from all server should suspend money spending on allservers for 2 month – i ll promise you all they will LISTEN CAREFULLY these dumbs…
    Stop spending till players have a word about their game …
    Time to open a Youtube account for REAL voice for the community and opinions and reals critics about that game scam ??? To counterweight wargaming abuse ??
    In real life costumers are always right….
    They do servey on WHAT they want to know but never about OUR satisfaction of the gameplay…
    Of course in Russia free speach have no rights…

  13. World of Tanks is a pay to win game. Pretty much everything in the game has become a matter of spending gold with matchmaking that rewards you if you do so. The faster games are over the more money in the bank. The greed behind this game is so obvious to anyone who has seen the changes over the last 10 years. Players frustrated angry and toxic the game is a shadow of its former self. Pay to win game !!!

  14. 1:40 i feel for that E100

  15. i quit the game after wheeled vehicles came in anyway. Wish we could have the game we had in 2013 or 14 with a few small improvements.

  16. Stefan Budweiser

    It’s just a continuation of the path WoT has been on for quite some time. Even WG goes back on this, the next thing will do something very similar.

  17. alarming

  18. World of tanks is not becoming this due to Crew 2.0, it has been becoming this since the Scorp G was added to the game. And the community has not done anything about it. This is simple natural progression

  19. I don’t play WoT so much anymore but if I can get 100% camo on my E25 I will.

  20. Rubicon was bad so we turned around, WG now haha skills goes brrrrr.

  21. Nurf my ass, is still op

  22. I have no idea why they wanted to change the crew system. I love the current system

  23. Dandy Highwayman

    The perk to increase EBR aim on the move is enough to make me quit the game. The rest is overkill.

  24. WG is about making money…nothing wrong with making a profit. People are willing to pay to win. WG has to balance players’ tolerance for ridiculous advantages against lost revenue from people dropping the game…as I did. Help fix it, QB, and I will gladly come back, as will others who don’t have the time or spare change to pay to be competitive. Ideas could include a separate server with no mods allowed with a monthly fee to ensure WG makes money (iracing does well with this model and they use player ranking to balance the field). I bet you could offer valued thought on how to save the game. Thanks for your reviews and your posts.

  25. Dragan Crnogorac

    That 620 dmg shot at the end thoo…

  26. The russian way o doing things wrong.

  27. I left when the wheelies came in, so I’m only following QB to know how much worse this game can get. Seems there is much space till the bottom.

  28. Can we just go back to pre graphics update

  29. one of the crucial different between live version and 2.0 is where you get the advantage. Now you get most important crew skills straight away and each new skill takes more time to farm than all the skills so far, so you can have 4 most useful skills quicker than adding the 5th most useful skill. At some point adding more and more perks stops making sense and it is better to have 8 cres with 4 perks or 16 crews with 3-perks than 1 crew with 7 perks.
    After changes the biggest advantage to your crew comes at the end which means you have to farm 4, 8 or 16 times more than now to stay competitive. And also it means, that best solution is to play 1 crew over and over again.
    It is so much p2w cashgrab….

  30. WG should appreciate all the money that everyone has spent into their game, and listen carefully to what players want and don’t want.

  31. A terrifying vision of what WoT could become.

    Pay to win will rule the day, and only the most hard-core grinders will be rewarded.

    Hope WG does not implement this as is.

  32. My thought of crew 2.0

    Free Sixth sense is good.
    -It gives a crucial skill that every needs.

    Unifying the crew to one commander is good.
    -It make it easier to move crew from that to tank.
    -It will also equalizes how fast crews gets skills, so a 5 crew tank don’t have more skills that an 3 crew that after the same amount of battles.

    The new skills / skill system is bad.
    This needs a lot more work, I would recommend doing this is steps so WG can better judge how it impacts the battles-
    For now having the Unifying commander developing the current skills would be a good first stepping stone. In a sense giving every tank a 5 man crew.

    Instructors is hard to say.
    With the new skills / skill system is bad, but it could work more or less with old skills if they just gave 30% to Brother in arms to all “skills types”
    To compare this the current system, if a tank had 4 instructors’ they would not only get free BiA, but an improved 120% version that give 6%. (capped at 6% )

    Crews that can be used in more that one tanks are nice, but that can wait.

  33. If you look back at every update for the last let say two years you can see that the major issues are being ignored, WG is just changing the things that works and for me it looks like they are actively trying to make old players leave so the new, paying, ones can come to the game.
    If every one started saying “yea MM is s till broken, wheeled vehicles are still OP, but I love that I can play with my mouse and keyboard ” in the next patch there will be a major mouse and keyboard rework…. Just saying

  34. Wg already tore wot console a new one, looks like the pc version is in for it next

  35. this is too sweeping, it will make some tank’s just op has hell.

  36. Damn was looking for a reason to come back to the game now i see and hear this glad i quit lol

  37. I think it’s going to destroy the game wit the up. crew 2.0.

  38. These wheeled vehicles broke the game. The game was SO much better before they where introduced to the game. Nurf them to the point of almost being unplayable. WG have done this to other super OP tanks in the past. KV-1S & T-18 TD come to mind. They actually changed the T-18 altogether because it was so op.
    I’ve watched a few videos on the new proposed crews, and heard nothing really possitive yet.

  39. so yesterday I needed some space on my laptop guess what got uninstalled… the game is been unfair for a time now, with rewards tanks that are objectively better than regular tanks, same goes for premium equipment, bonds, marathons, etc. These changes only make this more evident, the game is not fair the ones who spent more time/money ( not skill ) on it have a real advantage that’s how it is. I’m moving to racing games now, everybody uses the same car is up to the driver to win, not to the car. I think this is goodbye for me, I love your channel @quickybaby thanks for the years and years of quality content.

  40. This… Will be a hard quit for me… =/ Maybe hop back to war thunder.

  41. Because of the deluge of unbalanced premium tanks and other power creep smothering my favorite old tanks I’ve been very close to quitting again. If this change happens it seems like it will guarantee that I will move on. There are other things to do.

  42. Next thing. Gold rounds: cost gold again. Armor upgrades to counter this which costs gold…

  43. Terri and Pete McClure

    You want to see how they have ruined WOT console in the latest update. Spend years building up your crews and find the wiped out overnight.

  44. Adamboulahia17 Adam2015

    If its not broken dont fix it

  45. My friends and I are all done with WoT after this next update. Was a good five years but this is getting ridiculous.

  46. flypapergillespie

    welcome to the 15 vs 15 EBR game. Everything else is not competitive. EBR is destroying current game play and it’s just going to get worse. STRV with 4 sec reload and high camo next. Invisible ELC’s where you have to proxy spot them to see them.

  47. Q.B for president 🙂

  48. its already a dead game with the wheeled vehicles inside it . :-/

  49. Michel Radosevic

    Please don’t talk with a driving ENT as background! Getting seasick!!!!!

  50. Some of the people’s gonna stop playing this game. I might be one of them 🥲

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