What World of Tanks is All About!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Sometimes is World Tanks it's easy to forget what the is all about, close games, great plays and tough finishes!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Oh i thought QB was going to tell the truth.
    WOT / WG is a corrupt communist game with the only intention of getting people hooked with a poker machine like addiction and get them to spend , spend , spend .

  2. I don’t know about anybody else but I usually completely ignore chat from dead players at the the end of a close battle like this because they almost never have anything useful to say. Great video.

  3. Honest question. If you move to another region lets say from EU to ASIA, would you:

    1) Create a new account and play with low ping in ASIA but loose all progress due to creating a new account.
    2) Play the EU account in ASIA and have 200 ping average but keep all progress.

  4. I think I need a bigger screen, my is 1080p and the ui and stuff is so small, can anyone relate with me?

  5. It’s about close battles??… HA!! that’s funny.

  6. For the rest of us -who don’t want to fill their pockets with money- gold rounds are for dumb drunk people with credit cards who apparently don’t run a house.

  7. Kv2 is not fun anymore game is pointless.
    Its not fun to casual player anymore.

  8. Not Even a Nice Person

    Those are battles that make me stop playing for day or five, constantly analyzing in my head what went wrong.

  9. Chieftain is an op tank in the hands of potato players who have no clue how to play outside of CW

  10. Pitty that at the moment wot ands up more and more in 4 minutes 15 -0 games.

  11. Yeah… one out of ten games is like this. The others are 15:3 or 3:15.
    So “this is what World of Tanks is all about”? Maybe think about it…

  12. world of tanks looks amazing if you see it, but if you play it is it ****

  13. Its about giving wg your bank account on your first game in wot and rage quit 20k games later

  14. July 2021: Quackybaby still enters free camera mode in random moments to talk shit about Chieftain looks, missing the moment of shooting and killing enemy tanks.

  15. do nothing just play a good game and upload it …..what about the content ,ts really grtting boring and repeative no 1 wants to hear ur commentary here sir

  16. One of the best way to get cancer

  17. I agree, sadly majority of the time these days it’s 3-5 minute steamroll games that end 15-0 to 15-5. Even if you are in the winning side it’s boring.

  18. You mean gold ammo spam, EBRs, triple Arties, drowned teammates, OP reward tanks for the best players, and Russian Number Generator?

  19. Since the HE rework WoT is all about Pay to Win

  20. Ryokajimo Sensei

    It’s all about the Bond Equipment with the Two Clan Wars Reward Tanks and seal clubbing in low tiers

  21. time stealing ripp off game

  22. Just like the real world. Money

  23. Peter Voytanovsky

    yes, these types of games are the best, too bad they only happen in like one out of every thousand battles. Most are 15=3 roflstomps.

  24. You know, the chieftain isn’t so elitist as you might think. During the last Clan Wars Even me and my clan managed to score enough points to enter the bond Auction, so do a lot of mediocre players. I’ll be the first one to say it, im a 52% and my clan is kind of medicre, with most players between 49 to 53%. Our Clan Wars Even performance was under 50%, somewhere around 48 or 49, and yet we had an opportunity to auction for the chieftain.

    And while yes, during the auction i think there were only a few tens or maybe 100 -150 chieftains available, what i am saying is with consistent gameplay even average players can eventually get a cheiftain (over a long time).
    That being said, i feel obligated to mention that the most expensive bid for a chieftain that won was a whopping 66k bonds (!!!!!!!!) while the cheapest bid that won a chieftain in that Event was “only” 19 or 20k bonds so 🙂

  25. QB what u thing If wg limits Ho many chieftain team can use in clan wars! Clan batles Are so booring because full of chieftain and 279e… And it start killing clan gaming. Because 0 have fun. Ho we can made WG lisen…

  26. I absolute hate the braindead gold ammo spam in tier x…It makes wot feel like cod just hit for free damage, no need to aim weakspots or use taktics to flank.

  27. hahaha the progetto 46 can still wreck a tp60 in 10 secs

  28. I would play wot on pc if thy add controller help control can’t play with keyboard and mouse

  29. WoT for me on the Asia server is play bottom tier in a tier 8-10 game and come second on the team in damage, get reported by multiple noobs on my team because they didn’t like me not playing the front line after we started to lose. Wargaming, then giving me a 3 day ban for rule 5.08 excessive passive play.

    Contacted support who came back saying that they investigated and I am banned for “5.08 excessive passive play” After telling them I have done NO passive play at all go and check the game, they still do nothing.

    It’s just like when you get abused and you report the player. They tell you they have done stuff but can’t tell you. They are nothing but a bunch of clowns, who really can’t manage a single aspect of their game correctly.

  30. Exactly the kind of questions you should not ask.
    Said, and repeated by a lot of us.
    It’s all about the bottom line in WG’s PnL statement.

  31. another bought chieftain 😀

  32. Yuan Abraham M. Gruyal

    QB you should play wotb i want to see your thoughts on it again after years

  33. It’s all about random people getting mad at you and wish you all kinds of “nice” things

  34. That E50M overangling at the end made me wince irl.

  35. All about tanks?

  36. This what it used to be!! W or L good competitive games is what everyone craves. NOW, WG wants it over in 4/5 mins. They destroyed this game. Sorry QB, you’re lucky to have game like this 1in 20!!

  37. Notsogoodguitarguy

    Smelling salts…yeah xD That’s definitely smelling salts xD

  38. i would like to see qb test new world.

  39. 4:47 i see you are a man of culture as well

  40. Quiky i have a question, how can i go free cam in replays?? do i have to use a modpack?

  41. Wg is about ripping people off, adding more p2w and updating the game to have more blowout battles.

  42. i saw a cheiftan on my team with 3 marks… he got 9 kills and 10k dmg and his stats were: 3 marks, 3 marks, 3 marks, 3 marks, 3 marks, 3 marks…

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