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Ever wondered what PERFECTION in World of Tanks looks like? Look no further – nano_chelik demonstrates!



  1. Amazing game! Those campaign missions are no joke. It has taken me forever to work on them. I’m over halfway on the T28 HTC missions… the light tank class keeps holding me back. I’m also working on the Excalibur. I struggle with the missions of getting a certain amount of damage in the first few minutes of the game. I get close, but just can’t seem to get it. Watching this guy gives me some hope that someday I will achieve it.

  2. FV304 or Bishop are my babies!

  3. And he played against an entire team of scrubs. Hell he pulled in behind some that never even turned to fight LOL A game that any 4 k player could have pulled off in a metta tank.

  4. games like these are the reason we all started playing wot

  5. How many games have you played in WoT?

  6. Obj 260 is hands down my favorite tank. Fast beast. Always love to see it

  7. My god, the emil and cc were so bad. They could’ve rushed him together and sack it in …

  8. Synthetic Danimal 90

    I get compliments all the time for clutching a game or just doing very well, yet im a 48% player, but ive learned a lot over the last few years is why now im a good player, but my winrate makes me look bad.

  9. Is this Eu or Na? Where can I farm bots like that? Joke servers lmao

  10. Pro vs casual players, he knew exactly how to dismantle them.

  11. Operation Whispers

    Is Obj 260 a tech tree tank?

  12. not sure if its because i stopped playing tanks a week ago or what…but this vid seemed really cringe..no offense QB but it struck me as not your best content

  13. It’s easy when your spamming gold all game.

  14. gold only 260s make rep;ays now?

  15. Great gameplay with all those gold rounds

  16. And then there was Otto, in his Centurion. He was there too!

  17. Full gold top tier-what a hero……

  18. fähnlein dieselschweif

    Meanwhile: I am not good enough to master HT15 and TD15 for years…

  19. Imagine this tank with its wot pc stats in wotb and the wotb version of the 260 in pc lmao

  20. The shot that missed is my rng most of the time I play and I usually roll low when I land my shots. Though I did once go 1v9 and won with the Su12244 years back. That was a fun match and super stressful, but not as stressful as winning a 1v6 as the tier 6 french arty on himmelsdorf. Most of the fight was just me driving around point blank blasting.

  21. Monster.

  22. I understand perfection, but imagine how many skills each crew member on this tank has.

  23. Far from perfect, most of the shots can be AP considering the enemy team is completely garbage

  24. DevilWearsthePrada

    Me In my jg pz e100. I am speed

  25. Taxi Service delivered to the garage one by one by one….Cheeseball Baby!

  26. So perfection is when you spam gold rounds?

  27. Great game to watch as it was very entertaining!

    When I need high base exp or kills for daily missions, I will usually play the Skoda T-56 or Strv S1 because I tend to do a lot better in either of those tanks.

    The Italian TDs are slowly growing on me as well, but I only have the tech tree tanks.

  28. These obj 260…thy always rush

  29. Fixed game

  30. God this guy aims like a robot, he has managed to spend more time in reload than anything else and bounced only 4 shells. If he would’nt have delt with all these tanks that fast in the begining that would’ve been lost by far

  31. it’s the taxi camo from the movie “The fifth element”

  32. Averge enemy team player

  33. “Excellent player…” at 3:22… The excellent player was sitting in hull down and spamming gold. Nothing excellent about that. With intuition skill there is no excuse in shooting BZ in the rear with HEAT or CharFuture… Those should be regular shots for an “excellent player”

  34. top tier tank with all premium consumables and ammo … yeah, i have good games like that too

  35. Great player, well played, but imo the enemies were clowns, like they were just sitting in front of him and letting him get farmed

  36. The last people on the enemy team throws that game like a pro baseball pitcher. All they had to do was press W and trade damage with him.

  37. I would gladly see goodguygreg players in my new non-competitive clan.
    -english/hungarian language
    -not being a hysterical primadonna
    In-game: kissandrasjr

  38. Nearly full 340 pen heats, food, probably bond equipment, i can see a problem with a balance in this game.

  39. …looks like, when rng is not showing middlefinger as it usually do.

  40. 3:22 Excellent player = Fires premium ammo all the time

  41. Next premium ammo champion hahaha.

  42. Spe-Notapopularytbersus

    QB please i beg you make more user/fan replays videos your commentary is lovely but videos of your gameplay doesnt have the same vibe as the former

  43. Pretty sure he thinks you are trash

  44. someone give me back those 10 minutes I lost watching a tier X tank shooting gold on tier IX and VIII tanks.

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