What You Need To Know about Update 1.13 Patch in World of Tanks

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World of Tanks Update 1.13 Patch Update – HE Rework, Artillery Rework ( Ammo), Buffs Nerfs – EBR 105 Nerfed, Type 5 Heavy, KV-2 and 9 Buffed. World of Tanks Battle Pass Season 5, New Ranked Battles, New Recon Game Mode. World of Tanks Update 1.13 Patch Review.

Seems ike update 1.3 patch is finished, testing done time for the live server. This one is definitely the biggest patches in 2021 and maybe even compared to the 2020 as well with many fundamental changes to the game. I try to cover everything this patch offers in this single video.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. One of the biggest patches we have had in the history of World of Tanks, without any new tanks, but some fundamental changes to the mechanics…
    Let me know what you think about all of this?! 🔴ARTY MISSIONS STILL THERE & STILL 3 SPGS PER TEAM THO!🔴
    *And as always, keep in mind – Gamers are Cool and Happy Gaming!*

  2. The tracer too wont be visible without the skill or just the sound wave thing?

    • Tracer will always be visible, the skill only gives you a 2 second timer before the shell hits the ground by you

  3. Anyone having problems logging in after the new update? I finished updating I couldn’t connect to my server

  4. Looks great. Hope it all passes and most play it because they like it. Only the unicorns play it for missions and they’re also the first to cry and complain average Joe couldn’t give a fuck they just want to relax and play a game after work. if it effects your state of mind get mental help or switch games to something that wont hurt you. ^_^

  5. So whats next, tracer from TD’s sniping from bushes

  6. Arty HE countering should be easy now, all with katyusha rocket tail

  7. They won’t change the IS-2s since they said it’s shields are meant to stop heat and he shells.

  8. Since they won’t reduce 3 arty down which is just crippling, why can’t WG reduce the damage and the stun. Maybe one arty gets normal stun but when a battle has two arty, both get reduced stun and so on for three arty. Has to be a better way. Almost like WG go out of their way to annoy their customers. Was the same in World of Warships about a year after open beta. Just got worse and made me quit.

    • Wan Idlan Hakimi

      I definitely agree with 1 arty per battle,but I disagree with ur suggestion. WG should add more dmg to SPG’s AP shells so that it will counter hulldown tanks easily,and since the HE changes made HE crippled,only arty can splash with such dmg nowadays

  9. RIP Arty Campaign! Now it’s gonna be next to impossible to complete T55A and up missions.

  10. So now the Intuition perk stacks?

  11. Brighter tracers and mini map markers? Sounds to me like an opportunity to farm those counter-battery medals.

  12. Pretty big update just to increase gold spam.

  13. I think this screws arty more than you let on. First off, the tracers are going to let the opposing arty find you instantly. And once an EBR locates the tracers guess what they’re going to do? The same thing they do now just a lot easier. And the whole thing with arty having 3 types of shells is just useless. It takes some arty 40 seconds to reload and the reduction in load time won’t be significant enough to make it useful. And the sound detection…when arty fires from the other side of the map sometimes it takes 3-4 seconds for the shell to reach it’s target. Players can move a long ways in that amount of time. So if you’re an arty player, I see bad times ahead.

    • It only activates at the 2 second mark before hitting the ground for every arty, the intuitions will be useful of you care about counter arty, you might have to actually shoot and move in arty, and you might have to actually shoot from behind rocks to prevent yolos

    • @Dapper Sloth good players already shoot and relocate in arty .

    • @John Che yeah, just means the tomatos learn or die which is how it should be anyway.

  14. Limit arty to 2 and rework the retarded arty missions of the campaign ….. is probably one of the main reasons we got a crap ton of artys on the queue during the prime time

  15. The biggest two issues IMO is
    1–sound detection as another commander skill. Commander already have enough skills and dont need another one
    2–still 3 arty on each side. Too much sky cancer, max needs to be 2.

    ETA: Forgot to add, they haven’t updated the arty missions either

  16. Why change all mechanics when all what they have to do is lower pentration on some tanks…. greedy fucks… hopefully players will show them an opinion….

  17. The more they mess with this game, the more I wish I could sell my account.

  18. Now imagine trying to hit EBRs if you playing arty, with the sheel decreased velocity, tracers and sound detection hehe

  19. More brainless HE spam now, i would say. Forget the obstacles, just click.

    • its no more brainless than gold spam and that happens a shitload more often than HE spam (excluding the current arty)


  21. I just want frontline…best for grinding multiple tier 8

  22. 3:30 well of corse it is beter – it is a cheat made legal and at 3:20 limit td at 8 minimum so we can have 30 minutes games

  23. Tommy Moore RVA @FastHatTrick @ohboywm

    I hate it, it castrates arty

  24. Where can I claim my money back for KV2 (R)? Imho, this is a drastic change to the tank and it is not, what I spent money on. To me, KV2 loses its sense here – sorry WG, this is BS.

  25. Every other game I played be it World of Warships, Elder Scrolls, Armored Warfare, Star Trek Online and a host of others REFUND your character /crew skills for free whenever there is a change to skills. But not the WoT gang oh no they wouldn’t hear of it! Elder Scrolls has just done this twice in one year when they revamped the character skills and again when the champion point system was reworked. And each time they gave you 10 days to keep changing it for free! If the WoT gang ran those games they would make you pay for it like they do in WoT. They would develop a “change token” for 6,000 bonds or 3000 gold. Nostalgia aside if you want to keep playing this wreck of a game you have to come to grips that the only historical aspect of this game is the tank models (minus the unlimited Object whatever the heck tanks and many others). You have to play this now for what it is. It is a fantasy arcade shooter with clown cars and a constantly changing cash grab mechanic. I will still play this thing from time to time for what it is but I will never pay another dime of real money again to do so.

  26. I’m at the point where I can say, fuck you WG, that’s the last bit of my time/$ I give you. Too much greed, too much RNG, too much of WG saying ‘fuck you’ to all of us who have played for years. Perhaps time for something else….Warthunder looks thoroughly long to grind…

  27. 12 years later the game is still only at version 1.13. By the time I’m 90 it’ll be version 2.0 and all the tanks will shoot lasers.

  28. Looks like I won’t be playing my KV2 again.
    The only reason to play it is gone.

    • Why? you can now dealing more damage to meds and lights cause theres no track or spaced armor that can save them! .-)

    • @Bynk333 You’re a heavy tank. You shouldn’t be shooting at lights/mediums in the first place UNLESS they decided to run in front of you.

      Also, the damage is technically worse against lights/mediums because instead of HE just picking the closest and weakest plate to go through, it’s going through the point of impact.

  29. service stor kostoglou stor

    And the enemy arty will count team arty as hell . if anyone can see the trace of firing then this will be total stupid. p.s i dont like arty i have 3 arts just fot missions that i see never complete after this stupid 1.13. As i say i dont like arty but this is total unfair .

  30. 10 V 10 ranked is going to be a huge campfest.

  31. Of all the changes, the one we needed the most is:

  32. Great Work and thx Dez 👍👍👍

  33. Anyone wonders why they did not MENTIONED any german 10,5cm Gun at lower Tiers…?
    Oh wait: a “german” Gun.. my fault..! Luckily they buffed the KV-2…

  34. The Great Memery

    HE is useless now, if the enemy armor is higher then the HE’s penetration then it would not penetrate the armor neither a module destruction. I tried play KV-2 today everytime I hit against stronger armor with HE it would say Screen not penetrated.

  35. I still think these HE changes are terrible, and make no sense.

  36. That’s a lot of nutshells Dez

  37. Okej i understant now, we all scrap HE shells, mount turbo on all heavy weight tanks and go only do ramming damage! 🙂

  38. I like how ebr’s are able to repair their wheels while diving. That’s so realistic.

    • Sure, but are instant track repairs more realistic? It’s an arcade game after all, based on (mostly) real tanks.

    • @MWA 580 yes thats true. and overall its still their game and not our’s. so they can do whatever they want to. sadly we paid tons of money for a game we loved back then. i cant say that i still enjoy it. to much weird things are happening. 90% RNG(matchmaking, pen shot/or not, afk players, braindead humans), 5% player skill, [1% arty, 1% ebr]. i dont know, its hopless! all i get from this game is cancer. 1 out of 15 matches is a good one, longer than 3min, balanced and enjoyable. its just frustrating

  39. All I can say is within a nutshell. Swiss Tech tree please wargaming.

  40. Let me get this right, Arty shells now resemble rockets. There are two types of HE that do two different things, How? There is a sound detection system, arty shells travel at twice the speed of sound (or more) which means, you won’t hear them. Apparently the old system was unfair, is a T10 Hvy using prem ammo against a T8 Med fare? Shooting a T8 Hvy in the rear with a T10 Hvy and the RNG saying ‘that one bounced/didn’t go through/ricochet’, of course they’re not. Bet they won’t get changed, because they’re perfectly fair. Welcome to the world of WG!

  41. This game gets worse … I’m joining Jingles on World of Warships .. No more EBR’s for me 🙂

  42. user: we need A
    wg: you need $&@? ok
    users: oh f*cking for christ’s sake can you f*cking listen
    wg: W A T?

  43. just grind 2 spgs and updatedhappen..this really sck update

  44. In the next Minsk map change – added WG’s office building as a destructable object 🙂

  45. The new commander skill is garbage anyway. If you’re in a fight then having a sound detection go off is pointless because you cant expose yourself to enemy tanks for a chance to avoid an arty shell. Just ignore it.

  46. Arty usually focuses mediums and lights as they get more damage, not heavys, maybe the new intuition skill is for lights?

  47. penned 50b with 183 in the turret and set him on fire, that won’t happen again

  48. sad for all the arty players…. shouldn’t treat a portion of their playerbase like that.

    Saying they won’t remove it but nerfing it into ground…. shitty move!

    I remember getting a very good Grille15 when they replaced WT E100… and after the players were finally ok with getting a powerfull replacement…. they nerfed Grille hard!!!

  49. WG: HE shells are unpredictable. We want to make them more predictable.
    Also WG: Good luck trying to figure this HE shit out! It’s now more unpredictable than ever! Wheeee!

  50. Just get rid of artillery all together then problem solved

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