What your favourite War Thunder tank says about you 2

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  1. Well I got into trouble with a Jumbo with a Hetzer. We didn’t pen each-other

  2. Correction, I am not a wheraboo… I am… something entirely…

  3. To give credit to the jagdpather, it does a good job of bouncing Sherman 75s and scaring me shitless when it does

  4. Plz make another

  5. 2:35 The only thing those APDS are killing is my psychological health. APDS are trash as fuck imo

  6. T26e5: basically the jumbo except it can get up tiered to face cold war tanks.

  7. Bro “The Stug Life” Joke was god tier. still glad to see Italy getting love.

  8. I Go Ko mmit sudoku

  9. Proved yourself to be the true Wheraboo here, you can pronounce German names better than the Eh in your Ram ll joke. Canucks don’t sound like a confused anime child

  10. Michael whittmen? No.. Otto Carius

  11. Who started playing war thunder here before 2015?

  12. I’m curious to see the T114

  13. The M4A3E8 Sherman. Fast and good gun

  14. AstroCanadian1917

    Do one with the Walker Bulldog

  15. BecauseYesisNotAWord
  16. The maus: you like shitting on people in your BR and lower, until, like every other powerful tank, you get uptier’d, and… surprisingly live, until you’re uptier’d again, then you’re fucked

  17. As a Somua S35 main, i know the feeling, but hey, after learning how to angle the damn thing killing 7 guys in 1 match is actually the norm after a while.

  18. t-34 is a great film wtf do you mean.

  19. BT-7

  20. I love the m22 using Rush tactics is my favorite and it’s actually something that I can do in order to get kills and make SL since I don’t have any actual skill and good good I’m happy that they hate me because I hate them too 🙂

  21. The t34-85… ahhhhhhhhhh

  22. *bringing up Yukiyukite*

    So you have chosen


    Why German tankers called as “wehraboos” what does it means ?

  24. Where did you find the S.35 voice?

  25. Just wait for SU-100…

  26. where in the holy world is the strv m42 dt (The DT stand of Delat Torn)

  27. where crusader?

  28. I used to love I-GO-KO because back I the day when hull break was still a thing, heat would insta hull break light tanks, so you could insta kill basically any 1.0 vehicle and negated the survivability of the LVT

  29. The tank warfare in war thunder is Bullshit i don’t evdn play it anymore because it really is not ww2 accurate and the Russian tanks are OP, i only play navy and Aircraft on war thunder

  30. And the stupid 3 tanks only policy on war thunder sucks

  31. Hope to see the M6A1 in one of these!

  32. Make a plane one after the wind update

  33. Fun fact STRV stands for Stritzvagen a friend ones told me that

  34. do about the T-54

  35. Im a pretty good player in WT and i tell you, the Tiger II (H) is so painful to play. Always 7.0-7.3 uptiers and getting dunked on by anything with a 122mm 😂

  36. Mi tanque favorito es el KV-2

  37. I use Zis 30 cuz I’m Chad lol it gets yeetee by 7.62 lmao

  38. M18 gang for life. Until I got my Type 74.

  39. German mains: your a N@zi Me: and you Russian mains are still communists!

  40. That Squire audio clip had me dying 😂

  41. B1 BIS are the same has Tiger 2 players xD, historically no german tanks was able to pen the B1 front… But HV canon on panzer IV goes bbbrrrrrrr

  42. For those who dont understand why T means Czechoslavakia, its because in German its Tschechoslowakei, and all the other vehicles with a letter like thst in the end are the same, fun that they put R for Russia, even if it was Soviet Union at the time

  43. Can we have a favourite plane video?

  44. 2:26 for tho who wan BT 42 in the game just get the already existing BT 7A (F-32) trust me it can pen the rear of top tier MBT’s and that means that it can be viable at Anny br if you can play it well enough

  45. my favorite tank is the M4A3E2 (76) W because its still op in arcade and i nuked with it 16 times lol

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