What your favourite War Thunder tank says about you

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Source: OC Gangsta

We milking war now bois!


  1. TacoTuesdayOrBust22 RockAndRollMcDonalds

    as a french panther player i can assure you i am not a wehraboo as i am too busy surrendering, eating baguettes, and being killed by enemy tigers.

  2. Wheres Super Pershing? Or T26E5

  3. I like the SU-85M

    It bounces so many shots from its front plate because freeaboos and teaboos, as well as commies you fight against can’t hit the commanders cupola…

    the only reason I haven’t mentioned wheraboos is because they don’t need to hit my cupola to 1-shot me… because their guns are the ones that pen my front plate most of the time, with only a few exceptions, because that’s apperantly how balance works.

  4. Biddy games the second Act

    The m56

  5. 4:34 bro Girls und Pnazer physics don’t count plus that gun was shot point blank

  6. If you can get the track and barrel torture modification you can play well in any tank.

  7. what if we combined all the traits of european tanks that makes them so great?

  8. ill Add something for the Sherman: Its looks so cool then you realize your gun is shit.

  9. I just use tiger for its armour and reload time

  10. As an m4 sherman player i can aprove that untill you cant pen the rear

  11. The T-90 that stares into your soul

    You cant really angle in a panther cause 40mm side armor, and if you barely angle, almost anything can go through the side

  12. Tiger one is fax, I decided to go back to the hatred toaster but decided to angel it this time, still lost my barrel and my commander almost instantly but i must have bounced 10x shells before I got flanked by a jumbo.

  13. Sounds like a skill issue America and Russia players

  14. As an Italian main, I feel betrayed.

  15. Wait a moment there buddy isnt the T-44 truly the first mbt i mean seriously and it also went into service 2 years roughly before the cent did

  16. Pretty accurate all of this tanks from players experiences


    i angle tiger tanks. end destroy fat jumbo shrimps even though they HE shells can fuck me in the turret. BUTT i counter them before they counter me >:D

    • jumbo HE shells won’t do shit to your turret, HE shells are problem when they are of a big caliber, the jumbo has a 75 it won’t do anything to you.

  18. I dont have a favorite tank

  19. Ted Hubert Pagnanawon Crusio

    Moral: Hellcat and KV-2 Fridge Dispenser are kings.

  20. As a Churchill lover, this is painfully accurate.

  21. Make a pt2

  22. German tankers = wehraboos

  23. I feel for the tiger it’s either the one you put OR “I am literally a god and require 5-6 tanks to fight me simultaneously to die”

  24. PT-76-57: The embodiment of satan, and I love seeing people suffer in agony while I castrate their barrel and disable their tracks 🙂

  25. I don’t have a favorite tank in War Thunder, but one tank I recently bought is the Sherman M-51(Israel). It’s a fun tank to use l. Price in the U.S is $39.99. Not bad for a tank that you spend irl money on.

  26. Ngl if you know how to play it and angle/are smart the pz 4f2 is honestly one of the best tanks not my absolute favorite but its up there

    • Angling won’t do anything, its armor is too thin and everything will still pen it, you have more chances with the H version but even there it’s a 10% chance that it will happen.

  27. so im an nazi

    hell yeah

  28. I have an idea for one with planes
    Fokker D.XXI:you’re a dutchman in disguise

  29. Fuckin hell tiger os at the wrong battle rating should be 11.0

  30. i didnt see my fav tank on this list but but atleast the kv2 did, and my fav is the su-100P lol
    nice vid nonetheless

  31. Francis Davidson-Aerni

    Bruh kv-2 is best


  33. What about thr M22 Locust? Killing MBT like nothing else.

  34. The fact that I play most of these tanks and seen most of this happen, is really true to be honest

  35. The AVRE got dat BESH doe

  36. What about Breda 501?

  37. You play R3 T20

    You have no friends

  38. T-44 is my favourite

  39. Nailed it on the IS 2

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