What’s coming up next in the upcoming War Thunder Battle Pass?

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Source: Ash

Just my luck, recorded this literally 15 minutes ago and whilst uploading Gaijin presented high end reward vehicle. Another E.B.R 1963 – https://warthunder.com/en//7248/current/

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  1. I hope the pak track is free

  2. More pain is abound

  3. I only play the mid-tier warbirds. if the BP aircraft is anything ranks 3-5, between 3.3 and 6.7, i’ll grind for it.

  4. Why another EBR?

  5. if it ELC then they can have my money….now i can have my cute little beybeh in WT

  6. Firestarter OnYouTube

    I can’t lie, I’d rather have to grind through a fuckfest of an Operation Summer than a Battlepass. The rewards are quite honestly shit, and Gaijin got way too greedy with the coupon system.

  7. The Tea Drinking Owl

    Ash, what would you’re thoughts be about the Naval Lightening being added into War Thunder?

  8. I did the first one for the T10A and the most recent one. The Centurion BP was mostly a let down, ngl. I’ve just been waiting for the F14 to be added

  9. I remember how I used to play rather casually and I got the F2G without a problem right before the end and thought that hey these battle passes could be fun little reward things to do in the background while I grind. Now I barely got to level 20 and have no motivation to do these anymore

  10. i hope for aircraft premium on 75 level 🙂

  11. Heh, nolifers, go outside

  12. Ground RB is doomed

  13. I still can’t believe people are falling for this. Grind 50 levels and pay money? Seriously?

  14. was the thumbnail of this vid the current battlepass with the ebr and name photoshopped on? bc u forgot to remove the toldi xD

  15. I will grind it cuz i for sure know these both will go for a lot of gaijin coins

  16. I just want all vehicles to go to the market.
    I am going to vacation too, you know

  17. I agree with you that the first battle pass was the best. The second one was OK but the tasks of the the 3rd one were so ridiculous that I just gave up and did not even try to complete them. Why do they absolutely want us to play naval? If it feels like a job to complete the tasks then it’ no longer fun…. There should be different kind of events during the year and Battle pass should only be just a few times per year, not all year long

  18. SuperCookieGaming

    i am a collector and I always get to level 150 of the battle pass. i find if you do your dailies and special tasks you can hit level 150 without needing to buy levels

  19. id rather have had SUMMER instead of BP 4. that way I can spend my summer break grinding the top vehicle, then if its not something im interested in, sell it. but nah, French P39. woohoo

  20. The naval mission one are hard for me, destroy 30 enemy with cruisers, battleships was the last mission I’ve done in the last 30 minutes of the deadline and now I can’t play too much of WT because I’m now had college and jobs to do.

  21. Where is the operation summer at

  22. Gaëtan Bonnemayre

    Gaijin knows that the french lineup is trash and they still make french premiums without fixing the tree by adding some tanks at 4.3

  23. yay the thing that should be in the stock research is a battle pass thing

  24. I do pay for the battlepasses (usually the 2500 eagles because might as well) seeing as I do youtube and the bp vehicles help draw in the crowd

  25. It ain't Original

    Another fucking ebr

  26. Honestly I just want a tank to be one of the free vehicles not another plane…

  27. The current battlepass is to grindy, i can’t be a sweaty tryhard all day long, i can only play every scent weekend, so its impossible to get anywhere i the battlepass without paying for it

  28. New battle pass got me to quit WT. So I love it!

  29. If they don’t put time limits on the challenges again that will be a good start.

  30. Maybe they could just stop this nonsense of the battlepass.

  31. Lmao allready in the Game u cant pay it, cost 2500 GJN on the market, Or 2300€

  32. another f*cking E.B.R. why gaijin WHY

  33. Since i can’t sell COPY&PASTE P-39Q vehicle from BP I’ll gladly skip this one, Especially after 2a900 news!

  34. Not Your business

    This was the first battle pass I bought.
    The last one I just didn’t do actively and I earned a lot of tasks passively, so I earned the plane.
    I wanted the Toldi and thought, yeah all the SL etc. in addition gonna be nice, so why not.
    This time I barely got any of the tasks, even tho I played on a daily basis.
    The French plane is nice tho. I doubt I will buy another battle pass.

  35. Keep adding sht low tier vehicle, i’ll quit War thunder.. Fix ur fcking br comparison damn is it that hard?

  36. Still waiting for summer event

  37. only battle pass I tried doing and completed was the first one, and I think it probably had the best rewards, though the second one did have some decent stuff, and the third one was just meh. Hopefully this one is decent

  38. i have an easy answer for the title.


  39. The last BP for me was the most disappointing: french P39, the fact that if u don’t have grinded the entire tree u cant play the Voroshilov in a lineup, the Toldi being 1.3 when we had the Hedgehog being at least 2.7 and the T55 4.7, the only “good” thing was the M6, a way more accessible T29.
    I think that BP rewards u pay for should be at least ERA II and 2.0 minimum BR, the toldi doesn’t bring anything new to Italian 1.0: no short stabilizer, around 60mm of pen, average mobility, and worst very poor armour and ammo capacity hugely unsufficient for this BR.
    The P39 has good manouvrability, but it stops here.
    Voroshilov is a apetizer to what a painful stock grind at 5.7 is.
    The M6 has a very good gun but still not comparable armour to a king Tiger.

  40. I mean playing the battlepass m6 is pretty fun if you just set your hull behind a rock and you bounce 10+ tiger 2/panther chells

  41. When is this going to be released?

  42. -DeadBeat-Nirvana

    That feeling when in terms of BP you’re more interested in the boosters than the vehicles.

  43. When does it start?

  44. The half-track should have been a tech tree. Ebr should have been tech tree. I’m guessing the other two will have the same problem

  45. Ya I still don’t know how battle pass works. I used to log on every day not so much anymore. Played 16 hours today doing a double shift at work today though.

  46. What an absolute shame if its just another EBR. This BP was looking so interesting..


    Hello, can anyone please teach me how to participate in the War thunder events, like operation S.U.F.F.E.R.?, do i have to play in arcade or something like that?

  48. i dont do battle pass. not wasting money on it. rather buy a tank instead

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