Whats REALLY Wrong with War Thunder

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Source: McChickenBites

Thank you guys for all watching the


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  2. 1.The game is too glitchy because of the trash engine
    2.Not balanced at all
    3.The maps are poorly designed
    4.There’s nothing that Gaijin makes for complete, everything in the game feels incomplete and poorly made
    5.The community is pretty bad
    6.Forum is biased
    7.Devs are completely retards that can’t get any critic about their ”perfect game”
    8.The fórum makes you feel like you’re in the Sovietic Union because if you complain about the game they proceed to delete your post
    9.Devs never listen to the players
    10.The Devs probably dont even play their own game
    11.Physics in the game are laughfable
    13.This game is just sad, the sound design is rly bad
    14.Ultra low quality is a problem that devs refuse to solve
    15.Controls options are garbage

    And you know what? the only game that Gaijin developed that makes success is War Thunder because it’s one of a kind, but it still bad like all their other games! World Of Tanks is by all means a better desingned game and Wargaming is alot better than Gaijin. But i still playing War Thunder more than WoT! Why? you ask… Because im a fucking retard. I probably commited alot of english grammar mistakes so i rly dont care english is not my native language anyways.

  3. this guy is so fucking right. its true that i complain too.. but not about everything. the only things i dont like about this game is 1: 6.7 germans tanks and 2: the community..
    plus, thinking about how big this game is, this quality, for a small team, this is a very good fucking game..

  4. Well stated! With plenty of video proof to back-up your knowledge of game-ply tech etc. Nice job!

  5. the problem with war thunder is that DCS exists…..

    for someone wanting realism….DCS blows WT out of the fucking water….

    fully clickable cockpits with every button and system modeled……WAY WAY WAY better flight models…..better engine for sims

    graphics are better in some aspects (especially with the new updates) while being worse in others…….but overall i prefer DCS
    the stuff you see a lot of in DCS is all super good looking

    war thunder is a free to play version of the failed sim called ‘wings of prey”…….

    and wings of prey has the same issues that wt has……


    its a free to play version of “wings of prey”……

    wings of prey was broken as shit…..and with in one week everyone stopped playing it

    the fucking alpha/beta for WT was literally wings of prey with a research trees….iirc you had to have WOP installed as it booted up WOP

    its ALWAYS had shitty flight models…..strange damage models……ETC ETC

    and when you play joy stick only games (DCS, IL2, and WOP)…..the communities are fucking great!
    everyone helps out everyone….people get angry at each other, but its over shit talk in team speak…

    no one screams OP….no one screams BIAS…..no one calls you a hacker
    most say “good fight” after you shoot them down!!!

    ask a question in chat…..ya get 3 different answers from people that all contain useful and different info

    in WT ya get called a noob and then TKed

  7. wortundir is stinky game

  8. Im not sure what youre responding to. to people who want historical matchmaking, complaining about a skin and people who say how a plane “should” work? some iditots on the internet? you seem to talk about the community in general and about their problems in general. are we also talking about people who…i dunno….complaining about matchmaking, br, bugs, spawn camping, events, empty matches and the grind?

    your complaints are vage and your examples cant show how big this “problem community” within war thunder is. i mean you make the case. Imo does the vast majority of criticism have a point, even if put in gossip words. i cant see how the total-bs-criticism (the only thing youre talking about,right?) is ruining wt or is even worth a video

  9. @McChickenBites, Mind if you can help me fly the Meteor Series, I don’t have the MK. 8 so just up to the one before the MK.8

  10. McChicken, you on to something, what i consider true. But its a little more complicated. As long as the mass brings in the money and where hunting for money, they will always go for the mass. Thats part of it to. populism and so on 🙁

  11. Cry more, Chicken. You play WT? This is how it is. Plus Russian bias, of course. Disable comments or grow a thicker skin.

    Also, fuck Gaijin. I quit playing when it turned into a grind, and they ruined the tier system (yeah, lets go from 20 to 5 and then add in a crap BR system).

  12. Someone ranting about War thunder? I’m lovin’ it!

  13. 90% of all game chat is cancerous wether it be war thunder or wargaming

  14. my bigest prolem in the game is the nonstop up br wich is not a rly big problem speciallyin aviation if u can how to fly and its not a rly big problem if u reach 3.3 but under that itsa bit unfair and the 2nd bigest problem is the team killing in arcade its so god fucking damn anoying thats unbelivable

  15. ItsYaBoi SkinnyPenis

    War thunder may be a free to play but till you hit tier 4 it’s nearly impossible not to buy gold to get to the next tank/plane because the grind is hard and you need more silver lions

  16. Tomáš Kořínek

    just delete all ATGMs from game and planes from tank arcade battles

  17. The feeling I got from all the time I spend in War Thunder is that the devs don’t know themselves what they want the game to be. So they listen to community instead. And if the community that knows a thing gonna just casually mention something, while retards are gonna be as loud as they are, well… You will get the result. So fault in this is kinda on everyone.

  18. Fucking hell its getting worse the dislikes

  19. Gaijin has come a LONG way, as far as communication with the player base. They made a few wrong turns but it was always to get to a point. Some don’t see it that way if their plane gets a nerf they lash out, and never think why the devs did what they did. I was a hater at one point because I couldn’t see why they were doing some of the things they were doing. But I was wrong, they have a clear plan and they are going forward with it no matter who screams and yells about it.

  20. i disagree that it isnt the fault of gaijin . if they listen to noobs and base ballancing changes on average statistics that include the performance of noobs it is partially gaijins fault . there have been TONS of good suggestions from ppl that knew what they are talking about that could have improved the game massively but gaijin didnt chose to listen to those ppl but instead based their changes on their own statistics that are more often than not incredibly flawed as they look at player+vehicle performance as a single dataset instead of sepparating them from eachother .

    as time goes by and gaijin repeats its old misstakes the experienced players leave and the ammount of noobs increase wich gradually erodes the community .

  21. Comment section: Pretty much tons of different opinions and lots of bang bang comments war and a few WoT vs WT comments, anything I’m missing?

  22. Another issue is when I am driving a a tank that is 2.0 and seeing tanks that are 4.0right now I suck at war thunder but I’m finding it incredibly hard to actually learn how to get better when it feels like the game is actively trying to get me to quit. I can’t telling you how much I want to get better but I can’t when I can’t fucking pen the back of the fucking tanks I’m facing with the tank destroyer I use it’s depressing I just am finding it harder and harder to play… I don’t know what to do I love the idea the idea of war thunder but low tear combat is a fucking mess and 9/10 times I see 4.0 tanks wile I’m in 2.0 maybe it is just my luck but this brings me to the point… how do I not suck I beg you tell me how do I not suck in a game that feels like it’s trying its hardest to get me to quit

  23. I think there should be a gamemode where it’s historically accurate, so you get like 3 me262s vs maybe 8 p51 d5s, i think thatd be cool

  24. haha historical MM so mk9 spits vs komets ?

  25. finally someone pointed out all the bullshit that happens in this awesome game

  26. 280+ retarded individuals dislike this video

  27. i have never seen you before but your vid is hiting the the nail on the head and i am subing because of this vid

  28. still waiting for the jagdtigers APDS round so it can actually be competetive at 8.0… meanwhile on the forums where a person has a massive documentation on the APDS shell and you see shit invested scrubs complain look into there account and wham they only play russia…. i mean like look at current tier 5 battles… america,germany and japan are getting slaughtered by russian/british tanks and freaking CAS spam its unreal

  29. Dude im on your side I barely get free stuff those ungrateful bastards I haven’t even got a jet be grateful you lot or else -_-

  30. Znd it sucks cause isnt the company russian yknow gaijin entertainment

  31. Just because your right doesn’t mean you will be listened too. Just take your skills and hold what you think is true high. That is the best you can do. Otherwise you get trolled.

  32. Anyone just come to see the comments?

  33. Solution: don’t play warthunder

  34. Trump being the target of complaints is 100 percent called for, as he’s a complete joke. Lies daily, feeds people bullshit( but if u believe it- ur dumb too)

  35. Jonathan Titterton

    The one problem I have with War Thunder and I’ve been playing it for sometime is how LITTLE you get in terms of the basic in game currency “Lions”, for MONTHS now I’ve been trying to get enough to get things like the Flak 88 German Tank Destroyer, the Sherman 105mm and the Churchill 1 all which cost about 77k in Lions (yes I am aware these aren’t the exact amount it’s just a rough estimate of one of them from when I last played) but i’m still no where near even using the lion boots you get in the daily warcrates which don’t seem to have much difference. Another problem is how I fell LIED to by Gaijin I purchased the USSR River boat from their website last year when it was announced at E3 where it said I would get beta access, I spent about £35-£40 but i’ve not got access to the Beta servers to test it out, so I feel I have to buy it AGAIN costing another £35-£40 so I better get access next time if not I’m gonna be pissed. Another problem is communication with Gaijin themselves, you go onto their website and go through the “help” section, you browse through the FAQs and you can’t find the question there’s no actual “contact us” section where you can email them direct to ask questions that aren’t in the FAQs.

  36. its why I avoid Redd-it hon. Bless you for having to deal with what has aggravated you.

  37. I can understand why youre pissed off at this and everyone with a brain can too, but i think you lost it a bit

  38. Baron, Slick and Phly are how I found this game. Their videos are advertisement, with just a smidge of “how to not suck” accidentally added in. I love them all (almost as much as I love Squire) for the ‘service’ that they do… but I also know I’ve outgrown them for the knowledge they can provide.

    I wouldnt go near Reddit with someone else’s dick. Fuck that cancer hole.

    The forums are also the suck… sure makes me miss Paradox at times, I love their forums. So much theory crafting happening over there, but alas, EUIV is getting old.

    So, when it comes to learning… I just get in game and try it.

    Most of the issues I see in game are player caused. Teamkills, troll tanks, machine gun spam, “drive forward until you get shot” tactics, etc… Not much can be done about that, it’s FTP game, so any jerk off can play, that’s why you get the baddies.

    However my biggest issue is high tier BR compression. I fucking hate high tiers, with a passion.

    Wanna play your King Tiger because you just love that tank? Hope you enjoy getting shit on by sabot rounds/HEATFS and gun stabalizers, making your tank a pile of worthless shit that took months to grind out.

    Just unlocked that new 8.0 jet and wanna spade it out? Hahahahah NO! Here’s a MiG17 or a Hunter to shove up your ass, with your pathetic 3000feet/min climb rate, sucka.

    Serious, if they want to keep me playing longer than 2 months at a time before I get fed up and go back to MWO for a few months, they need to reduce the BR spread past 5.7. Something like never more than a .4 spread would do it I think. Load up a 6.7 most you will see is a 7.0 (or 6.3). I could live with that.

    Until they make higher tiers more fun (read: make Germany fun again) I just wont enjoy the game to my fullest, get burnt out again, and wander off after I hit that level 100 (98 now).

    Also, my opinion on CAS in tank battles, it’s fine… if you take into consideration available CAS in the nations tank BRs. German interceptors are ill suited for the fighter role in tank BR, and they have weak CAS, so drop all the tanks down into BRs that they will dominate on land, but the allies can make up for it in the air, much as IRL.
    Both problems solved.

  39. President Lelouch

    Really a trump hater, another one? I bet you don’t even really know what trumps about.

  40. Rant starts at 1:05.

  41. President Lelouch

    What exactly is this about?

  42. Thumbed down. Why? Because this is the YouTuber version of the reddit posts you reference. All emotion, no information.

    Constructive criticism: After sixteen minutes I still wasn’t clear on what your message was. What IS wrong with War Thunder? Stupid people on Reddit? The vast majority of people playing the game? (wouldn’t be fun without the dummies padding the rosters though)

    If your channel really is about bringing things to light, I would take this video down. Not just because it’s a salty rant aimed at nebulous internet figures, but because it is in no way informative.

  43. funny part is that you can have 1,000+ hours and not even reach tier IV in any nation if you happen to play all the nations… (except italy as of the recent update) would that make my opinion useless? even though people with that 1,000 hours can go down one nation and only have a factual knowledge based around that one faction with the full in-depth experience that faction has to offer. No intent to bash anyone who has played the game for even longer I just feel like the vibe I got from this was wrong even though the video was explaining an actual issue. I feel like just someone having a lot of hours can be spent wrong and invested towards improper experiences of the game, versus people that don’t have as “many” hours but still spend the few hours they have spending time experiencing everything that war thunder has to offer and give educated answers, it’s just how you spend your time on the game, not so much as how much time you’ve actually spent.

  44. What the hell the f-2 is amazing

  45. Keep it up chicken, you helped me learn so much about jets and now it’s all I fly, thanks so much!

  46. People are going batshit crazy over this and that.

    Meanwhile I’m completely okay in a CL 13. Ya know just chillin.

  47. “Stop shitting on me”, spends 16 minutes on complaining about the community.

    You’re not a knight in shiny armor, you will be shit on, you’re not special. You are a YouTube content creator, which allegedly has strong connections with the devs of the game that you primary play. You ought to stop taking the “shit” you take so seriously.

  48. this is why games get worse as they get more popular

    they attract the average idiot

  49. yeah sabre guns are fine

  50. All the big channels are just scared to criticize war thunder to much because Gaijins have been known to censor bad criticizim (gj Gaijin ??)
    The biggest problems with war thunder ( this mostly goes for ground forces, I don’t play much planes) is only 2 MAIN things
    1. COLD WAR VS WORLD WAR bullshit: I don’t need a community to tell me what I see, simply put a MAUS, tiger,IS tank fighting m60’s, leopards t54,55 and ffs t-62 IS…..NOT…..OK PERIOD. HEAT shells and discarding sabot shells vs WW2 tanks with thick armor when these rounds are SPECIFICALLY design to defeat that…..come on it not even hard to fix #seperateww2fromcoldwar
    2. THE BROKEN BR SYSTEM: number 1 would not exist if not for the worst issue in war thunder, this is how veichles fight what they fight, but it’s a joke…..ex I just got THE INFAMOUS T29 ( half price hate me ) yet the a main reason it’s so good judging from the 50 matches I’ve played with it……it gets special treatment from the BR system.Ihave never gotten as many down tiers with ANY other vehicle ( and I have both German, and Russian tech trees done and a good chunk of USA 150 tanks in all) like I have with the T29, I seems that Gaijin typed the wrong BR number in the description 6.7 when the game has it at 6.3 ( seriously at least HALF of my matches I’ve been top tier and facing 5.7 is to common its not fair 7.0 please) the Tiger 2 H my most play and best tank statistically also a 6.7 has never had so many or as often, its ridiculous
    The real issue though is the sway the BR has, you can face up to a 1.0 higher or lower br then you…….this is simply to lose of a regulation my tiger 2’s face 8.0 or even 8.3 more often then they are face 6-7.0, hell German tankers are getting screwed here bad, the MAUS and E-100 ( Wich Gaijins you should make a premium able to buy please) are both a 8.0 and take over 100 matches to research! And it’s been like this for over a year since before the Brits or Japan tanks were added or the T29 or IS-6 there is no fair reason AT ALL they’re should be at 8.0, we have tanks that can kill them at tier 3!!!! Let alone all tier 4 or low 5 #germansupers7.3 ( in current broken system)
    Overall these problem are quite easy to fix to they have done it before ( they overhauled the br once and all the pen values for guns as well back in the day) changing br the system is more complex but changing where a veichle is at they do it often #truepatches not bullshit add more veichles ( usually ptw ) to a broken to try to help it and if money is the problem then make the game 20 bucks ffs
    Side note hull break is garbage as well it literally against War Thunders main feature, it’s realism

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