Wheeled Mediums, Autocannons, Japanese Destroyers and More in World of Tanks Roadmap 2023

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Source: DezGamez

The Future of World of Tanks in 2023 – British Wheeled Medium Tanks, Japanese , Machine Guns (Autocannons), New Crew System (Crew 2.0), Night , New Frontline Map, Big Map Rebalance, Vehicle Rebalance, New Tanks, Random Map Events and More!

00:00 Introduction
00:40 British Wheeled Tanks
02:55 Japanese Destroyers
07:55 Random Map Events
11:15 Steel Hunter Reborn
12:03 Onslaught Changes
13:18 Frontline New Map
13:47 Tank Rebalancing
14:24 New Crew System
18:18 Autocannons
19.40 Conclusion

WG just released quite a banger of a video about the roadmap and plans for 2023 – including things like British wheeled medium tanks, Japanese tank destroyers, random map events and so much more.. Let's take a at it!

What do you think?

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– Many tanks!


  1. WG released some big news… What do you think about all of this?
    Here are the video chapters for your viewing pleasure, incase you are intersted only couple of topics:
    00:00 Introduction
    00:40 British Wheeled Tanks
    02:55 Japanese Destroyers
    07:55 Random Map Events
    11:15 Steel Hunter Reborn
    12:03 Onslaught Changes
    13:18 Frontline New Map
    13:47 Tank Rebalancing
    14:24 New Crew System
    18:18 Autocannons
    19.40 Conclusion

  2. Hello Armored Warfare 😉

  3. Tank Name is my favourite vehicle in the game

  4. I am still waiting for modern tanks since 2015

  5. Wheeled Vehicles are NOT tanks

  6. map changes and addons – Good 🙂 yeah weee, prog nerfs – Booooooooh 🙁

  7. new meds look like Rooikat with 6 wheels
    Ik they arent as light as Rooikat

  8. random event seem cool the water effect i do not care about . the need to bring back goat climbs to make the game more interesting an let us be creative again

  9. more ways to ppl suicide ffs. amazing

  10. There is nothing about 3 tanks per crew, which is worrying.

  11. In the British wheeled medium reveal the centurion AX is named centurion AM

  12. Waiting for the crew change… where we will be able to use same crew with at least 3 tanks from the same type line. It is so painful to develop a new crew for tier 9 and 8 tanks after putting your best in tier X.

  13. Random doesnt NOT exsist in computers: They are programmed and from that point on it isnt random anymore…

  14. I just wanna know when we are getting that training grounds / shooting range map, we see them use in these videos

  15. if they add the events and night battles i might actually play again.

  16. … sneak peak wheeled meds…. cue: chems rage video… haha

  17. Im just waiting for the hulldown arty at this point

  18. Nein Nein Nein Nein Nein Nein

  19. I pray that you guys don’t get Centurion AVRE, it’s not worth having a medium that has a derp gun with 1400 dmg 180 pen standard, 1000 dmg 240 pen premium, no doubt it’ll be nerfed…hopefully, amazing vid, wheeled mediums sounds very interesting.

  20. More clown cars, oh joy. 🙁

  21. @ 2:46 Tier X Centurion AM – WTF

  22. Joe vanrey B. Bacuyag

    WG Japanese TD first before this welled medium.

  23. ah yes more wheeled cancer right

  24. At first glance, I thought of the basic April Fools joke.

    Needless to say, I’m shocked.

  25. First one looks like AMX 10 RCR ….on wish

  26. Wheeled E-100 with 152 Mm gun:)

  27. This is what we really need.
    Players:Hate EBR,game rigging,OP BZ-176.
    WG:Lets add more wheeled wehicles….
    What about wheeled HT something like E-100 with 6 wheels?:)

  28. Correct me if Im wrong, but this game is called World of Tanks… and… by definition tanks are armored vehicles that only run on tracks… not tires… big difference there. It looks cool but uh, might as well rename your game because those arent tanks. As far as I know/think I know.

  29. So they are going to fuck crew mechanics up eventually… Im almost about the done with this game and its stupid designers..

  30. 8:59 I must say this is really good idea!
    9:09 great for T95:)
    Random events looks great what about add hurricane,frozen ground when tanks can slide or sand storm where you cant see anything for short time..

  31. The way he talked about crew 2.0 it sounded like we will get a wows style , where we have to pick and choose , not just get everything

  32. The crew system will give again more advatages to old players over new, right now pretty much 3 skill crew is alright, if each member will have 5-7 helpfull skills … yeah pretty much every big update increase the gap between new and old players.

  33. Just what we need, more wheeled op bugs.

  34. I remember that in armored warfare, autocannon was pretty effective against vehicles with poor/no armor and from rear. Can be good solution against those pesky EBRs and to spray suspicious bushes, but I guess light tank game in the current state is completely ruined already (by camo and size balance of ELC, EBRs and general absolute lack of balance among LTs) and if something is favored too much, it’s indestructible hulldown tanks (looking at you t95, e3, minotaur, kran, amx54)

  35. “If you like hitting tanks with absolutely no damage”. It seems Dez doesn’t really know how the game mechanics work. Wheels do not absorb any damage. If you do no damage you hit part of the wheel where there is no hitbox behind it. For example in case of that vehicle shown in the video there will hardly ever be a case you will not do damage, looking how big the hull is. Unless the shot goes low since it as a wheeled vehicle sits higher than a tracked tank.

  36. Calin Vurdea Photo Art

    I wonder why they do not address the mm instead. Stupid mm going in t10 with the model 4-5-6 is really stupid. Go 6 t8 vs 4 t10…. 3-5-7 was hard as it was, but 4-5-6 is just encouraging those 5 min battle. I know we should get in game really fast, but everybody agrees that we can wait 30 secs more for a balanced mm.
    Also wasnt t4 supposed to not see t6 games?

  37. God damn IT WG why Mediums i was waiting for the wheeled heavys with laser Guided nuclear rounds… what a let down

  38. WG:
    Lets make the games even more fast 😉

  39. Pretty terrible direction for the game. Fix things instead of introducing more broken things

  40. They are trying to get cool tanks like warthunder. Wot went the arcade route. Which is lame.

  41. So these objects must be what wg is giving us instead of the havoc physics we were promised 5 years ago

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