Wheeled Memes have arrived! – Panhard AMD 178B – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

The first Wheeled Vehicles have arrived! : )


  1. This map looks depressing.

  2. Wheeled cockroaches arrive, Armored Wotfare is born.

  3. circon patch lol

  4. The Bearded MemeGod blesses us with a YouTube video.

  5. Memes in effect

  6. These things need some kind of handicap because it’d obvious view range doesn’t matter with them. People say that they have low health, but that’s not much compared to light tanks.

    • so shitty alpha, shitty pen, shitty armor, shitty gun handling, shitty DPM, cannot turn while stationary, trash view range, bad camo is not a handicap? are you dumb?

    • +Taekwon Crawfish except from their gun handling, which is quite nice, can hit about half my shots when 100m away and moving at full speed. Other wise, all points are spot on.

    • James McCann I think they’re meant to have good on the move firing. That’s why they gave them the auto lock on feature

    • I’m not sure why people think these are OP. Did the ones on the enemy team look OP? You want Circon to upload a replay where all the flaws are shown and he dies in the first 2 minutes?

  7. Ghost town huh…

  8. Thoses should be removed from the game. Period.

    • no one cares

    • Yet you can’t refrain from commenting… looks like you care enough to reply…

    • +Nathaniel Gousset funny thing is i dont need to refrain from commenting. Thats what the comment system is here for. Youre posting a useless reply with no reason as to why they should be removed. Im guessing you got your ass raped by a player better than you?

      Or is it the excuse that they arent tanks? Well neither are artillery nor most tank destroyers either.

    • Your spelling should be removed from this comment section.

  9. This tank is.. not even a good active scout. It’s to slow, it’s to blind. So I said screw it and went for a build around the gun. I Run 70% HE on it. Have had a few 2K damage games so far. But spotting games? Not so good. It needs at least 20m view range and 10 more top speed. It’s not even close to the role the other wheeled lights doo.

    • put a 3 skill crew on it
      6th/Recon/Situational Awareness/Smooth ride/snap shot. 3rd slot is all camo.

      You aren’t a good scout player to begin with. This particular tank will not get you anywhere but if you aren’t running this sort of crew on your wheeled vehicles then good luck to you b/c your tank will not perform well at all. Especially when you get to tier 10.

  10. this patch will be legen’ … wait for it … ‘flexed

  11. Isn’t that the ghost town map which was made for 7v7 Wargaming league?

  12. Oh a new map ? It’s cool I guess I’ll get my first game on it sometime in 2020…..just like it took 2-3 months to see Empire Border. Glad I still see Ensk and Mines 3 or 4 times a day thanks war gaming

  13. I knew this tank won’t be any good
    But it’s straight up terrible

  14. Glad to see Circon back, hope everything is going well on his side.

  15. “This is the Circon patch! You’re all fucked!” Died laughing lol.

  16. God these shits are so broken.

  17. wow they actually remade this map quite a lot compared to team battles.

  18. Your the best wot streamer/youtuber no doubt. Your just so entertaining

  19. So what’s the point of light tanks now?

    • Still better view range, armor, and guns. It’s not saying much, but wheeled vehicles trade what little versatility light tanks have for bonkers mobility and ez aim.

    • I’ve been eating them alive in my light tanks. They die super easy lol

  20. Back on « tracks » almost.

  21. 4 wheels and wants 357 that much it has it painted on the front ?

  22. ? Wheeled memes are made of these ?

  23. Wargaming Super Noob

    how the fuck did landing on the side flip you over upright? You shouldve died.

  24. Now, we all refer to the 1.4(.x) patch as “The Circon Patch” in honor of our favorite WoT memelord.

  25. I remember playing this map when it was only in Strongholds for clans. It was good because it was nearly completely symmetrical. Which if i recall is what we’ve been wanting for a while now. This is what it looks like.

  26. love how you land on your side at the end and it just perfectly and instantly rights itself. Go physics.

  27. Well Circon, even the wheeled you play like a m……f….., bloody good !

  28. I’m not going to lie, this map looks like it’s going to turn into one of the worst camp fests in the game.

  29. This map is just the ultimate in lazy. North and south are literally just mirrors of each other. Wow, gg WG…way to use your brains.

    • People have been asking for mirrored maps because one side usually has an advantage otherwise (see Karelia, derpenberg). I’m happy with it

  30. AMD 178B, is that a car or a Graphics driver?

  31. This map is Derpenberg without the river.

  32. “How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?!”

  33. I don’t understand the hate towards these vehicles. They have shit pen , shit view range and they are squishy af with less hp than any other vehicles. If arty farts on them they are one shot. You need a 2k+ WN8 player to do good in a battle but even then if you know how to lead the shots it’s not hard to kill them. My T100 eats the 105 for breakfast


  35. I honestly just enjoyed seeing that flood of subs coming in for Circon. He deserves them.

    And the memes weren’t bad either. ?

  36. is it me or does this map look like a fat girl with her legs open !?

  37. Well memed

  38. this tank turns very wide if u stopped and just started moving.. Also why cant i use binocs on this?

  39. you and your top notch crew and food

  40. so fun riding bikes in wot

  41. I’m so tired of these tiny fukin maps. If I wanted to be locked in a tiny box I would play COD. Braindead company is about finished with there self mutilation I see

  42. i cant beleive these desperados give this guy free shit, just for a call out

  43. LMAO the 357 decal

  44. hope moms doing good……

  45. 5:38 I am sure when WG starts ballancing the wheeled ones a bit more away from “new vehicle bonus” in physics, armor- and hit RNG many players will change their minds. Anyway I think its a nice meme in the game and they are already way more ballanced then the wheeled vehicles in Armored Warfare ever were.

  46. You bounced off the back off the challenger turret because it has over 200mm of armor there

  47. @circonflexes hello, circon, please i would like to have that zoom-out camera mode, only zoom out mod, because all big modepacks slows my computer performance..
    Can you post the link of that mode? Thank you very much

  48. Anyone know which crosshairs he uses?

  49. Circon is on fire, what a game.

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